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UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida: Match Prediction

Updated on July 5, 2014

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman
Chris Weidman | Source


We are excited about UFC 175, and it happens tonight (July 5th), with the main event being Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida. Weidman is defending the UFC Middleweight Title in what looks like a match with all of the makings of a very intense fight. Do we think the match will be close, or lopsided? Continue to read on to find out what we think is going to happen round-by-round.

Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida
Lyoto Machida | Source

Round One of Weidman vs Machida

Let's put it this way, Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva early on in their first fight, and then he did it again in their second fight. Let's also not forget the fact that Anderson Silva shattered his leg after Weidman checked his leg. A "check" is an MMA technique, and it is designed to discourage your opponent from kicking you again. This is exactly why Weidman checked Silva's leg when he attempted to kick Weidman. This brings us to our point that Weidman will dominate the first round. Whether Weidman is on the offense or the defensive, fans can count on Weidman dominating Machida for the entire first round.

The first round will be won by Weidman, with all three judges voting in Weidman's favor.

UFC 175: Weidman/Machida Weigh-ins

Round Two of Weidman vs Machida

When round two begins, you can count on Machida proceeding with extreme caution. You will not be seeing Machida being as agrressive as he was in the first round. During the first round you can expect to see Machida trying to land many strikes, but to no prevail. Unlike the first round, there is a good chance Machida will land some quality kicks, but nothing sufficient enough to phase Weidman. As far as how Weidman will perform in the second round, expect him to absorb anything Machida throws his way, but also expect Weidman to be very responsive when Machida is landing strikes.

The second round will end in Machida's favor.

Machida Highlights

Round Three of Weidman vs Machida

Round three will be much like round one, with Weidman on the offensive. The first half of the third round will be all Weidman, with him landing strikes after strike, and overwhelming Machida. Machida will look wobbly at times, but he will not be KO'd or TKO'd, and during the last half of this round he will start defending himself. Expect him to stay away from Weidman during the last half of the third round.

Weidman will win round three, with all three judges once again voting in his favor.

Weidman Highlights

Round Four of Weidman vs Machida

By now Machida will need to be more aggressive than he was in the last few rounds. He can't afford to lose another round. This is why fans can expect Machida to lay it all out on the table in the third round. We can expect him to throw many strikes and attempt to take Weidman down as many times as possible. However, any takedown attempt will not end well for Machida, as Weidman will just block every single takedown Machida attempts. Also, we can expect Weidman to land more strikes in round four than he has in the previous rounds. He will come very close to knocking Machida out, but the round will end before he succeeds in doing so.

Round will belong to Weidman.

Round Five of Weidman vs Machida

Round five will open up with Weidman coming out swinging, literally. This is when Weidman will go for the finish, and he will succeed. Expect Weidman to KO Machida in under three minutes of round five.

Weidman will win via KO and retain the UFC Middleweight Title.

Chris Weidman's Strengths Will Play A Role In Defeating Machida

We believe Weidman's strengths will play a role in him being able to defeat Machida. Read on to find out what strengths we are talking about.

Weidman is going into UFC 175 with a very strong defense. Need we remind you of the time when he checked Anderson Silva's leg? We didn't think so, and we think that Machida is not going to be able to breakthrough Weidman's defenses, regardless of how good of a striker Machida is. Machida is quick, but Weidman is quicker. Machida is accurate, but Weidman is more accurate when it comes to landing big shots. You can disagree with us, but we are standing by our prediction, and we believe Weidman is going to prove to be too powerful for Machida.


Anything can happen tonight when UFC 175 arrives, but we are standing by our prediction. The rounds might not go exactly how we described them, but we believe Weidman is going to win tonight.


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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 3 years ago from California, United States of America

      I look forward to seeing how this one turns out. Both are really good, but I really like Machida, he pulls a lot of upsets and is full of surprises and is a smart and elusive fighter with great timing and use of distance and precision strikes and kicks, as well as some grappling skills.

      Great examination of how these fighters fight with a logical and very probable prediction of the outcome of their fight. It is truly amazing, no doubt about it, how Weidman fought Silva, who is incredibly good. This is going to be good.