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UFC 182: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier: Match Prediction

Updated on January 2, 2015

UFC 182 takes place on January 3, and the main event is Jon Bones Jones vs Daniel Cormier. Cormier is going to try to be the first person to take the Light Heavyweight title from Jones. Jones has held onto the title for a few years now, but does Cormier has what it takes to defeat Jones and become the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion? Let's discuss what Cormier is bringing to the fight, and what Jones is bringing to the fight (strengths, weaknesses etc..) and then we will make a prediction as to who will end up walking out as the champion.

What Cormier Brings To UFC 182

Cormier is going into UFC 182 with excellent wrestling skills. Cormier has good stand-up and can throw some good strikes, but it is his wrestling that is his best asset going into UFC 182. Daniel Cormier could very well be the best wrestler Jon Jones is going to face. Cormier is a great grappler and he has what it takes to toss Jones around the octagon, if he can get his hands on him.

However, Cormier is not as quick as Jones, and this can be an issue for him going into UFC 182, but he might be quick enough to get a hold on Jones. If he is able to do that, then he could get him to the mat, where Cormier could very well dominate Jones. Jones has good mat skills, but Cormier has amazing mat skills and he is dangerous when he is on the ground. The fight might not last long if Cormier can bring the fight down to the mat, and can keep the fight on the ground.

What Jones Brings To UFC 182

Jones has good mat skills, but his stand-up skills are superior to many fighters in the light heavyweight division. Jones is also very fast and he could simply strike Cormier, back away, come back and strike some more, back away again and keep this rhythm going. However, Jones has a history of adapting very quickly when it comes to entering certain fights. In this case, he could very well go into UFC 182 with improved wrestling skills and surprise everyone, including Cormier, and take the fight to the ground or make most of the fight a wrestling match.

However, Jones wrestling skills may not compare to Cormier's, and if he tries to grapple with Cormier, then this could be Jones's undoing and could cause him to lose the fight.

UFC 182 Match Prediction

As for who will win between Cormier and Jones, we predict Jones will walk in as the champion and leave UFC 182 as the champion. Jones is quicker, strikes faster and has a further reach, which will definitely come in handy when he fights Cormier.

This is scheduled for five rounds, but fans should be prepared for a fast finish, with Jones beating Cormier within the first few minutes of the very first round, or early on in the second round. Jones is just too experience in the octagon, and he has more experience fighting elite MMA fighters than Cormier has, and he has defended the title a number of times, and has come out on top every single time.

Surer, Cormier has superior wrestling skills, but that will hardly be enough to defeat Jones for the title at UFC 182. At least that is what we think.


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