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UFC: Jon Bones Jones And The Superfights He Could Potentially Be Put In

Updated on May 2, 2014

Jone Bones Jones

Jon BonesJones
Jon BonesJones | Source

A Superfight May Be In Order Since Jon Bones Jones Has Defeated Some Of The Best In The UFC

Jon Bones Jones is currently the holder of the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. He has held the title since winning it back in 2011, and since then he has not lost the belt. Jones has defeated some of the greatest MMA fighters, and now may be the time that the UFC should consider putting him in a superfight. Before getting into the possible opponents Jones could face in a superfight, let's go over some of the big names Jones has beaten in the past.

Fighters Jones's Has Defeated

The current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is Jon Bones Jones. Jones has defeated many of the top names in the UFC's light heavyweight division. Some of these names includes Lyoto Machida, Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Glover Teixeira and Alexander Gustafsson. These are just a few of the top guys Jones has beaten to retain the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. To recap, some of the guys Jones has beaten are:

  1. Lyoto Machida
  2. Quinton Jackson
  3. Rashad Evans
  4. Glover Teixeira
  5. Alexander Gustafsson

There are other good fighters Jones has beaten, such as Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Mauricio Rua, who Jones defeated to win the Light Heavyweight Title back in 2011.

As you can see, a superfight surely makes perfect sense, but the bigger question is who Jones should fight in a superfight. Let's go over some of the possibilities.

Jon Bones Jones vs Cain Velasquez Superfight Match Prediction

Round One

Round one would not be that exciting, as it will be a slow moving fight. This is only because Jones and Velasquez are on top of their game, and they will want to get a feel for one another. Both fighters will want to have an idea of how fast the other can strike, how quick they can dodge strikes, how fast they move on their feet etc.. The second round would be a totally different story than the first round.

Round Two

Round two would be when the pace picks up dramatically. Velasquez would likely be aiming for takedowns, while Jones would try to gas Velasquez out by trying to force him to chase him around the octagon. Velasquez would probably take the bait, but he would succeed in landing some vicious strikes, but Jones would do a great job at keeping Cain moving around, as well as launching a good counter against him.

Round Three

Round three would be a repeat of round one, with the exception of Cain not going for as many takedowns as he was going for in the first round. However, unlike the first two rounds, Jones will become increasingly aggressive with his strikes throughout the first round. This will only cause Velasquez to pick his pace up, while Jones will continue to try and gas him out, which will start to appear evident towards the end of round three.

Round Four

This round would be a major round for Jones, with Jones being more aggressive in this round than he was in the previous round. Jones would not get a knockout, but he would land a lot of good strikes, which would allow him to rack up the points needed to beat Velasquez, if the fight ended up being left to the judges to decide.

Round Five

This will be another round for Jones, and he would keep going with the strategy he was using in round four. Velasquez would be more on the defensive than the offensive, but Jones would be too quick for him and would continue to land heavy strikes on Velasquez. This would be another round scored in Jones's favor.

Winner Of The Fight

The winner of the fight would be Jon Bones Jones via decision.

Jon Bones Jones vs Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, and with wins over Junior Dos Santos (twice), Brock Lesnar and Antonio Silva, it makes perfect sense that fans would be talking about a fight between Jones and Velasquez. Velasquez has only lost one fight in his MMA career, and Dos Santos was the only one to defeat him, but as previously mentioned, Velasquez came back and beat Dos Santos twice.

Cain Velasquez is considered the best fighter in the world, but that is increasingly becoming more and more debatable, as Jon Bones Jones has an impressive resume. Some may even say that Jones has more impressive wins than Velasquez, but nonetheless a superfight between the two could easily be the highest grossing fight that the UFC has ever had, and may have for years to come.

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez
Cain Velasquez | Source

Jon Bones Jones vs Johny Hendricks Superfight Match Prediction

Round One

Round one would be fast paced, with both fighters keeping the fight standing. Jones doesn't like to be taken down and some of the best wrestlers have tried to take him down but failed doing so. Hendricks will be aware of this and will try to use his knockout power to stop Jones right in his tracks. This will not happen and the fight will go into the second round, with round one ending in being scored equally.

Round Two

This round will not end like round one, as Jones will catch Hendricks with either a spinning kick or spinning elbow, and this will leave Hendricks KO'd. Jones is known for doing moves such as the ones just described, and these moves will help secure a win over Hendricks.

Winner Of The Match

Jones would win via KO in the second round.

Jon Bones Jones vs Johny Hendricks

Johny Hendricks is the Welterweight champ, and he came very close to handing Georges St-Pierre a loss in 2013, and then he went on to hand Robbie Lawler a loss, but the battle was epic. Hendricks is a heavy hitter, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest stars that the UFC has ever had, at least in the Welterweight division. This is why it is easy to picture a superfight between him and Jon Bones Jones. This fight could very well happen if Hendricks racks up a few more wins, and if Jones continues to clean out the light heavyweight division.

Jon Bones Jones vs Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva may have suffered two losses to the current Middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, but he is still a force to be reckon with, and fans will see that upon his return to the octagon. Anderson may be older than Jones, but his experience, power and reach will come in handy in a fight against Jones. Upon returning, and if he is able to secure 3-4 wins, the UFC may start considering putting together a superfight between Silva and Jones. Such a fight could easily become one of the most watched fights in the history of the UFC, but it also has the potential to end extremely fast due to these two fighters' skills.

Jon Bones Jones vs Anderson Silva Superfight Match Prediction

Round Round

Most fans probably think that a superfight between Jones and Silva would last the full five rounds, but we beg to differ. Round one would be an explosive round, with Silva launching an amazing offense on Jones. Silva would end up winning via TKO sometime in the first round.

Winner Of The Match

The winner of the match would be Anderson Silva via TKO in the very first round.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva | Source

Jon Bones Jones vs Georges St-Pierre Superfight Match Prediction

Round One

Round one would belong to Georges St-Pierre. Jon Bones Jones has a great defense and some of the best wrestlers in the world could not take Jones down, but they were not St-Pierre. St-Pierre would easily take Jones down, and would keep the fight down on the ground for a good portion of round one. St-Pierre would win the round via points

Round Two

St-Pierre would go for an early takedown and then Jones would be force to defend himself on the ground again, and this will be the theme for the rest of the round. St-Pierre would once again win the round via points.

Round Three

Jones will stand his ground and defend himself from being taken down, forcing St-Pierre to stand with him. Jones would make a slight comeback and land some good strikes on St-Pierre, with St-Pierre landing some good ones too. This round would be a tough one to call, but it would ultimately end with both of them scoring the same amount of points.

Round Four

Jones would dominate this round, as he would resort to the strike and retreat method, allowing him to rack up the points he would desperately need at this point. St-Pierre would take him down towards the end of the round, and Jones would end up taking the round via points.

Round Five

Round five is when St-Pierre will finish the fight by taking the fight down to the ground numerous of times, but one of those times will result in him being able to make Jones tapout.

Winner Of The Fight

Georges St-Pierre wins via submission in the fifth round.

Jon Bones Jones vs Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre may officially be gone from the UFC, but if he were to come back to the octagon, it could very well be to fight in a superfight with Jon Bones Jones. If Jones can remained unbeaten for the next year and if St-Pierre returns next year, then both men would have gone years and years unbeaten. This would be a true test of will for both fighters, as both of them are considered by many to be the best that has ever stepped foot into competitive MMA.

Georges St-Pierre Highlights

Jon Bones Jones vs Chuck Liddell Superfight Match Prediction

Round One

Jon Bones Jones would dominate the veteran and legendary fighter, Liddell. Liddell would be taken down to the ground, and Jones would finish it quickly. The fight would end via stoppage.

Winner Of The Fight

Jon Bones Jones would win the fight via stoppage in the first round.

Jon Bones Jones vs Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell may be retired, but he may be willing to face Jon Bones Jones in a superfight. If Jones were to offer a fight to Liddell, or vice verse, then the chances look good that a match could be made between the two.

Who knows if any of these superfights involving Jon Bones Jones will ever take place, but if he continues dominating in the UFC, then count on a superfight happening sometime in the future.


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