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UFC Superfight: Jon Bones Jones VS Anderson Silva

Updated on May 24, 2013

Jon Bones Jones

Jon Bones Jones has defeated opponents such as Rashad Evans, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort too name just a few. Not only has he defeated some of the best UFC fighters in the weight division, but he has done so with ease. It seems that no fighter has been able to do any real damage to Jones, nor has any fighter ever posed a serious threat to Jones. Jones has only loss one fight in his entire MMA career, and that was a long time ago.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is the middleweight champion for a reason and that is because it seems that no fighter has been able to beat him in a while. Silva's record is at 33-4, and he has won the last 17 fights. It has been years since Silva has lost a fight, and he is the longest reigning champion that the UFC has ever had.

Silva VS Jones: Is It Possible

A super-fight between Silva and Jones is highly possible because there is a lot of hype surrounding the rumors going around that a fight might be in the works if Silva can defeat his next opponent a few months down the road.

After Jon Bones Jones defeated Chael Sonnen, it became clear that a super-fight would be brought up once again. In matter of fact, the UFC president Dana White, said that Silva contacted him and said that he wants a super-fight and would be willing to fight Jon Bones Jones in the future.

Silva has a fight coming up in July, and if he wins that fight, then there may be some serious talks about whether or not a super-fight between Jones and Silva will take place.

Jones VS Silva Match Prediction

Jones VS Silva is a fight that all hardcore UFC fans want to see, but lets be honest here, Jones is a lot younger than Silva and he has proven time after time that he is not hype and he has defeated some of the best fighters that have stepped foot into the UFC. Not only has Jones defeated some of the top fighters, but he has done so with such ease, and in the case of the Sonnon fight he did so with an injured toe that occurred during the fight.

Silva has also defeated the best of the best, but has not always made it look easy. However, Silva is considered to be the best fighter in the world right now, and he has proved that he has what it takes to stay on top of the rankings in the UFC.

If a super-fight did happened between Jones and Silva, then the chances are Jones would defeat Silva in the first round of the fight. Jones is just too fast and he is possibly the best striker in the UFC today.

Who do you think would win if this fight did happened in the future?


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    • bigfoot141 profile image

      Jesse 4 years ago from Australia

      its funny how Anderson Silva goes 3/2 in Pride FC but he is 16/0 in the UFC.