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UFC vs. WWE: Why These Companies Are In Direct Competition, and Who Wins?

Updated on December 10, 2012

We've heard UFC President Dana White and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon both say that
the UFC and WWE are not in competition with one another. That they're business friends, and
their companies are just two different entities.Have they fail to realize that the competition is already on?

My real focus on the companies going head-to-head is money; more importantly the "fans" money. The biggest money tap from fans that both of these companies rely on is Pay-Per-View buys. Both companies major gross incomes generates from them, and without it they could both fade away into doing matches at strip clubs and ballrooms

At one time the WWE was the king of PPV's for nearly a decade from 1999-2008, but their buys have started to decline recently as the UFC's have skyrocketed making them the new kings of PPV scene. UFC is successful each month because they're putting on(new) exciting fights with different fighters most of the time. Unlike WWE, which has the same old "Super"John Cena for the kid audience, headlining a PPV to capture a title or defending a title each and every month. It gets real old real fast after awhile.

Lets look at the two for a moment; the UFC is the fastest rising combat sport in the world, whereas the WWE has been the biggest sports entertainment juggernaut for awhile now. Most say the two sports are nowhere near the same thing, but I would disagree since they both depend on PPV buys, entertaining the fans, and putting on great shows to generate money. Sounds like their both"sports entertainment" business to me.

One real difference is wrestling has fixed story lined outcomes while MMA is determined by who "really" is the better athlete in a match. Lets go into that "entertainment" aspect a bit. Even though wrestling has fixed outcomes, the UFC and WWE still have to showcase entertaining athletes. They accomplish that by hyping the fights up promos,trash talking at press conferences, or (now) tweeter battles on-line to sell the matches. More importantly, when it's fight time their job is to get reactions from the crowd while putting on captivating matches each and everytime be it negative or positive.

Both sports draw on the young male demographic ages of 13-35 to keep them going. Males that either love watching sports or enjoy playing them. One thing WWE needs to remember is kids will grow up one day and likely follow the more violent , adult oriented athletic sports. MMA may have stolen some of the wrestling fans based mainly on the more adult oriented content they used to have.

It's a much needed void that is being filled. If the WWE isn't going to give their male audience what they want anymore, then the UFC won't mind adding them to their already growing fan base.


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