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UFC's Bloodiest Fights

Updated on June 2, 2011

The ufc or the ultimate fighting championships to give it its full name is mixed martial arts at its finest,the best fighters in the world compete in the cage or octagon in front on millions watching live and on television,mma is the most rapidly growing sport in the world and experts predict that it will replace boxing and wrestling as the number one combat sport in the world.With smaller gloves different rules and a wide range of different skill sets its of no surprise that sometimes these fights can get a bit messy,all perfectly safe due to there being ringside doctors but all the same it can get very messy,What i have here is a list of some of the most brutal looking and bloodiest fights in the ufc's history,They are in no particular order and i have seen them all,i don't think you can say one of them is the worst one as they all are slightly different,Due to a copyright law upheld by zuffa the company that control the ufc i cannot show you the videos but will try and show you the still shots from the fights if i can get them.Brace yourself this is not pretty.

Joe Stevenson

Bj Penn vs Joe Stevenson ufc 80

This fight springs instantly to mind as it was held in the uk which is where i am from,it was held up north in Newcastle which is a bit far for me to travel but i watched it live nonetheless.Everybody expected Bj Penn to win but not in the gruesome fashion in which he did.Bj Penn let his stand up do the talking in round one as he peppered Stevenson face with some crisp shots then he expertly took Stevenson down,he then opened up a huge gash on Stevensons forehead that bled like a fire hydrant,it was spurting and i have never seen anything like it,however Stevenson managed to finish the round but unfortunately got tagged in the second round and succumbed to a rear naked choke,as he was being choke the blood was spurting into the air....Gross

Eves Edwards

Joe Stevenson vs Eves Edwards ufc 61

Another fight featuring Joe Stevenson only this time he is the one dishing out the punishment,With a fairly even first round they come out for the second and within a short period of time Stevenson takes Edwards down and falls into his guard,from there he raises up and gives some good ground and pound and opens up Edwards head with a vicious elbow that leaves Edwards leaking everywhere much to the crowds horrified reaction, a minute or two later and the referee stops the fight due to the blood and the cut,Stevenson wins

Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga ufc 74

After destroying Mirko Cro Cop with a vicious head kick many thought that Gabriel Gonzaga actually had a chance against Randy,and to be fair he was doing OK until randy picked him up and slammed him but also fell into Gonzaga and broke his nose with an unintentional headbutt.....whoops.Gabriel carried on for a few rounds but could clearly not breathe properly because of all the blood.

Mac Danzig vs Jim MIller ufc 100

Mac Danzig vs Jim Miller ufc 100

Well if any of you watched the pay per view for this magnificent event in ufc 100 you would of noticed that when it came to the main card the ring was very bloody,Yes indeed two of the under card fighters had had a brawl,Mac Danzig vs Jim Miller was another fight that didn't interest a lot of people typically because it was wrestler vs striker,but as it turned out the wrestler could strike because when he got Danzig on the floor he hit him with a brilliant elbow that opened up his forehead which bled really badly,however he hangs on to a judges decision but the cut worked against him and they favoured Miller

Diego Sanchez

Bj Penn vs Diego Sanchez

At ufc 107 the lightweight title was on the line and a few people thought that Sanchez could actually nick it,Bj penn thought otherwise as he dominated the number one contender for 4 rounds then late in the 5th round Bj Penn hit Sanchez with a wicked roundhouse kick which opened up Sanchez's forehead and took the cut down to the bone,after a few more seconds a doctor was called in to take a look and called a stop to the fight.

Let me Know

If you have your own favourites then by all means contact me or send me a comment and let me know which ones you would of chosen,thanks guys.


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    • Serenity4130 profile image

      Serenity4130 6 years ago

      All of those fights were wars no doubt

    • profile image

      attims 6 years ago

      Remember the very first fight in UFC history when the sumowrestler got kicked in the face by that French guy? that was just a sign of the times to come! And we forever remain grateful for that!

    • profile image

      Taylz 6 years ago

      UFC 99 prelim fight - stojnic vs struve

    • profile image

      nick  7 years ago

      joe stevensen got freak beat out of him

    • SEO Ibiza profile image

      SEO Ibiza 7 years ago

      hey, cool UFC hubs. do you remember UFC 1 & 2?

      Fred Ettish in foetal position, smearing his blood from his face around the floor as the guy dragged him around?

      UFC started good right from the beginning :)

    • jheers11 profile image

      jheers11 7 years ago

      Nice article! Keep posting and supporting mma!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Thanks guys!!

    • andrewsy03 profile image

      andrewsy03 7 years ago from Philippines

      amazing hub! joe stevenson's face is a crimson red

    • newell12345 profile image

      newell12345 7 years ago

      nice hub, good job suporting the sport.

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 8 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      i know,i cant believe how sharp some of the wrestlers boxing skills are now.

    • wyanjen profile image

      Jen King 8 years ago from Wyandotte Michigan


      Elbows are amazingly sharp, aren't they?

      Danzig v Miller is one of many fights that show why I love MMA. Not because of the bloodiness LOL but because when a guy fights outside of his specialty, all bets are off. I can't imagine how much time these guys spend analyzing their opponents before the match.

      ...he's a wrestler, so spend a few months honing your Jiu-Jitsu and then - oh wait, he's punching you in the head instead.