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UFC's Fastest Fights Ever

Updated on January 21, 2011

The ufc is known for having some of the most highly skilled fighters in the world,they meet up in the middle of the octagon and have been known to have put on some of the best shows of combat found anywhere,but occasionally,just occasionally one of the two fighters will put on a special show and secure a win within a few seconds,nearly always it is unexpected and nearly always it is with two opponents who are not expected to do that.Whilst some people moan that quick ko's and submissions ruin it for the people who have payed a lot of money to watch the fights,i see it that when you have watched a few fights go to the judges decision it makes a refreshing change to see a quick win,below are five of the quickest wins in ufc history.

Duane Ludwig

No:5 UFC fight night 3 Duane Ludwig vs Johnathan Goulet

Unofficially this is the quickest ko in ufc history at just 5 seconds,however an error in the timekeepers watch means it does not go in as the fastest,it was in fact a barrage of punches that put Goulet down and was officially recorded at 11 seconds

Oleg Takarov vs Anthony Macias ufc 6

This one was not only quick but also highly amusing (although probably not for the people who had paid to see it) The fight was widely seen as a fix as Macias seemed to run across the octagon straight into a guillotine choke then He seemed to tap out before the two fighters had even hit the floor,the chants of fix rose high and continued throughout the night.

Houston Alexander

Ufc fight night 13 Houston Alexander vs James irvin

This one is probably the one that people remember the most,Houston Alexander had made a name for himself by destroying highly rated Light heavyweight Keith Jardin and then destroying also Alessio Sakara,He had a slight Hiccup by losing to Thaigo Silva but many thought that if he cleaned up his ground game he would be a contender,So to climb back up the ladder he had to face Irvin at fight night,many thought he would simply put Irvin to sleep, they both rushed out and threw,Irvin landed first with a superman punch that put Alexanders lights out.8 seconds was the time.

Don Frye vs Thomas Ramirez

1996 and ufc 8 was when Don Frye came onto the scene and entered into what was then a much tougher competition as the fighters had to fight more than once in a night,Don Frye fought three times and in that scored the quickest ko,which stood for over 10years at 8seconds,knocking out Thomas Ramirez.

UFC 102 Todd Duffee vs Tim Hague

Both of these fighters were newcomers when they entered the octagon,Todd Duffee left the octagon with everyone knowing his name,there was a bit of bad blood as they didn't touch gloves,they cam out and Duffee threw a straight left that connected with Hagues chin put him down and then a flurry of punches put his lights out.7seconds,officially the quickest ko in ufc history. 


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    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      Yeah sometimes it the small guys you need to watch out for eh!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Fantastic hub here warchild75 I remember many years ago there was a guy called Delaci something like that, wow that guy was small but he was like a crab, when he gold hold of his opponent that was it!


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