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UFC's Worst Injuries

Updated on June 21, 2011

The ufc or ultimate fighting championships is the biggest organisation in the sport of mixed martial arts and with this ever growing sport,injuries do unfortunately happen,thankfully unlike boxing there have never been any real dangerous brain injuries in the octagon yet due to the fact that they wear smaller gloves,but this in turn leads to bigger more horrific cuts and sometime broken bones when submissions happen,What follow is a list of some of the most brutal injuries that have happened in the ufc in the last few years,and although we will all recoil in horror at some of them it is this kind of thing that keeps mixed martial arts in the public eye and fuels the fascination with the worlds fastest growing sport/

Ufc 125 Vera Vs Silva

What had to be a good fight with two of the best stand up Mauy Thai practitioners turned out to be a complete mauling by Thiago Silva as he looked to complete his comeback from a hard fought injury problem.He bombarded Vera with big bombs after being on top for most of the three rounds,in the third round Silva has Veras back and is just pounding him but when he gets no response Silva starts slapping him in the head with an open palm and one of these slaps misses but caught Vera in the nose with a forearm and badly breaks it,Joe Rogan goes on to say it is one of the worst broken noses he has seen.Vicious

Vera's Nose

Ufc 43 Vitor Belfort Vs Marvin Eastman

In a stacked card from top to bottom there was never any doubt that this fight was going to be a barnstormer,Eastman started out with bad intent with a series of leg-kicks but Belfort went straight to his mauy thai roots and delivered some devastating knees one of which cut Eastman above the eye and on seeing this caused the referee John Mccarthy to stop the fight instantly,surgery was needed as the cut was so bad,see the picture above.

Ufc 48 Mir vs Sylvia

In 2004 Tim Sylvia came back to the ufc to fight for the vacant ufc heavyweight championship against Mir a legendary heavyweight Jiu Jitsu practitioner,early on in the fight Mir got Tim Sylvia in an armbar submission and when Sylvia could not gain the upper hand or improve on his position.Mir applied more pressure and to the horror of everyone there and watching at home Mir broke Sylvias forearm and the referee Herb Dean immediately stopped it,Slyvia protested by waving his arm around but it was too late everyone had seen it pop and even without being a doctor you could tell it had snapped,possibly the adrenaline of the fight had stopped Sylvia feeling the pain.Hospital scans later showed it was indeed broken.

Ufc Fight Night 16 Corey Hill vs Dale Hartt

What can you say about this one,probably the worst injury i have seen in the sport of mixed martial arts.Hill is a very tall and skinny lightweight and was fighting Dale Hartt when shortly into round 2 Hill threw a leg kick with bad intentions,unfortunately for Hill,Hartt checked it by raising his leg and when their legs connected Hills skinny leg came off worst as his shin bone broke straight in two and bent into a floppy V shape,if that wasn't bad enough he then stepped back to stand on it and collapsed to the ground where the two fighters carried on for a few seconds until the ref could see what had happened,Warning if you go looking for this video brace yourself as it is hard viewing!!Hill took 13 months to recover and the ufc stood by him,he has since not had a great record and now stands at 4-4.

Ufc 70 Gonzaga Vs Cro Cop

This was an easy call you would of thought,a slow lumbering heavyweight with good ground skills but not noted for his striking going up against the worlds best striker bar none,Easy Cro Cop was going to KO Gonzaga within the first round...Wrong.In the kick heard around the world Gonzaga hit Cro Cop with his own signature move a vicious right leg roundhouse that hit Cro Cop clean in the head and rendered him unconscious before he hit the floor,what was worse was they way he landed with his right foot trapped under his right leg and bent at an awful angle,it was later found out that he had broken his ankle in two places..Ouch!!

Ufc 64 Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva

These two had already fought and Silva had shown the world that he was the middleweight king so it was interesting to see if Rich would change his game-plan from striking to maybe wrestling or the ground game...Nope he stuck with striking against the worlds best striker.These two felt each other out for a couple of minutes then bang they both went at it throwing leg kicks and punches before Silva tied Rich up with the mauy thai plum a dangerous move of which Silva is one of the best at,Franklin had planned for this but hadn't faced anyone so good at it,as Silva threw Rich around by his neck all the while throwing vicious knees to his face you knew it was going to end badly for him,One of the knees hit him square in the nose and broke it leaving Rich stumbling and Silva quickly finished him off with a barrage of kicks and punches.The result was a horrifically broken nose that required surgery and forever changed the way Rich looked.


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  • warchild75 profile image

    lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

    @wsupaul yeah it can be brutal,not just that though some of the techniques on the ground are amazing too!!

  • wsupaul88 profile image

    wsupaul88 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

    Nice Hub, I love MMA its so BRUTAL! Thanks

  • warchild75 profile image

    lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

    Yeah broke straight through his tibia and fibula,worst part was due to the adrenaline he didnt realise and then stepped back on it and crumpled to the floor,check the video but be warned it is grim,i was watching it live!!!

  • profile image

    avjordanfc 7 years ago

    holy crap is that picture with the broken leg real?

  • warchild75 profile image

    lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

    @evvy yeah corey hills injury was the worst ive seen,watching the video of it was stomach turning,fnny thing was,nobody noticed for about 30 seconds!!

  • evvy_09 profile image

    evvy_09 7 years ago from Athens, AL

    Corey Hill's injury looks really bad. A leg should never ever look like that.

    I studied under Clairday (one of the top 2 teachers in Alabama) competed in a couple martial arts competitions. First one I went up against a woman several ranks higher than me. Got my face pounded on until I nearly blacked out. I was never that great. It's common enough to see competitors bleeding or worse during fights.