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Ultima Lucha Tres: Part 1 Preview

Updated on September 26, 2017

It’s here sports fans. Ultima Lucha Tres, the biggest event Lucha Underground has to offer (and unfortunately, possibly the last) arrives tomorrow night, the first of four shows that make up LU’s Wrestlemania. It’s quite the card too between these four shows; we’ve got Apuesta matches, cage matches, a hoss triple threat to end all hoss triple threats, careers hanging in the balance, a three season rivalry finally coming to a head, the last battle in two former friends’ own private war; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If this is the end, you can’t say that LU didn’t make it into something big. So with part one looking to kick things off in a big way tomorrow, I couldn’t resist coming in to preview the show. I was actually tempted to preview the whole thing, but I’m dying to write and breaking UL3’s four parts into four previews gives me something to do. So with that, let’s start! Moses, you know what time it is!

“Handicap” Match

Texano vs. Famous B

What to Expect: Of all the matches announced for Ultima Lucha Tres, this is the one that stands out the most as being “just kind of there.” I was all set to give that nod to the Sexy Star match, but that at least has the 99% possibility of Taya ending her in a blaze of glory, whereas this…well it’s got Famous B in a sling. As has been the case since his legendary infomercials, Famous B has been on a mission to find the right client to lead him to the Promised Land. First he went with Mascarita Sagrada, but the pairing eventually fell out so badly that Sagrada annihilated Famous in the funniest match in LU history. Then there was Dr. Wagner Jr., at least until Wagner mysteriously disappeared so he could go drop his mask to Psycho Clown. Now there’s Texano. Famous has been trying to recruit the AAA megastar ever since Texano just came up short against Cage and…well it’s not worked out well for either. Texano just keeps losing, Famous seems to keep screwing him up and all this serves to do is make Texano want to break Famous’ other arm. And thus here we are, with Texano fighting to rid himself of Famous once and for all while Famous looks to overcome a broken arm and a huge talent gap to finally make Texano his one true client. That’s right; it’s the old “if you lose, you’re my so and so!” gimmick. So yeah, as you can tell this match, at least on paper, looks to be as exciting as being locked in a room and forced to watch Spin City without Michael J. Fox.

In fairness, that’s the point of this match. Unless there’s a faction of fans out there I don’t know about, no one is going into this match wanting to see Texano and Famous wrestle this match like its Omega-Okada in the Tokyo Dome. We want to see Texano chase after Famous, Famous get away for as long as possible before Texano catches him, followed by Famous revealing whatever ace he has up his sleeve. That’s a-okay by me; not every match needs to be a classic. The problem is that, much like all his other feuds that didn’t involve Cage, no one cares about Texano. For whatever reason the dude just hasn’t been able to translate what’s made him a charismatic, highly watchable star in AAA into the Temple, and this feud has been no different. Instead of being invested in Texano’s quest for his independence, I’m far more intrigued by what Famous’ plans are and who he has coming in to help him make Texano his disgruntled client. As long as LU plays to that, throws in a few laughs, gives us a few moments of Texano doing some cool stuff and keeps this short then this will at least be more fun than Texano-Blue Demon was. It’s just not going to stop people from wishing the whole show had been devoted to Killshot vs. Dante Fox.

Winner: Texano has every single advantage over Famous; he’s the full time luchador, he’s the healthier luchador, the list goes on and on. Naturally this means he’s totally getting screwed over and Famous is walking out with a brand new client. Why? Because of Dr. Wagner Jr., that’s why. It’s possible that Famous has another client coming in, but Wagner and Famous already have the connection, not to mention the Good Doctor’s half season absence makes him an easy pick to be a surprise on this show. Thus, I have Famous stealing this one after Wagner makes his return and costs Texano the match, setting up Texano fighting to get out of Team Famous throughout a potential season four. Have earplugs ready folks; the anti-interference crowd will be all over this one, even though it’s exactly the match that should have interference. But I digress.

The Hell of War

Killshot vs. Dante Fox

What to Expect: Not to add any more hype to this match…okay twist my arm; evidently this bout, or all three bouts if you’re being uber technical, may be the apex of Lucha Underground. No joke. Vinnie Massaro believes this to be the best match LU had throughout season three and the man behind luchablog has called it a match on par with Grave Consequences and the Cero Miedo match. You know, only the two best matches in the history of Lucha Underground. I’m fairly certain Killshot vs. Fox would’ve had a ton of hype regardless, but all the praise, combined with how good the first match these two had was AND the captivating, complex story behind it has turned this into something that feels huge. In fact I’d argue the least exciting aspect of the match is the Hell of War stipulation. For the uninitiated, it’s basically a Three Stages of Hell match; aka a two out of three falls match with a different stipulation for each new fall. The stipulations for this one are First Blood (sweet), No DQ (sweet) and a Stretcher Match. I’m not sure what surprises me more; that LU actually went with the Stretcher stipulation when I’m pretty sure it’s never, EVER worked, or the fact that I’m totally going to be raving about LU making the Stretcher Match work once this is over. It’ll be the most miraculous thing since David Lynch turned Special Agent Dale Cooper into some dude named Dougie Jones and made it work for about fifteen episodes.

Now I will say this; there are no guarantees in life, even with matches that happened over a year ago and are being praised by everyone who witnessed them. I don’t think there’s any way this match sucks, but the hype is so big for it that it’s possible the match doesn’t quite live up, or LU’s editing team does something that makes the match translate in a lesser way than it did live. That, my friends, is the most criticism I can offer this match. I’ve seen what these two can do in normal circumstances, I’ve seen Killshot grow into an absolute marvel during his time with LU and, most importantly, we’ve all recently watched Dante Fox turn into a legit superstar. Not since Pentagon has someone walked into the Temple and turned it on its head the way Fox has; he has the IT factor and if LU continues on he looks poised to be one of the top foils for whoever is atop the card. This match will solidify it. I expect we’ll see these two do things we haven’t seen before, things we have seen before (only done better) and much more. It’ll be a sight to behold, and best of all it will mean something. It’s easy to forget but this is a match not built around titles, pride or even seething hatred, but around two traumatized soldiers haunted by betrayal and guilt. One way or the other the story will be concluded with this match and I am shivering with antici…pation to see how it all plays out. Will Fox and Killshot fight till they forgive? Or will they fight till one, or both, of them dies?

Winner: In a big way, I don’t think it matters who wins this match as both guys should be affected for the better, regardless of whether there’s a season four of Lucha Underground or not. Assuming there is though, the guy to me who makes the most sense as winner is Fox. I know the story calls for Killshot to finally get one over his rival, but a) Killshot already had a gigantic, career altering win this season against Marty the Moth and b) Fox looks like he’s on the cusp of becoming one of LU’s biggest stars with one huge win. I won’t shed a tear either way, but to me Fox is the right call. I say he wins the first fall, drops the second and then does something extraordinary to keep Killshot on the stretcher to take fall three and the match. Most importantly though, the bloody battle will end with the two getting it all out of their system and embracing as brothers once more, ending the feud and beginning a new chapter in the story of these two soldiers. I can’t wait to see it all.

There you have it sports fans. I now depart until tomorrow, where I’ll be reviewing this bad boy. Till we meet again, THIS!

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