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Updated on July 13, 2015

Honoring the national flag

That’s a great moment for US Teams playing currently in many international competitions. All of them are honoring the national flag by big wins. US Women’s national Soccer Team is World champion, US Basketball Men’s and Women’s World University Games Teams are both champions. The members of these teams are all competitors motivated by one value: the culture of winning.

Whenever US Teams win, the flags are waved with pride. That’s a significant instant for the players and the fans who dedicate this moment to honor the country. National uniform represents a lot: love, duty, responsibility, loyalty, patriotism, and sacrifice. Love his country doesn’t mean hating others or isolate them. Win a game seems like nothing. As loyal competitor willing to honor his country, you are never a blind pseudo-patriot.

Anyway, US Teams are fighting devotedly to bring trophies and gold medals at home. All those young boys and girls deserve respect, reverence and admiration for their commitment to the culture of winning. Indeed, this attitude is not a dogmatic or idealistic love, led by the pseudo- patriotism, but a real devotion to celebrate the national flag through great wins.


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