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Too Soft: Latest excuse explains why U.S. can't beat the Euros in the Ryder Cup

Updated on October 7, 2014

Putting the blame on Watson is a joke

Lost in the football weekend was an open letter from Tom Watson, the U.S. Ryder Cup team captain, regarding another U.S. loss to the Europeans (16 1/2 to 11 1/2). It was the eighth win in the last 10 Ryder Cups for the Europeans


And, as the losses mount, it seems the U.S. captains are taking the blame instead of the players. Watson joins previous Ryder Cup captains Davis Love III, Corey Pavin, Tom Lehman and Hal Sutton as being, in the eyes of many, the reason the team lost.

But what all this finger pointing at the captains, who didn't hit one shot in the event, demonstrates is the No. 1 problem with the U.S. teams. They are soft. S-O-F-T. Time and time again in recent years the U.S. team has folded under the pressure imposed upon them by the Europeans.

But instead of standing up and admitting they didn't play well as a team. The U.S. decides to throw the captain overboard.

It wasn't the captain that couldn't get it done on the course. Watson didn't miss one putt, hit one errant drive, or miss a single green. And, It shouldn't matter that he had a negative attitude, or didn't communicate well with the team. Even if he failed at all those responsibilities during the week, it is still on the team to go and play.

Basically, as long as Watson made the lineup card out, and got the team to the tee box on time, he did his job.

Listening to Phil Mickelson whine about the systems Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger had in place when the US won in 2008 was disgusting. The U.S. team won that year because they played better. Whatever plan Azinger put in place off the course could only have a incremental impact, at best.

At the end of the day, no matter what, the players have the responsibility to go out and play well. That goes for every sport, including team golf.

Here is just how weak minded the U.S. team was. One thing that bothered the team was the fact Watson didn't show great appreciation of a gift presented from the team. Poor babies. Somebody get them a hanky
Mickelson was Watson's biggest critic. Of course, he was upset at Watson for benching him during for a session. What was Watson supposed to do when Mickelson was driving it all over the lot?

The U.S. team is supposed to be the 12 best golfers the United States had to offer. All these men have won on the PGA Tour, the best tour in the world, and played golf at the highest of levels.

It is utterly ridiculous to think because their feelings were hurt, and the captain was not pleasant company, or very encouraging, that it would have an impact on their performance.

What U.S. team needs to do is get tough, and start hitting some fairways, and making putts during the Ryder Cup. Most importantly, they need to quit making excuses and go look the Europeans in the eye, and play some quality golf.

Enough whining USA Ryder Cup. How about some winning?


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