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Ufc Fighters You Must See Fight

Updated on July 15, 2012


Being a huge ufc fan i have seen virtually every ufc since about ufc 52 and have gone back and seen old videos of the older events,whilst doing this i thought i would put together a list of some of the fighters that you have to see fight if your new to this fast growing sport and even if your not.There are always fighters who as soon as they are announced as on the fight card you just go "Yes I'm there" or "Mate I'm so watching that fight".What follows is a list of the fighters who i think always give 100% and always come up with the good so far as entertainment goes.But this is just my list,its not definitive and i will surely miss out a fighter or two and get numerous comments but oh well here we go. 

Anderson Silva

I know, i know i will probably get some abuse for this but in my eyes he is still pound for pound best fighter in the world,Sure he looked jaded almost bored in his last 2 fights but you still watch hoping to either see something spectacular from him (which is entirely possible) or you watch to see possibly someone give him a bit of a hard time,but for whatever reason you watch and to be honest you have to,this guy has some of the most violent striking see in mma,sure he is a counter fighter and wont put himself in harms way but put him in against a come forward aggressive guy IE Chris Leben or Rich Franklin and bang he is off and putting guys on there backs in seconds,love him or hate him he is spectacular to watch when in full flow.

Wanderlie Silva

Another Brazilian like Anderson only this guy doesn't care if he gets hurt or the other guy as long as the fans are being entertained and boy are we.I don't think i have ever seen a boring wandy fight,from dueling with Chuck liddell to the first 2 ko's of Rampage to the revenge of Rampage when wandy was flat on his back for 5 minutes.This guy entertains,even though he is not a precision striker like his brazilian counterpart he is more of a wind miller, flailing all over the place,that aside he does possess terrific knees just ask Rampage Jackson.When he is on the card i always tune in.

Wandelie Silva

Diego Sanchez

Ok so the guys a little weird and maybe a little too intense (see ufc 95) but lets face it this guy is a good fighter and never puts on a boring fight,now he has moved down to lightweight i think he is even more dangerous and a threat to the title holder,But the fights are just so intense,He was in one of the best fights of 2009 against Clay Guida and the first 30 seconds of that fight was some of the best most exciting Mma i have ever seen,Check it out, its one to watch

Lyoto Machida

This may get some grumbles from the people that think Machida is boring but i cant get enough of his hit and move Karate style,it fascinates me how he doesn't get hit,Here is a guy who was facing the light heavyweight champ in Rashad Evans and in Just under 2 rounds or just over 8 mins of fighting the champ landed 3 blows,That's right 3.Of course just before the end of the second Machida landed more than that on Rashads face alone and ko'd him for the first time in his career.This guy is so elusive it has me dribbling about a 205 bout with anderson silva How long would it take for one of these guys to engage and what would happen when they did.Fireworks i think.Machida is going nowhere for a while and will put away Shogun at ufc104.Machida is definatly the future of the sport

Tyson Griffin

Now this last one may confuse some of you fans out there but I'm a big fan of up and coming fighters and Tyson is one of those,He started out as just a short stocky wrestler but now has added pretty decent striking to his game,Working out of coutures gym will only raise his game further.Out of his last 4 fights he has won fight of the night honours no less than 3 times now if that doesn't say decent fighter then i don't know what does.I feel he is well within the top 10 lightweights and after beating Hermes Franca soon he will move further up the rankings.


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