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Ugh, It’s Baseball Season Again!

Updated on August 9, 2010


I bought the Yankees baseball cap at a Target. I liked the distressed look of the logo and I like New York so there you have it. I don’t look good in hats on the whole so finding one that looked okay and had New York represented on it seemed like a big win. (The only hat that has ever looked good on me is Mouseketeer ears, sad when you think about it as where can you really wear Mouseketeer ears, especially after forty?) This Yankees baseball cap is the only one I own and the only one I wear. I wear it on the weekends to go to Starbucks first thing in the morning or when I don’t think my hair (what’s left of it) looks presentable. Having said that, I forgot a long time ago there was a Yankees logo on it, it’s more practical than a fashion statement. And as I’m afraid I’m one of those old fashioned stereotypical gays who knows nothing about sports, I have no idea when the Yankees are playing, where they’re playing, who is on the team or how close they are or aren’t to the World Series. However, while I forget that I’m wearing a team logoed piece of merch, those interacting with me who do not know me at all do not know that I’m not so much not a Yankees fan as much as I’m not a fan of my hair that day, thus the need for the hat. Ugh, it’s baseball season again! – Don’t Get Me Started!

A dear friend of mine (who happens to be straight) has told me for years that I just don’t get how great baseball is as a sport, pastime, American tradition, etc., etc. And while I think I went to a Dodgers game once (it was a company outing) I don’t really remember it nor did I understand what was going on other than being amazed at the frequency of the vendors coming through the aisles to sell you food and beer unless you needed one of the other and then you never saw them. So I don’t have some sort of “incident” that happened to make me dislike baseball and honestly I have nothing against it or any other sport for that matter, it’s just not on my radar, shall we say.

The problem is that because I wear a Yankees hat, people think I’m a fan or know something about it. And it’s not just men, the elderly female teller at the bank stopped me last weekend and wanted to go on and on about how the team was faring, the games that were playing this weekend, some of the players, and on and on she went as I politely smiled and nodded acting as if I knew what we were talking about. Turns out that most people don’t really want your opinion, they just want to open the door so that they can give you theirs. And this teller certainly did that, causing at least a five minute delay in my schedule for the day and a line to form behind me.

I like to give the appearance of being cultured or at the very least well rounded so when the conversation turns to sports I tend to go into acting mode. I take the facial clues from the person talking to me to find out if I should scowl or nod in agreement. I act like I’m taking in every word and basically do an old therapy technique of simply “parroting” them back to get the conversation moving and done. When they ask me, “What do you think of the team this year?” I remark, “I don’t know, what is there to think about really? What do YOU think of them?” Works every time. Whoever asked the initial question has loads to tell me about what they think and eventually I can get my latte or stamped deposit slip and be on my way.

In the last four years or so of wearing the Yankees hat only once (a young male barista at Starbucks) ever said, “So, are you a Yankees fan or just wearing it for the fashion?” “Fashion” was my reply and needless to say he got a big tip and I got a break as he didn’t bother me with his opinion of the team’s current state which he obviously had ready in his arsenal should I have answered differently.

I guess the main thing is that I have no idea when baseball season happens. I know there’s something about “spring training” and so I guess that should let me know that it starts in the summer but it’s always a surprise when the first person of the season says to me, “Did you see them play last night?” I usually look around as if they’re talking to someone else, not realizing they’ve made a connection with my hat and not me. Then it hits me and I realize that I’ve got weeks of smiling and nodding ahead of me. So while my pals may love and understand baseball season, to me it’s just a damn inconvenience and causes me to have to act without getting paid for it. Ugh, it’s baseball season again! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Ah! I really had a good mom is a baseball fan, and I'm just not. It doesn't seem a very active game to me, compared to basketball. Ah, well...I do the same thing, nod my head and smile a lot. Or frown, depending on what the other person is doing.

    • Seakay profile image

      Seakay 7 years ago from Florida

      You are so funny! If you ever tire of the Yankee hat, you may send it to me. I love all things Yankee! You are a hoot!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Baseball're not the first to tell me this and at some point in my life I need to just take the time to get out there and see what this pastime is all about. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • BaseBallHubber profile image

      BaseBallHubber 7 years ago from United States

      Haha, this was interesting to read. I bet if you went to some games with the spirit of the game it could turn your opinion around! :) Very well-written though.