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An Ultima Lucha II Preview in November

Updated on November 4, 2015

It’s that time again girls and boys! After taking last week to talk about the Mega Championship, why Aerostar should be the next champion and why Alberto Del Rio should stop Bob Sugaring AAA and drop the title, it’s time to go back into that wonderful world of Lucha Underground. And I have just the idea, thanks to “Gamblin” Matt Mortensen. When discussing with him a good LU topic a few nights ago, he suggested an idea that gave me an idea; why not preview the card for Ultima Lucha II?! I know, I know, we’re still months away from that show (hell, we’re months away from the return of LU), but if people can do Wrestlemania predictions months in advance, why can’t I do the same for Ultima Lucha? So with that, I’ve come up with seven matches that, right now, have a very realistic chance of happening. Could things go a different way? Sure, especially as we learn what talent has left, what talent is added and what said new talent will be doing. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there; not like I can’t do another one of these after the first month of season two, right? So let’s get cracking. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Championship Match

Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc (c) vs. Jack Evans, Luchador Sopressa and Luchador Sopressa

That’s right kids; the Greatest Trios Team That Ever Lived is indeed going to get those titles back from the Skeletor Army somewhere during the midway point of season two. It just makes too much sense; it’ll get a huge pop, it’ll serve as giving the fans a moment after what should be a lot of rudo domination during the early stages and (most importantly) it will serve as the first signs of trouble in Immortan Mil’s kingdom (dare we call it the “Russian is cut!” moment?). From there, it only makes sense for Ivelisse, Angelico and Havoc to run into Evans, Angelico’s old pal and the reigning, defending, undisputed FIFA Champion of the World. I don’t know who Jack brings to the dance with him (imagine if the Young Bucks had actually come aboard and formed a trio with Evans?!), but rest assured he’ll be leading the charge against his buddy and his two lackeys. And yes, Havoc and Ivelisse are Angelico’s lackeys. When they start diving off rooftops, they can argue otherwise!

Sexy Star and Taya Valkyrie vs. Marty the Moth and the Sister of Marty the Moth

I struggled with this one, mainly because I could see LU resolving the issue between Sexy, Marty the Moth and the unknown sister quickly. That being said, I’ll take my chances on it going the long haul. If it does, look for Marty and his crazy sis to make Sexy’s life a living hell, only for Sexy to go looking for a partner to even the odds. And who better a partner than the woman all of the LuchaKliq wants to see in the Temple, not to mention Sexy Star’s best pal in AAA. Yes, Taya could easily be Marty’s sister; we all know this. Silly me, I like the idea of Taya teaming with Sexy to combat against Marty and the mystery sibling a tad better. In the end, I’m just glad that Marty will definitely have a match at Ultima Lucha. This is cause for celebration and arm flapping! WE WANT THE MOTH! WE WANT THE MOTH!

Seven Way Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Willie Mack vs. Texano vs. “Speed Ball” Mike Bailey vs. Aerostar vs. Killshot vs. Brian Cage vs. Drago

Let’s get the elephant out of the room right away; Fenix is using the GOTG title to go up against Mil before Ultima Lucha. I love their feud as much as anyone and I could see LU doing a great job building all season to the epic finale between them, but as you’ll see later, I’m pretty sure the LU has a bigger goal in mind. What that pretty much means however is that the Gift of the Gods title will be vacant for a time, which means get ready for more matches over Medallions and the greatest seven way multi man match since the last one Lucha Underground did. Sadly, arrogant Jack Evans internet only promo won’t be included this time.

Now in situations like this, predicting which seven guys (or gals) will be in this match is pretty much like picking between Uwe Boll and M. Night Shyamalan is a worst director’s contest. That being said, I expect this to be pretty star studded. Aerostar will be back because someone has to jump off that damn balcony again. Killshot and “Speedball” Bailey (who appears to be a shoe in for an LU spot) work as two up and coming guys that will bring big spots and an underdog feel. Willie Mack in a multi man match is something that needs to happen. And Cage, Texano and Drago represent guys that can easily fit into this match and be the favorites to win. At worst, I expect to at least get three of these seven guys right.

Prince Puma and El Dragon Azteca II vs. Black Lotus and Matanza

Bold prediction number…three? Man, I’ve had a lot of bold predictions here. Clearly, one of the things set up during the LU season one finale was that Black Lotus is now bad to the bone, El Dragon Azteca is done like dinner, and his apprentice in the white hoodie is taking his place to get revenge. That’s story is definitely going to play out. What I think we’ll also see is Puma get involved. I know, I know, he’s involved in the title picture still, but I expect Mil Muertes will dispose of him quickly to begin the season. Plus, remember that Azteca revealed that Puma was a disciple of him as well? I’m sensing Puma comes in to back up Azteca II in order to avenge their master, only for Lotus and new ally El Jefe to bring out the big gun that is Matanza,which works as both a shocking debut and a trump card for the rudos side . Look for this to be one of the top stories of the second season, and also look for Puma and Azteca to be wasted by Matanza in this match. There’s a better chance of Terry Collins properly managing a situation than of Matanza losing the first time out.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. King Cuerno

I’ll be honest; I almost went with Cuerno vs. Bengala here, mainly because the thought of LU doing a storyline about Deer Antlers hunting a guy pretending to be a tiger would be magnificent. That said Bengala seems destined for more lower end stuff, so thus I’ll pick Fantasma’s evil twin to take on Mysterio instead. It makes sense; Mysterio will have a big time match at Ultima Lucha II, him and Cuerno could have a knock out contest with each other, a Mysterio-Johnny Mundo feud would seem too much like a El Patron-Mundo retread and great bouncing icebergs, did I mention how good this would be? You’d have Mysterio walking in as the new top dog (at least in the sense of name value), with Deer Antlers (being a hunter and all) targeting him in order to raise his good name. Sure, you could do that with Cuerno and everyone, but there’s something special about doing it with this. Make it happen LU!

Johnny Mundo vs. Fenix

As said earlier, Fenix is using the GOTG’s title for his shot at Immortan Mil by midseason (at latest) and losing. Thus, he needs a feud, and a big one considering he’s one of the future stars of the show (and potentially a top technico). Enter the resident of the Palace of Wisdom. I don’t know what the story would be between these two, but I do know this would be a fresh match up considering Mundo and Fenix were kept apart most of season one. Maybe Mundo is the one who screws Fenix over during his match with the Beast King? Perhaps Melina is involved, which is possible considering Fenix has a history of stealing the women of his competitors (and then losing them just a few weeks later). Whatever the case, I see this being the second biggest match of the show; present vs. future, the man of a thousand abs vs. the man of a thousand lives. Thank you, I’ll be here for a few more hours.

Lucha Underground Championship Match

Mil Muertes (c) vs. Pentagon Jr.

What else were you expecting? The only way I can’t see this match happening is if the LU decides to give Fenix the belt after all, which is plausible considering his real life connections with Pentagon (who is going to be in this match no matter who the champion is). That being said, I think we’re at least away from that being an Ultima Lucha closer, and for me, the story of this season (and like Ashton Kutcher, I’m talking about the whole thing) should be the quest to take down the Beast King himself. Who better to do that than the hottest name Lucha Underground has? I know, both Mil and Pentagon are rudos, but a) that sort of alignment thing isn’t as big a deal in the Temple as it is elsewhere, b) it would make complete sense that the only person capable of beating the Beast King was an individual equally as dark, twisted and evil and c) what match can the LU do that’s bigger than this? You’d have Mil Muertes, the most powerful man in the Temple, ruling over the promotion with Catrina and the Skeletor Army in one corner. You’d have Pentagon, the man of Cero Miedo with the unholy Pope himself Vampiro in the other corner. That right there is all that’s needed to sell the match. Barring the injury, I would say this match is a surefire lock to happen and will be a potential Match of the Year candidate for 2016. In the words of that meme featuring the weirdly excited old dude, IT IS HAPPENING!

That’ll do kids, that’ll do. I’m out for a bit, but I may be back later with…something. I don’t know, I’m open to topics. Till next time, strut Leo strut!

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Please change disks to continue…

What potential Ultima Lucha II match would you like to see?

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    • profile image

      Jeremy G 

      3 years ago

      Would love to see the vignettes between Catrina and Pentagon leading up to an Ultima Lucha clash with Mil Muertes.

      I can see her materializing behind him in some dark warehouse corridor. "You claim to be a man with 'Cero Miedo.' But every man must fear Death."


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