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Ultimate Sports In The UK

Updated on November 6, 2009

In the United Kingdom, you have three huge sports that come to the forefront of all the others.  You have tennis, a game played by individuals on a court with rackets and trying to strike a ball over a net, rugby, which could be closely compared to American NFL football, and the top of the top three sports in the UK is Soccer, or as it is known to them, football.

Now, before you get in to reading this article, I would like to point out that football here refers to the English style of football, or soccer, not the American standard of football.

Football is a huge sport in the UK and produces some of the best players in sports for England.  The game was first codified in the year 1863, but was in being played as far back as medieval times as a recreational sport.  The first written evidence of the sport is in 1170 making it among the oldest of all sports in the world.  It continued through time and eventually became, over a very long period of time, the sport we know today.

The sport is easy to understand; you have eleven member teams and they play on a pitch.  They cannot use their hands so they must make use of only their feet to transport the ball down the pitch and attempt to make a goal by shooting the ball past a goalie, who is allowed to use their hands, and any other part of the body, to block shots at the goal.

Now football isn't what one would call one of the ultimate sports in the UK, but it is taken very seriously among the fans.  There are the casual fans, but the hardcore ones are known more as football hooligans and they follow the sport as though it were a religion.  No other team has a following quite like the team of Manchester United.

Manchester United, also known as the Red Devils, is a football club out of Old Trafford in Greater Manchester.  They are one of the top seeded teams in the Premier League and have constantly seen some of the best players in sports come from the team.  The team has existed since 1878 as Newton Heath L&YR Football Club and has become the world's leader in generating revenue for a sports team.  The fans have taken things to a new height when it comes to fandom so much so that it could be considered one of the ultimate sports in the UK.  There are fist fights and a devotion to the team that sees the fans travelling all throughout Europe to see the team play.

Of the top three sports in the UK, football has to be the top of the top when it comes to how well the sport is followed and how many fans that the sport has.  It shows no sign of slowing down either as the sport is quickly gaining a bigger following around the world and has just penetrated into the United States.


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