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Umbrella Alabama rig set up

Updated on February 6, 2012

Hot to set up and fish your alabama/umbrella rig for california

With the explosion of fishing the Alabama rig so many new people are going nuts with this bait. I have been fishing one for a few years and have always hoped that it would be kept a secret but with Paul Elias winning a bassmaster tournament the secret is out of the bag. I have had many people ask me on different forums how to set the rig up. There is no one way do do so for all applications.

I run three different rigs for different depths and the all have different weights. Here is how my every day one is set up. The one I run now is made by ABT and it is awesome. you can unscrew the head and change the wires as they make 3 different lengths. I put two of the teaser wires on the top of this rig cause in California we can only run three hooks on our rigs. I after that I run the 6 inch wires on the bottom. I use 1/4 ounce revenge swim bait hooks for my bottom 3 wires. Did I mention that the top teaser wires are only 4 inches. This keeps those baits from getting bit which is good cause they have no hooks on them. This rig runs really nice at about 10 to 12 feet at a very slow retrieve. my shallower rig I use 1/8 ounce rigs but with the abt you can not run the teaser wires cause the rig will turn cause the top weights are heavier. for my heavier rig I use 3/8 to 1/2 ounce weights. This rig is very very heavy and requires a different rod.

I use this rig to target suspended fish and rarely fish the bank with it. Not that it will not work but there are other baits that are more silent to throw and work just as well. For swimbaits I like to use baits that are hollow belly as they have more action to them and are lighter. My rod is a Powell umbrella rig rod and it does the job really really well and the price was very good on it.

Now for line I prefer 50 pound power pro braid for this rig as it casts really well on this as I like to lob cast it as it is easier on my body.

I hope this helps give some of you a bit of an understanding and remember that in order to keep the rig from rolling on the retrieve the bottom three baits have to be heavier than the top two.


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