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Five Programs by Five Legends

Updated on October 21, 2014

Can Polina Edmunds lead U.S. ladies figure skating?

Yes, she can.

Although Edmunds is relatively new to many figure fans, her basic skatng is solid unlike Russian skaters.

Of course Edmunds may not be a super genius like Kim or Asada, but her skating shows she is taking the right path.

Her jumps seem to show a sign of correct discipline that adheres to the basics. She will soon surpass Gracie Gold, if she hasn't already done it.

Polina Edmunds

Five Programs

At the birth of the sport, musical interpretation wasn't considered critical. It was later added. Who would have thought about that when they were doing compulsories anyway?

Even after the establishment of long program, a program per a skater was common and almost universal unless skaters expanded their skatng to professional realms.

There weren't multiple programs by a skater. Even fewer was masterpiece. But Yuna Kim produced multiple masterpieces in her amateur career.

Now let us watch one of her programs along with her predecessors'. You will see the evolution of ladies figure skating. It's worth.

Sonja Henie in 1932

From The Great Sonja Henie to Yuna Kim

In the clip above, you are watching a skater in nearly a century ago. There wasn't a TV broadcasting back then.

Simply Henie's incredible agility was unheard of, way ahead of her time. She was a giant skater.

Peggy Fleming in 1967

Peggy Fleming

It is no exaggeration for some to say that Peggy Fleming conceived modern figure skating. Only her brilliance was what the sport needed for fulfillment for the ideal of compulsory figure skating.

With Peggy Fleming, nothing seemed wrong with compulsories. She was such a skater you would hope for in the ladies figure skating.

Janet Lynn in 1970

Janet Lynn

Lynn's skating was so enthereal and illusive that her rippling hair looked to have become a part of chreography.

Indeed, Lynn was a skater of unmatched aesthetics.

Many misunderstand about Lynn, however. Lynn has always been tied with a term, art, but in her time, Lynn was the most technically advanced skater.

Lynn did triple jumps in practice, and her skating itself made Trixie Shuba, an undisputed champion of the time, look a secondary skater.

Make no mistake, Shuba was a great champion of the time. Just as the format of the sport makes a particular type of skaters, it was compulsories that drove her to focus on the accuracy of edge than any other element.

Skaters in the past appear weightier than today's skaters. One of the reasons is compulsories; a different format of competition demands or broods a certain type of skaters.

Back then, weight was an critical asset due to compulsories. Likewise, today's triple jump demands slimmer or smaller skaters, and gives them advantages.

Dorothy Hamill in 1976

Dorothy Hamill

No word can fully describe this pure genius. As you can see, Hamill has everything. As a power skater, she has all the weapons under her sleeves.

Hamill even did well in compulsories. In her time, triple jumps were not used in competitions yet, but as you can see in her double axel, the quality of her jumps humilates today's skaters.

Yuna Kim in 2010

Yuna Kim

In her prime, nothing could stop her. Here is in TEB where Kim glided to win one of her numerous medals. Kim didn't compete but demonstrate.

Kim was a skater who verified the COP system; without her its logic and algorithm became useless. Kim became the standard of triple era and the very basis of GOE and PCS.

Kim was a skater who embarrassed judges.

Kim's "The Final Program"

It is not Yuna Kim's final program, but it is the final program of modern ladies figure skating.

The clock of ladies figure skating stopped at the 2013 Worlds in London.

Since then, the ISU systematically decimated the sport with a grand scheme, the final solution in figure skating version.

The current ladies figure skating is a byproduct of fraud and a ghost of arbitrariness.

The ISU's irresponsible acts and Sochi Scandal reverted the time of ladies figure skating to a decade back.

Kim's final masterpiece has a special importance because, after this program, the ISU abandoned the scoring systemand its validity established during Kim's tenure.

Enjoy the final relic of modern figure skating until the second coming of a new star, or second Yuna Kim comes and re-tick the clock of the sport.

Yuna Kim in 2013

Vote for Fun

Who is your favorite if you choose among the five?

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Five Definitive Skaters

  • Sonja Henie was a skater who defined the meaning of greatness in figure skating. Thanks to her, the sport was awed and admired.
  • Peggy Fleming was a skater who completed the definition of figure skating in compulsory era. Thanks to her, the sport was perceived as a vehicle of ideal.
  • Janet Lynn was a skater who redefined the figure skating as a sport. She was a skater who internalized the sport within her persona.
  • Dorothy Hamill was a skater who demonstrated the ideal of the sport. She was a skater of unbeatable asset.
  • Yuna Kim was a skater who defined the quality of modern figure skating. Kim was a skater who technically upgraded the sport.

Another Vote for Star Wars

If five legends were born in the same birth day of Yuna Kim, and trained in today's environment and competed together, who do you think would win?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Yuna Kim is the greatest ever.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Stunned... especially watching Les-Miserables, just spectacular... so astonished...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yuna Kim is someone who comes out in every 100 years of figure skating history. She has become who she is today despite the horrible environment in which she had to train at the beginning of her career. She was a hidden gem that was fortunately founded by her coach, Mr. Ryu.

      The Queen shines forever.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Queen Yuna

    • profile image

      Clay Dutton 

      4 years ago

      The greatest skater, Yuna kim

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Queen Yuna

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      yuna yusus

    • profile image

      Paul rudduck 

      4 years ago

      Yuna kim is an absolutely awesome skater! She is god's present and she was destined for the top! She's a definite 11 out of 10! In fact, she is probably at the highest level she can attain. She has made the world's best IT enterprise against all the odds. She is Queen

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Queen Yu-na

      so beautifull!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Long live the Queen!! Yuna...

    • profile image

      jaeyoung park 

      4 years ago

      yuna kim is .... Can't compare with anything!!!

    • profile image

      Best Figure Skater 

      4 years ago

      Yu-na Kim is korean so that in more proud...!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yu-na kim...

      She is Queen..!!


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