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Understanding Snowboarding Terms

Updated on August 8, 2010

Understanding Snowboarding Terms

 Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports in the world and one that people of almost all ages can enjoy.  Even children as young as seven can try out snowboarding down little kiddie hills and see what they think of it.  You will just need to make sure you have all the right apparel and equipment first.  If you want to be able to communicate with other boarders, you will also need to become educated in the snowboarding lingo that is used on the slopes.

 There are a lot of different snowboarding terms that are used and which are important to become familiar with.  Although there are hundreds of terms you could learn, and snowboarders basically have their own language, there are a few that are more commonly used than others.  That includes the term accessory man, which is used to describe a lot of novice boarders.  This is the term coined for snowboarders that have every accessory you can imagine.

 Pro snowboarders know that quality is what counts and that you do not have to pile on the gear to be a skilled boarder.  The term airdog is used on boarders who prefer to be airborne, doing aerial jumps rather than wheelies and other tricks.  If you ever see a snowboarder fall off a rail, trip or otherwise fall down you will say that they bailed.  Corduroy is another common term used in snowboarding.

 This is a term used on a trail that has just been freshly groomed and on which there is a ridged surface.  Boarders love to ride on fresh powder and are always looking for corduroys.  If you ever hear a boarder saying they wish they could find a corduroy, now you know what they are talking about.  Dry slopes are snow hills that are used in places that do not often get a lot of snow.

 This is when someone makes their own snow hill because they live in an area that is not getting enough snow.  There are hundreds more terms you could learn so do not expect to become a snowboard lingo pro in a few days.  It is just an easy slang term that is friendly and you can start using it too as you get into the sport.  Learning the snowboarding terms and being familiar with the lingo makes you feel much more comfortable and also will help you make new friends.


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