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Undisputed National Champion of College Football

Updated on July 25, 2010

Settled on the field national champs

Undisputed National Champs of 2009 Season

      When I say undisputed national champs I mean no controversy.  College football in my opinion is the greatest sport in america but it is also the most unfair sport in america on how it determines its national champion.  Unlike college basketball, college football doesn't have any cinderella stories on teams winning a national title since 1984 BYU.  Take for instance Butler of this year's college basketball season which played in the national title game!  Some compare Butler to college football version of Boise State or 2008 Utah teams but Butler had a chance to win a title, all Boise State and '08 Utah did was play in a BCS bowl. No matter what those teams would have done in those bowl games they wouldn't have been considered for a national title.  Another team that comes to mine is the 2000 Miami Hurricanes team which did not even play in the national title game and they beat Florida State that year head to head earlier that year.  1996 Ohio State beat an undefeated Arizona State team in the Rose Bowl but did not win a title while Florida beat an undefeated Florida State team in the Sugar Bowl which had lost to Florida State in the last game of the regular season that year but was awarded the title that year even though both Florida and Ohio State finished the year with one loss.

     So I have devised a playoff system for college football to determine a real national champion.  Having a playoff would really determine which conference is truly the best.  How many teams should be in a playoff system?  Well I think the number can vary depending on how the season ends and who wins there conference and other head to head non conference matchups.  Another flaw of college football system that they have now is the long lay off between when the national title is played some are 30 to 50 days!  That is to long for a team to wait especially if the team is hitting on all cylinders.  With that being said here is my playoff proposal for the 2009 college football season.  First, I feel like it was ten teams at the end of the year that deserve to play for a title.  I would still have the bowl games but bowl ties in would go to the higher seeded teams for example Cincinnati would face Boise State in the Orange Bowl.  Since Cincy was the Big East Champ and the higher seed and Big East has a Orange Bowl tie in that is where the game would take place.  So here are your 2009 college football bowl playoffs participants.

Automatic bids

SEC Champ - (1) Alabama (13-0)

Big 12 Champ - (2) Texas (13-0)

Big East Champ - (4) Cincinnati (12-0)

WAC Champ - (5) Boise State (13-0)

Mt West Champ - (3) TCU (12-0)

Pac 10 Champ - (7) Oregon (10-2)

Big Ten Champ - (8) Ohio State (10-2)

ACC Champ - (10) Georgia Tech (11-2)

At Large Bids

SEC At Large - (6) Florida (12-1)

Big Ten At Large - (9) Iowa (10-2)

First Round Matchups

Champs Sports Bowl - (9) Iowa (10-2) vs (10) Georgia Tech

Holiday Bowl - (7) Oregon (10-2) vs (8) Ohio State (10-2)

Quarterfinals Round Matchups

Capital One Bowl - (1) Alabama vs winner of Champs Sports Bowl - Georgia Tech/Iowa

Orange Bowl - (4) Cincinnati (12-0) vs (5) Boise State (13-0)

Poinsetta Bowl - (3) TCU (12-0) vs (6) Florida (12-1)

Cotton Bowl - (2) Texas (13-0) vs winner of Holiday Bowl - Oregon/Ohio State

Semifinal Round

Sugar Bowl - Capital One Bowl winner vs Orange Bowl winner

Fiesta Bowl - Poinsetta Bowl winner vs Cotton Bowl winner

National Championship Game

Rose Bowl - Sugar Bowl winner vs Fiesta Bowl winner

I simulated each game on my playstation and here are the results I came up with.

First Round Results

Champs Sports Bowl - Georgia Tech 27, Iowa 21

Holiday Bowl - Oregon 17, Ohio State 16

Quarterfinals Round Results

Capital One Bowl - Alabama 27, Georgia Tech 10

Orange Bowl - Boise State 41, Cincinnati 30

Poinsetta Bowl - Florida 31, TCU 21

Cotton Bowl - Oregon 23, Texas 20

Semifinals Round Results

Sugar Bowl - Alabama 38, Boise State 14

Fiesta Bowl - Florida 24, Oregon 19

National Championship Game

Rose Bowl - Alabama 28, Florida 20

Next check me out for my 2008 national champion of my college football playoffs.





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