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Unusual Carp Fishing Baits - Proven Methods | Ideas | Free Recipes

Updated on June 13, 2012

Carp Fishing Intro

If you have found this page, then you - just like me are most probably a carp fishing addict! Always looking for that extra little tip, trick, or bait that might give you the edge next time you make it down to the fishing lake. When we watch fishing programs on television it looks so very easy and it appears as if they know exactly what to do every single time, no matter what the conditions are - they always seem to get that fish! This alone inspired me to up my game, and over the last 5 years I have put much time and effort into preparing and testing many different baits on lots of different waters. I would like to share with you, some of my findings and some of the most unusual fishing baits that I have found to work very well when times on the fishing lake get that little bit tough. I hope you enjoy.

The common bait - Does it matter?

Boilie and pellet have become the most used baits when fishing for carp. All species of carp appear to eat them and they seem to produce relatively good results - most of the time! If you have a good day and you happen to be using strawberry flavour boilies then you will insist that the boilies are good and in fact that they have given you the edge. You will then probably buy these boilies over and over again, even if your catch results are nowhere near as good. Eventually you will then move on to another bait, and go through the same cycle again. You have to ask yourself - does a carp really prefer any one boilie to another? It certainly seems that way when your fishing and the guys next to you are catching like crazy and you are struggling doesn't it. But do we take a step back to wonder, what if it is because the fish are in their swim? Perhaps the bottom is different where they are fishing? Maybe they are using different size hooks, different coloured line, mono or braid etc etc? You could go on forever - but basically the main thing we put it down to is the bait.

"My view on baits is this. I believe that the smell, the shape and the contents of a bait can make a difference when it comes to interesting carp - and i do think that it is most definitely worth changing your baits when things are not going to plan, and importantly it is worth keeping them fresh and exciting. However I also believe that boilies is in fact the wrong way to go about fishing about for carp, and I would like to explain my reasoning for this....."

Every carper would have heard of a many well recognised boilies that have been catching carp for years. These are immediately percieved as a great bait that guarentee a certain amount of success when fished with. When i look back at my early days as a fisherman I would have agreed with this statement. However after a while I realised that these were not what was catching me the fish. What I did realise however was that many many people were talking about these certain boilies. Only the very best and the very biggest fish has been caught on these, and any true fisherman would be using them. Well that was the perception anyway.

 Misperception of Boilies

It only takes one fisherman to catch a big fish on a certain boilie before the word spreads. For example - Joe bloggs caught a 40lb carp on "toptail" boilie (Noone had heard of it before) and the boilie had only been in the water for 2 minutes. The same day he also caught 3 20lbers and 2 20lbers - the lake was very busy that day and Joe bloggs was the only person catching. Everyone walked by to ask him what bait he was using and what he was doing to catch his fish. Joe Bloggs was a very honest man and he happily shared his success story and tactics with anyone that came passed. He must of told at least 20 people that day what bait he was using. The 20 people he told then went home and shared it with another 4 people each - this then became 80 people. The 80 people did the same and word had spread that "toptail" boilie was the most fantastic bait to catch carp. Each time that the story spread, a little more as added on to exegerate how fantastic the catch was. A week later Joe Bloggs appeared in a popular carp magazine with his 40lb picture and there was a small article that showed exactly how he caught it! He was fishing tight to the island and he was using "toptail" bait! Over 1,000 subscribers read this article, some who had already heard rumours about a man catching a 55lber on "toptail"! (through word of mouth). So it wasn't a surprise to see thousands of people started to use the bait and therefore it was also not a surprise that some people were actually catching fish, and what were they using - toptail bait!! In fact so many fisherman were using it that every time someone caught a decent fish they were 80% likely to be using "toptail", and the bait continued to get hyped up more and more.

"This is a very common trend amongst anglers and baits - this circle continues to go on. It is only when another angler catches on a different bait that attracts interest that people will start to once again start the hype and baits will become changed. Therefore a bait such as a boilie is completely down to luck and misperception. If the boilie makers know this then who is to say that that do not overcharge us, and bare it in mind when putting ingrediants into the bait. Why waste money on great ingrediants when it all it takes it a bit of hype and a few rumours?"

Boilies are widely used in lakes throughout the world where carp are living. You could argue that because of the amount of boilies and pellets being pumped into these lakes, the fish would see them as their "natural bait". This is a fair perspective but not an accurate one. How many times have you been fishing and seen bubbles coming up everywhere - you know that the fish are feeding but they will not take your bait, even if you plonk it right on their head. What does this tell us? The fish are sick of these baits. If we look back in time at the history of fishing we can see that boilies and pellets didn't even exist. Fish were still being caught.

Would you class yourself as a lazy fisherman? 99% of people would have answered that question No. So then why do we use a bait designed for lazy people?

Are boilies your favoured carp fishing bait?

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Continued from previous....

Advertising, hype, rumours and misperception play a huge part in fishing and have a huge influence on the baits that people like yourself might have used over the years. Hopefully the above has opened your mind and made you ready to accept that their might actually be other methods and other baits that will produce fish more so than the common baits.

However it is important to stay clear in the fact that different baits and smells do produce different results, but it is equally important to remember that just because one boilie worked one day, it doesn't mean its going to work again.

"Carp have been caught on many different things! Cheese to jelly tots, bananas to chips, slugs to prawns, and rabbit droppings to nuts..... Imagine if everyone in the world was fishing for carp using rabbit droppings then the chance are that the catch rate would be equal to the boilie!"

My Super Paste Bait Recipe

I have found through personal experience that a paste bait can be a devastating weapon when fishing. Paste was used way before it was toughened up and made in boilies - For one second imagine that you are the fish - Imagine the bottom of the lake with thousands of boilies spread all along the bottom, the same old stuff you've been eaing for the last 5 years all looking rather unattractive. Then all of a sudden you spot a fresh looking, colourful, smelly, soft and tasty bait right in-between (the paste). Which bait would you go for? Hopefully you would agree with me in saying that you would find the paste bait far more attractive. However if we are honest then we would admitt that paste is difficult to keep on the hook, so as a result of this we become lazy and do not use it. Well, we should...

I have tried many different baits and tactics throughout my fishing life, but I have found that 9 times out of 10 a simple paste can be absolutely devastating and produce the absolute top fish. My catch rate using paste has easily tripled. Here i will share with you, a very basic but excellent paste bait recipe that you can adapt in any style you like - I am sure that if you too change your bait then you will see your catches increase rapidly. It's also good to remember that boilies and pellets fatten fish up to look rather ugly, chubby and not long and lean like they should be.

The recipe is extremely simple and very basic. You can add any ingrediant with this that you might want to try. I have some personal favourites that I would prefer to keep to myself, but there are some others that produce excellent catches that I would like to share with you. Here are a couple ideas that might get you started. Once you have experimented with these you may feel the need to try other additives to see how powerful the results are.

When you have the paste ready you can always roll some into different shapes and sizes, or even small balls. This way you can mix with some bread crumb and use for a ground bait. Here are just a few of the fish that I have caught using this paste method...

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Garlic Cheese PasteMy Special Paste!Peperami Cheese PasteBread and CheeseMy Special Paste!
Garlic Cheese Paste
Garlic Cheese Paste
My Special Paste!
My Special Paste!
Peperami Cheese Paste
Peperami Cheese Paste
Bread and Cheese
Bread and Cheese
My Special Paste!
My Special Paste!

Key Tactics for Fishing

As simple as it may sound, finding the fish is extremely important when it comes to fishing! Polarised fishing glasses can really help you to spot the carp in the merkiest of waters when you think that you will never be able to find them. How many times have you sat around a fishing pond wishing that you could see through the water so that you know where all the fish were and what they was up. Polarized glasses are unfortunately not able to produce you with x-ray images, but they will give you a real benefit right throughout the year, especially during the winter months when the fish move around less and the water becomes clearer. Get a pair and get yourself started.

It is also very important to keep quiet! You do not want to scare the fish off before you even start fishing. Many people underestimate this and probably will continue to do so - but if you tread carefully and set up quietly your chances of catching will be considerably higher.

If you are looking for more tips to improve your catch rate then you should consider my carp fishing tips website. Lots of this stuff you may already know, some you might not. Either way it is a good refresher and keeps you on your toes to perform at your very best when you go fishing.

Fishing in Spring

If you are a fisherman like many others then you probably really dislike the winter! The winter seems to drag on whilst the warmer months fly past before we can get all of our intended fishing time in. For me springtime fishing can be the most prolific, but there is an art and a skill to it, and you have to make sure you do it right. For this I recommend reading my Carp Fishing in Spring tips site.

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    • badgeroo profile image

      paul badger 

      5 years ago from Worcester, England

      Great hub

    • william.fischer29 profile image


      7 years ago

      Gorgeous hub!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      never used a bollie, they should be banned

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      man paste is the killer bait ,works all year round


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