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Predictions re Cotto vs Pacquiao boxing fight

Updated on February 2, 2015
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Pacquiao throws a right hook at CottoPACQUIAO: Named twice by the Ring Magazine as the best pound-for-pound boxerPacquiao vs. Cotto
Pacquiao throws a right hook at Cotto
Pacquiao throws a right hook at Cotto
PACQUIAO: Named twice by the Ring Magazine as the best pound-for-pound boxer
PACQUIAO: Named twice by the Ring Magazine as the best pound-for-pound boxer
Pacquiao vs. Cotto
Pacquiao vs. Cotto

Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao Profile

AGE: 30, DIVISION: Light welterweight, BELT: The Ring Belt/ IBO, 140 lbs., COUNTRY: Philippines, RECORD: 49-3-2, KO: 37 (75.5%), ROUND BOXED: 293 rounds, HEIGHT: 5'6 1/2", REACH: 67", LAST 5 OPPONENTS: (1) Ricky Hatton-W TKO (2) Oscar De La Hoya-W TKO 8, (3) David Diaz- W TKO 9, (4) Juan Manuel Marques- W SD 12, (5) Marco Antonio Barrera-W UD 12

Cotto celebrating his victory over Zab Judah
Cotto celebrating his victory over Zab Judah

1. What if Cotto wins

10 Vital Predictions Re Nov. 14 Pacquiao-Cotto Bout

Cotto's star would grow bigger if he defeats Pacquiao. He may not come close to the records of his Puerto Riocan brethren like Wilfredo Gomez and Felix Trinidad but to claim victory over the reigning pound-for- pound boxer would undoubtedly mark him as an idol. He would be in a vantage position in terms of earning power and leverage. Whoever opponents he takes, he'd make much money in front of boxing aficionados and TV viewers the world over.

2. What if Cotto loses

The picture of boxing would change to some degree if Cotto beats Pacquiao. Pacquiao hasn't taste any defeat since Erik Morales outpointed him in 2005. If he loses- the Pacquiao star would lose some of its glow and get dimmer. The Pacquiao-Mayweather superfight would possibly not push through. Promoter Bob Arum would probably go back to the drawing board to replan. If Pacquiao is knockout- it would be a bitter pill to swallow. If he loses in a close and entertaining fight, the damage wouldn't be so much. Perhaps a rematch would be in order.

3.Will the cut in the left eye suffered by Cotto during his fight with Clottey resurface to affect his performance?

(3) Will the cut in the left eye suffered by Cotto during his fight with Clottey resurface to affect his performance? No- it will not. Santiago- Cotto's trainer- had given the assurance the cut had healed well. He credited 2 plastic surgeons on hand the night of the fight.

4 Can Cotto cope with Pacquiao's speed?

Shane Mosley and Zab Judah are two alert and quick boxers and Cotto has proven beyond reasonable doubt that his defeating them simply means he can handle quick opponents. Roach had said that Cotto is clever and can deal with Pacquiao's speed. But Pacquiao might be quicker than both Mosley and Judah when both hand and foot are considered. Pacquiao's hand speed may be comparable to that of Mayweather. He can move in and out of harm's way before his foe even has a chance to react.

5. Can Cotto's new manager- Joe Santiago- give him all the necessary advice needed in a big fight of this calibre?

Santiago and Roach will clash head-on on matters relevant to tactics. Can a neophyte trainer like Santiago equal the training and coaching ability of a proven and world-class trainer like Freddie Roach. Cotto chose the young Santiago to replace his long-time trainer- his uncle Evangelista. Cotto believes in his ability and they can communicate well. From Cotto's nutritionist to performing the duties and obligations of a trainer-coach, can Santiago give the correct decision and advice that will pave the road to Cotto's winning the match? It's seldom that you'll see a big disparity at the corners.

6. Will Cotto be affected by the 145-pound catch weight?

This weight which was agreed upon by Pacquiao and Cotto doesn't seem to bother the latter. Cotto himself said he weighs 146 pounds. On weigh-in, he should be 145 or less. Will the 1 pound decrease not take a toll on his energy. We can readily tell if Cotto is affected or not until the late rounds- granting the fight reaches this point.

7. What is the resultant effect on Cotto after his defeat in the hands of Antonio Margarito?

Cotto has fully recovered mentally and physically from the beating he received from Margarito. Unlike other boxers, Cotto has remarkably bounced back as evidenced by his recent convincing victories over Michael Jennings and Joshua Clottey. Let's watch Cotto's reaction as Pacquiao pummeled him all over with punches.

8. Are Pacquiao victories over David Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton enough proof that he'll win?

Observers are picking Cotto to win. Indeed Cotto received a beating from Margarito- but it was offsetted when he won a solid victory over a tough opponent in Joshua Clottey. Pacquiao visibly overwhelmed Diaz, De La Hoya and Hatton because of flaws. Diaz was unable to cope with PacMan's speed and power. De La Hoya was on the road to decline and decay. Hatton for his part was poor in his defenses. This fight will give us an added insights about Pacquiao's boxing ability than his previous fights.

9. Can Pacquiao take a punch from a prime 147 welterweight?

Pacquiao fought De La Hoya at welterweight but observers consider De La Hoya as already depleted and in decline. Cotto- 29- is a strong welterweight with a knockout punch of 77%. He can deliver and land hard punches if not checked. Pacquiao fought at 130 last year. Pacquiao's fall is unthinkable in view of his recent successes. (Source:

10. Will the series of distractions: team in-fighting, typhoons, transferring of his camp from Baguio to Manila and from Manila to Los Angeles- affect Pacquiao'

Both Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach answered positively that the distractions didn't have an impact on Pacquiao's overall training preparation. Pacquiao had to ran in the rain or swam in the pool just to be in his top fighting shape. Roach admitted that their 5-day stay in Manila was far from ideal so he ordered the camp back to Los Angeles a day in advance. Is the 3-week boxing training preparation enough time for Pacquiao to face a tough opponent like Cotto? Would the distractions manifest in Pacquiao come November 14?

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