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Usain Bolt in the pool!!!!!!!!!

Updated on February 1, 2015

Alia Atkinson!



It was Saturday that I found myself lost in a vat of bewilderment, encompassed by the extremes of glee. Jamaica finally did it! Yes we are fast and it is with our legs that we hold world records, championships and titles; but forget about those for now. Yes, we are also great singers the aiding cause of a wealth of genres- ska, rock steady, hip hop, pop, Rap and the list tumbles on; but forget all of those for now. Yes, we are homage to beautiful beaches, warm environs, an enthralling culture and an unprecedented race of people all grounds for us being granted the accolade of the third happiest nation in the world in 2009 (by Happy planet index). But please put aside all of that for now because the unparalleled has stormed our shores. ALIA ATKIINSON IS NOW THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER IN THE 100M BREASTSTROKE and the first black woman to ever do so; capping the world title in Doha in a time of 1:2:26. The Darling of the Pool; a nickname given to her.

A champion


I find myself crammed with unrelenting praise and celebrations; thank god my TV set was still left standing after a couple spider man moves in my living room over the sports broadcast. Now I don’t know if it is me who feels this way alone, but I believe that I have to write this hub has a dedication to Alia Atkinson and pray that people will read it fall in deep admiration for her hard work.

First things first let me delve into Alia’s arrival to glory:

  • Alia Atkinson started her unprofessional but wowing career at the age of 9 when she joined and institution in Jamaica called the YMCA. It was here like many other now great swimmers she would have been able to sharpen the fundamental elements that could create a champion later on in life. (Maybe I should have done that?)
  • After this she had a plethora of other moves, from pool to pool. At the age of 10 she joined the fort Lauderdale swimming club after which she chucked into the comets swimming club at Pembroke pines, at the age of 13; all crucial building blocks to her now prolific and milestone career. Big up girl!
  • It was two years after that she was able to qualify for her first Olympic games. And has then qualified for a plethora of swimming championships. The table below will depict some of her milestones. She did her senior year at Flanagan high School Pembroke Pines, where she won swimmer of the year. She then went on to Texas University whereas usually she was stalked by glory and henceforth was showered with an amalgamation of unprecedented accolades. Second black woman to capture the NCAA title; I guess this was training for what was to come?
  • In her professional career she has gone to the Olympics in 2004, 2008, 2012; slowly climbing up the world rankings as an outstanding swimmer. And if you did a search on this remarkable woman you would soon realize that there’s a lot of first ever world renowned achievements that she has stumbled into.

Some of her Accolades

Went to the Olympics
200m breaststroke
2004 (Next: 2008-2012)
Top Athlete at Flanagan High
National record
100 fly
2006-2007 (At the Pan Americans and Commonwealth games)
NCAA Champion
200m Breaststroke
4th place Olympics
100m breaststroke
Silver medals at World FINA Short course swimming Championships
Nine times Jamican Champion
100m Breaststroke

Denying the critics:

Now first of all I’m not really sure if Alia Atkinson as the champions she is realizes what a great an ideal she means to many people. Now the purpose for me using the word milestone to describe her career above, is simple because she competes without any regards for the intellectuals or scientists who incessantly classes people to a confined virtual arena based upon what the numbers tell them. Now I remember when it was said that man can’t run below 9.70s, however Usain bolt brought them back to the charts. But even after this we see Mark Denny of Stanford University claiming that the absolute limit for any sprinter would be 9.48. But enough about all of that. Alia Atkinson can now be classed among ranks of a Science heartbreaker.

I bring you back to an article written by forbs that I made mention of in on of my last hubs, where they made mention of the prolific history of African descendants. But mind you, they also made mention as to why many people of African descendant simple don’t do well in the pool. Even our own Jamaicans I’m sorry to say have written articles about not being able to swim fast. There is also another article that I’d love my viewers to read from live science this article breaks down its comparison to biological simple differences that would prevent a person of African descent from being able to go fast in the pool. HOWEVER, another Usain bolt has risen from the ashes. Thank you Alia Atkinson for your relentless dedication in the pool.



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The diamond of the Pool

Personally I first knew about Alia Atkinson in 2010 where she was again the first of something; the first Jamaican to compete in a final at a FINA World Swimming Championships. I recall her many conquests, rising through Jamaican championships, common wealth games, and regional championships and expanding her wings to other corners of the globe. In the 2012 Olympic she got one of the highest Jamaican victories capping a fourth place position; almost swiping a medal! This was just another unveiling to great things. I recalled the close calls she’s had with the giants in the pool. For example October in japan when she came second behind the Hungarian star Katina Hosszu and Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania in the 100 and 50 meters breast stroke respectively; all building blocks to greater things!

But all of this was not what lured the glare of Atkinson to my eyes. It’s her unmatched personality, her pundit idiosyncrasies and her un-timed burst of sporadic smiles that captures the heart of all who sits enchanted, gaping the star being questioned by the interviewer. Alia Atkinson truly is a diamond of the pool and I hope all my readers would have reaped a sense of perpetual devotion to whatever you yourselves are striving to accomplish in life. Thanks for reading.

Look at her go!!!!!

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    • Dwight Phoenix profile image

      Dwight Phoenix 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Thank you so much for your comment Mr Bill De Giulio.

      It truly is wonderful having Alia doing so well in the pool.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great hub Dwight. We all know about the accomplishments of Jamaicans in track and field but this is amazing. Thank you for I trouncing us to Alia Atkinson.