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Used Fishing Tackle: Why and Where to Buy

Updated on November 28, 2012

Why Buy Used Fishing Tackle?

Used fishing tackle can be a good value. As most fishermen know fishing can be a quite costly sport. Additionally, you tend to use a lot of fishing tackle during fishing trips either while reeling in a big one or if the tackle gets caught on the lake bottom.

Fishing with used fishing tackle, as long as it’s in good working condition, makes a lot of sense. Not only do you save money but you are able to use fishing tackle that is already broken in and hopefully has caught plenty of fish in the past.

When I am out and about at flea markets or garage sales I like to look for gently used fishing items but a really great place to buy fishing gear is on Ebay. Check out some of the deals at the fishing equipment on this site.

Get Great Deals On Ebay

If you take a look at the section on the right you can see some of the used fishing tackle that is for sale right now on Ebay. You can get great deals on items such as rod, reels and lures.

If you have never shopped on Ebay before you can be assured of receiving great customer service. You can always check a sellers feedback before you buy to verify that all transactions have been as stated. Check out the used fishing items on Ebay because you'll find one of a kind fishing items that may be quite a find.

Used Fishing Tackle: Fishing Lures

Fishing on reefs whether it is fresh or salt water makes for great fishing. I love fishing around the coral reefs in the Florida Keys. There are also many artificial reefs in Florida that I fish with and I use used fishing tackle to save money on fishing lures that I may get hung up on a reef.

My other favorite reefs to fish are fresh water walleye fishing in Lake Erie at the Islands. Whenever possible, I fish with used fishing tackle in search of big walleye you can find on the reefs in the late evening or early morning before there is a lot of boat traffic.

Places To Find Used Fishing Tackle

There are many sites online where you can purchase used fishing tackle and sometimes you can find used fishing tackle at tackle shops and bait stores.

I think however the best place to find a large selection of used fishing tackle is on Ebay at a very reasonable cost.

Vintage Used Fishing Tackle

Vintage used fishing tackle is the really old tackle that is very collectible and sometimes is worth a lot of money. My favorite ways of obtaining vintage used fishing tackle is by going to neighborhood garage sales, estates sales and to flea markets. A lot of times some of the used fishing tackle I find on my treasure hunts are vintage fishing lures and vintage fishing reels.

I have found many collectible Heddon rods, reels and lures along with many other quality used tackle including the brand names of Johnson, Garcia, South Bend and Pflueger. Some of the used fishing tackle that is rare and worth a lot of money can be very pricy. A collector who is looking for a specific lure or rod will pay a lot of money for the used fishing tackle that he is looking for.

Shopping on Ebay For Used Fishing Tackle

If you are looking to buy some used fishing tackle, Ebay is the best place for shopping. You can take a look on the right to see some of the used fishing tackle that is for sale on Ebay right now.

The current price is also shown on the items I have listed which is often indicative of the final selling prices. Shopping on Ebay is fun because you will be able to find unique used fishing tackle that is not commonly available and all from the comfort of your living room. Ebay is all about bidding, buying and enjoying.

Used Fishing Tackle
Used Fishing Tackle


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    • geokhris profile image


      6 years ago from Stanislaus County

      Feel free to comment about your hub in the comment section of my hub...

    • profile image

      Rodney Cole 

      7 years ago

      We deal in the used fishing gear trade at Cache River Bait. We buy and sell new and used gear daily. we are in the process of setting up our website and plan to have a "used gear" section for people to purchase from online. We also take request to assist others in finding gear. You can make request at


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