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Using Insulin Pre Workout for Energy

Updated on July 28, 2009

A few of my friends have been talking about using insulin before working out to increase their energy during the workout.

What does carbohydrates do for an individual?

when you eat carbohydrates your body converts it into glucose which is a form of sugar your body uses for energy. Glucose travels around your body through your blood stream until it is needs for energy such as during a work out.

How do insulin fall into this picture?

An organ in your body known as the pancreas produces the insulin. Insulin is what pushes the glucose from your blood stream into your cells such as muscle cells, so that it can be used for energy.

How could this affect your workout?

people with diabetes a disease that affects peoples ability to control blood sugar have been using insulin for years to help get the glucose in to their cells. So if you take insulin before a workout you may have more energy to do your workout.

What are the risks?

By using insulin there is a risk of having low blood glucose levels because the insulin has pushed a large amount of glucose into the cells. some of the risk of low blood glucose levels are: hunger, shakiness, nervousness, sweating, dizziness or light-headedness, sleepiness, confusion, difficulty speaking, anxiety, and weakness.

What I would recommend?

Unless a study was done to test this theory I would have to disagree with it because of the potential harm it could cause to your body. besides my opinion, a blood glucose monitor would be the most important piece of equipment you would need. For anybody who is diabetic and dread getting those daily injections of insulin you should google the (I-port) its a new way to reduce those annoying needle pricks.
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