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Big Pike and a Little Canoe Part 3

Updated on January 24, 2016

 We didn’t make it to our intended destination for our base camp but thought we’d stay at this camp if, after a day of fishing we had good luck. Now time to see how the little canoe worked out for a full day of fishing.


The wind let up a little by morning, but it was cool and still producing some waves. We were up early and I made sweet potato pancakes and SPAM for breakfast along with coffee and hot chocolate of course. Dan and I looked at the map to find a place to fish that might be somewhat sheltered from the wind. We decided the SE shoreline of ScriptureIsland which forms a long channel with the adjacent land. After packing our standard daily ration of trail mix and few granola bars we worked our way towards the channel. We caught a few small northerns, a walleye and a good sized smallmouth bass. Once we got to the channel we found that it was not as sheltered as we thought, as the wind was blowing directly through it. Deciding to troll through the channel until we reached the islands southern tip, we set off paddling into the breeze. Our strategy was to troll until we caught a fish then paddle and drift the same area again to see if there were more. We caught a walleye near the middle of the channel where it was sort of pinched together with larger rocks in the middle. Just south of the pinch, there is a submerged rock pile that can’t be seen too well unless it is calm. We fished the pinch and the rock pile for quite a while and caught some decent northerns and some 18-20 in. walleyes. We went to shore on the southern end of the channel for lunch and to stretch our legs. The wind had calmed and sun started to shine so after nice relief, we hopped back into the canoe and went back to fishing the rock pile. We made drifts past the rock pile on each side and caught fish each time, so we decided to keep doing it until we drifted past once and caught no fish. Soon Dan hooked his 42” Northern and landed it after about a 15 minute fight and after making sure it was tired enough to safely remove the hooks. That was his biggest pike to date, and he was very happy because it was even larger than his twin brother’s 41” record. We fished a while longer to catch some walleyes for dinner. Once we had 3 on the stringer we headed back to camp. It was about 4:00. I crispy fried the fish over the campfire and made some rice on the stove. After dinner I went to our little private beach thinking I’d take a swim. The air was still quite cool and so was the water. After wading in, I decided just to splash around a bit and never dove all in. I dressed and sat relaxed in the sand, back against a big rock and enjoyed a cigar and cocktail, while watching the small waves roll ashore. The little home made canoe worked out just great, and we landed some pretty big fish from her. It was a good day.


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