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Big Pike and a Little Canoe Part 5

Updated on August 30, 2012

 It was now time to start working our way back. We had a great time catching those big pike. Dan had wanted to catch a trophy Northern for years and he just caught two, one day after another. We also caught some other nice pike and plenty of Walleye to eat for dinner. If we didn’t catch another fish the rest of the trip the success on the previous two days had satisfied our needs.

 We woke early to a cool morning and fog drifting across the lake. After packing camp, eating instant oats for breakfast and saving out our regular ration of trail mix and granola bars we were soon paddling on our way to JesseLake. The decision was made a few days ago to go back to Mosquito bay and try again for those giant pike, rather than spend one more day on SturgeonLake. The day turned out to be beautiful, cool, sunny and dead calm. The paddle through LonelyLake was much more enjoyable this time. When we came through on our way in we paddled with a fairly stout wind in our face. Just before the portage to WalterLake, I caught a small northern. WalterLake was beautiful, the calm, flat surface reflected the white fluffy clouds contrasting against the brilliant blue sky and water. We stopped for lunch, trail mix, on the island near the south end of the lake. As we munched our mix, a seagull slowly worked it way closer and closer to the shore line looking for a hand out. After a short nap on the warm rocks, we were paddling and trolling again in the open water of Walter, hoping to catch a Lake Trout. No luck. WalterLake is one that I thought I’d someday like to spend more time on, this day we were just passing through. The portage to ElizabethLake was quick and easy and we fished the same spots as we did on our first trip through. Again, we caught a few more Walleyes and a small Northern or two. Soon we were on the portage to JesseLake, it seemed that they were getting a bit easier. Of course our food pack was somewhat lighter now, but I think we were becoming more efficient, not to mention starting to get in better shape for this kind of work. We set up camp on in an island campsite we had spotted a few days earlier and set out to catch dinner. Within an hour or two we had 3 Walleyes for dinner and plenty on fun catching others. I cleaned the fish on a convenient rock that we stopped at on our way back to camp. I’ve wondered often how to dispose of the remains. Once I was told the best way was to sink the carcass in deep water. Lately I’ve found that the remains will be consumed by seagulls or even the occasional eagle with in minutes, if they are just left on top of a large rock. Once on this trip a very large seagull landed within feet of me while I was cleaning fish. I tossed the filet skins in its direction and it swallowed them in seconds. We had a nice dinner and relaxed in the evening sun. The paddle that day was very enjoyable.


 This is a slide show / video record of day 5:


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