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Using Red Wiggler worms as fishing worms

Updated on May 13, 2017
Attaching Fishing Worms
Attaching Fishing Worms

Fishing with Red Wiggler Worms or Eisenia Foetida

When fishing using Red Wiggler worms or Eisenia Foetida for fishing worms, there are many things to take into consideration in order to have the most efficient and enjoyable fishing experience ever. Commonly, When you are about to fish, you use hooks, get a worm and thread it along. The key strategy here is that you have to use fishing worms which are as long as your hook. This way, your hook won’t have obvious apparent parts when it goes into the water- so that fishes can’t tell that there's something fishy with the fishing worms. Don't use worms that are too long also, so that your worm bait doesn’t appear like it is strangling or part of it is stuck- the bait won't look natural to those fishes.

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Fishing with worms
Fishing with worms

Like considering Red Wigglers for organic fertilizers production, You also have to consider the type and the size of the fish you're trying to catch. If the fish is too big, you have to use relatively big hooks with big fishing worms on it. You can use any kinds of fishing worms with the small ones. The worms you use must look perfectly natural under water, which means that you have to fool the fish into biting the worms on the hook. This can be only done by attaching the fishing worms in a way that neither the hook nor the worm would look suspicious to the fish. For example, don’t put dead fishing worms on your hook; the fish won’t go anywhere near your hook and using weak worms won't attract any fish at all.

Fishing with Red Wiggler Worms
Fishing with Red Wiggler Worms

Why choose Red Wiggler worms as worm bait on fishing?

It is much better fishing with worms like Red Wiggler worms as baits because of their unique traits that are good for fishing, they are very easy to raise and breed as composting worms to supply you for those seasonal fishing trips. Red Wiggler worms are considered to be one of the persevering worms that can live under the water's surface for long hours, which makes it the perfect candidate as a fishing worms under those circumstances. The thing that makes Red Wiggler worms a star in fishing is in its name, it wiggles- thrashing about on hooks- making them irresistible for fishes, giving you a bite in no time.

Highly Effective Fishing Bait

Shapes and Sizes of Fishing Hooks
Shapes and Sizes of Fishing Hooks

Shapes and Sizes of Hooks

The Hook's size and shape can affect the way fishing worms are presented to fishes. For example, gang hooks, which are two hooks tied together, can be the ideal hook to make a few Red Wiggler worms generate an illusion of multiplying their numbers when it's under water. These hooks allow the fishing worms to move in a natural way and hide the metal body of the hook; a way to attract fishes without 'spilling the beans' that it's a fishing worm. The thing that you have to avoid at any cost when you're using fishing worms is making a worm ball. Worm balls are obvious enough, telling fishes that there is a hook and that there's is a man above the water waiting for you to eat from the hook, and everything is a set up. Worm balls happen when you attach Red Wiggler worms in a wrong way that the hook is crowded and that the worms are not in harmony with the hook.

The point is that the more natural your Red Wiggler worms as fishing worms look, the higher your chances will be on catching those prized fishes of large numbers and size. Live bait is the best way to use in fishing as the fish loves it and attracts many fish in large numbers around it. What makes worms like Red Wiggler worms so popular to be fed to fishes is that they are packed with protein- the most essential nutrient that all living beings need to live. These fantastic worms are also a favorite in worm composting and vermicomposting. Red Wiggler worms are amazing!


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    • profile image

      "your" sic 3 years ago

      You're giving fish too much credit, they're not that smart.

    • profile image

      josh 5 years ago

      Your giving fish to much credit their not that smart

    • kxdorey profile image

      kxdorey 6 years ago from Beverly Hills, California, USA

      That's probably just crazy enough to work and give some real fishing results.