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Using the Walther P22 for Pest Control

Updated on November 20, 2012

We keep chickens, a horse and a goat. We also keep grain in plastic barrels and hay in the barn loft. Animals gotta eat, not only the domestic animals we keep as pets and for eggs, but also the wild animals looking for an easy meal. Raccoon and opossums have invaded our barn. Not only do the eat horse and chicken feed and make a huge mess by spreading it all over the barn, but they also defecate indiscriminately on the hay in the worst places possible. If given the opportunity, through a door inadvertently left open, or by chewing holes into the chicken house they also will kill chickens. Sometimes I think they behave like cats and kill just for the sake of killing with no real intention on consumption. We've attempted to keep the varmints away by playing music, keeping grain in metal barrels, using live traps,and re-enforcing the chicken house. But they always find a way to tear apart the barn and kill chickens.

Now comes the time for realistic pest control.A flashlight and a Walther P22 semi-automatic handgun loaded with 22 caliber rim fire Aguila Sniper Sub-Sonic rounds. The cartridges are a 60 grain lead bullet atop a 22 short brass casing making the effective cartridge length the same as a 22 long rifle. The muzzle velocity is 950 fps, so the 60 grain bullet delivers an effective amount of energy at short range when used on small game and varmints. These can be fired inside the barn without great concern for the bullet piercing the sidewalls or ricocheting around inside. Of course to avoid broken windows and wounded farm animals you can’t fire indiscriminately. You need to take careful aim and be assured the area behind your furry little target is clear of anything you don’t want to damage in the unlikely event that you miss.

These cartridges can be purchased online at Cheaper Than Dirt or Cabelas.

The Walther cycles these rounds flawlessly. In fact it really doesn’t care too much what you put through it. I fired a magazine of mixed long rifle sized cartridges. The magazine cleared without failure. The pistol is small enough to carry in your pocket but still easy to control. It is accurate and reliable AND low cost. It is fun to shoot and ammo is inexpensive. I also carry this sometimes while hunting. Once I had 3 coyotes circle me merely 10 yards away, as if I would be their next meal. I popped one with the Walther and they all scattered. I’ll admit I was wishing for a larger caliber at the time but I was grateful it saved my hide that day. I have other handguns but this one gets the most trigger time, perhaps due to the ammo cost. It is a deservedly popular handgun and an effective tool for pest control.


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