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Utah Hiking Trails For Families With Kids: Desolation Trail to the Salt Lake City Overlook

Updated on July 9, 2013

Desolation Trail to the Salt Lake City Overlook

The Desolation Trail is a moderate-level trail up Mill Creek Canyon near Salt Lake City. The trail is fairly well shaded in some areas and very exposed in others; however, there is enough shade, that even summer hiking is popular. Desolation Trail goes over 18 miles to Desolation Lake (many people approach the lake from a much closer starting point), but most people stop at overlook of Salt Lake City. The hike is very popular and you will most likely see other hikers including families with children.

The trail begins at a fairly large parking lot (the parking lot can fill up quickly on weekends and holidays due to the popularity of the area with bicyclists and hikers). As the trail maintains a fairly moderate and consistent, switchbacks compose a large portion of the trail. There are portions of the trail that are just over a foot-wide with steep drop-offs, making families a bit wary when passing other hikers. The trail is well-maintained though.

Approximately 0.8 miles up the trail you will come to a fork in the trail. Either direction will take you to the overlook, but I suggest you take the right fork for a more consistent ascent. As you hike, you will have great mountain views off to the east, but will not be able to view the city until you reach your destination.

There is no sign marking the overlook, but look for a large outcropping of rocks on the right (to the west) and a view of the city. Hikers are sometimes unsure whether they've reached the outlook, but you will know you're in the right place when you have your first chance to see the city. You will need to hike off of the main trail for a few feet to the rocks. Many people will climb up on the rocks for a better view. If you're lucky, you may be able to view golden eagles or other large birds circling the mountains.

Length: 4.68 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 1,286 feet

Ending Elevation: 7,024

Best time to go: The Desolation Trail to the Salt Lake Overlook is done year-round. In the winter, it is a great snowshoe. There may be some mud or lingering snow in the spring, but is a great choice when many of the higher trails are still snowy.

How to get there: From Salt Lake City, take I-215 East. Take exit 4 (3300 South/3900 South). Turn left onto Wasatch Boulevard. Turn right on 3800 South and continue to Mill Creek Canyon. After the toll booth, continue for approximately 2.5 miles. The parking lot will be just after the bed and breakfast on your right.

Fee: Mill Creek Canyon has a $3.00 fee that you pay as you leave.

Other info: There are bathrooms at the trailhead. Maps of Mill Creek Canyon are available at the toll booth. Dogs are allowed at all times in Mill Creek Canyon. They are allowed to be off-leash on odd numbered days.

GPS Track

Below is the GPS track as a JPEG. Click on the MotionX link below to view it on GoogleMaps or to download to your IPhone or IPad.


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    • JenBarn profile image

      JenBarn 4 years ago

      Thank you! You're going to love all the hiking and outdoor opportunities in the area. Utah really has so much to offer!

    • brenda12lynette profile image

      brenda12lynette 4 years ago from Utah

      Great pictures! I just moved to NE Utah so I look forward to reading all your hubs about hiking in the area. Voted up!