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Updated on February 14, 2010


Seven years ago I watched nervously at the TV for the IOC announcement of the winning city to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I dropped everything and stood still for a long two minutes. Then I exploded with joy when our city was selected to be the hosting city. I could hear my neighbors screaming like mad. The entire neighborhood went crazy. And in some streets cars were honking aloud! This was seven years ago! Now my hairs had turned a little gray since that historical day. I can't believe time flew by so quickly. Now in 2 days time, the City of Vancouver will supernova into a brilliant city of pride and glory for gold, silver, and bronze metal heroes!

If you haven't been to Vancouver, you must come for this once in a life time event. It's worth it! It's priceless! The experience and memory you'll gain visiting our City and enjoying the Olympic Games will be treasured by you for the rest of your life. Our province, British Columbia, is a land of beauty and cultural diversity. It is the best place to live in Canada. Don't take my word for it, click and take a look at the following video:


After you've seen the video, what do you think? Want to come here? I say you got to come here! There're so many things for you to do here. Your time here will worth every penny! It's worth it! See the following free events awaiting for you:



Also celerbrating and coincides with the Olympic Games is the Chinese Lunar New Year-Year Of The Tiger-which begins on February 14 and lasting for 2 weeks too! This means you'll enjoy double celebrations for the price of one in Vancouver!

Talking about Chinese lunar new year, China's women ice-hockey team to the Olympic Games has high expectation. Chinese wives are sometime call" Mrs.Tigeress". And this is the Year of the Tiger. So this may be the year they'll make some noises in the hockey tournament (2/14/10 update: unfortunately, this wasn't the case after the US women ice-hockey embarrassed the Chinese women team 12-1 in China first game in the hockey tournament). For the Chinese men ice-hockey team, I don't understand why they're not showing up and still so far backward in hockey. May be they're not tough as the Chinese Tigeress.

If you're American, the ice hockey gold medal game will be the battle between you and us (Canada v.s. US) although I've to say Russia has a strong team.

Back to Vancouver. Believe me, there're so many exciting events in Vancouver that no one wants to go to work including me. Why not! This is once in a life time event. In the past 34 years. Only two Canadian cities had the opportunity to host the Olympic games: 1976 Summer Olympic in Montreal and 1988 Winter Olympic in Calgary. Vancouver is the third city in Canada to host the Olympic. We're very fortunate indeed!

I invite you all to watch the games in the next two weeks. Even better is to travel here to enjoy and celebrate with us. You'll love our city and people!

The City of Vancouver welcomes you all!


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