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Vandal resistant | Signs | Benches | For | Parks | Municipalities | Golf Courses | HOAs

Updated on July 28, 2012

A cost effective solution to vandal resistant commercial park benches and signs

If you’re in charge of selecting or maintaining outdoor signs and benches used in public places you probably are struggling with keeping the graffiti cleaned off or constantly repairing vandal damage.

And if the vandals don’t destroy it just the harsh seasons and UV rays dry rot create costly replacement on already dwindling budgets.

The answer may actual be good for the earth by recycling plastic milk jugs into UV and vandal resistant lumber.

Just two poly park benches can save over a thousand milk jugs from ending up in the garbage.

The resins used during the manufacturing process of poly lumber creates a surface that resist paint adhesion, making it very easy to clean up after a graffiti artist tries to leave their mark.

Combine this lumber with a heavy duty welded frame and you end up with the perfect park bench that withstands the elements and the vandals.

Poly Park benches are also very “budget friendly” compared to other more costly commercial grade benches, these benches run under $400.

Park benches can be engraved with a park or golf course logo, or as a memorial gift to a park or community.

Park benches can be purchased in a post mount to mount into concrete or a bolt down version that can be bolted down to a concrete slab.

The park benches were designed by a pro golf course manager who couldn’t find a cost effective long term bench for golf courses.

Forever signs also use a poly product that laminates colors in between outer layers. Using a CNC router lettering and logos are cut exposing the inner laminate, thus creating a vandal and UV resistant sign designed to last forever.

You can purchase these poly park benches and forever signs online at Cottage Craft Works .com

Signs are are made by the Amish for organic farm signs, but custom signs can also be purchased.


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