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Vango Sherpa 70+10 Rucksack Review

Updated on September 6, 2015

The Sherpa 70+10


I am heading off to a festival known as Metaldays this year in the beautiful country of Slovenia, so i wanted to grab my self a brand new rucksack for my journey there and back. After searching high and low i came across the Vango Sherpa 70+10! An adjustable 70 litre rucksack suitable for different builds, i thought this would be perfect for my journey. In is this article i am going to give you an overview of the rucksack, point out the pros and cons and hopefully help you decide if its the right choice for you!

Look and Feel of the Sherpa 70+10

After trying it on and having a play around with all it's features, i must say i am really pleased with this purchase. To me it looks and feels great! The version i bought which come In a sleek black colour combined with contrasting grey colours throughout, feels masculine and brilliant for its purpose.

It gives you lots of flexibility when you want to maximise its use both in size,and attaching stuff to it. It has straps either side giving you the capability of attaching things like a camping matt or other gear you might not be able to store inside. These are all adjustable too, which guarantees your gear is attached safe and securely.

At the bottom is further straps and loops for adding even more gear externally. Discretely there is a zip there too which opens up giving you access to a high visibility rain cover. This is great for keeping you and your gear dry and visible is all testing weathers.

On the strap and harness side, you will discover it has built in metal components. These will provide you with a sturdy and solid frame adding support when placed on your back. Furthermore both the shoulder straps and the waist area of the Sherpa have been made to have extra comfort with a breathable mesh padding. This is ideal if your carrying a lot of weight and travelling a long distance.You can also find this style of padding on inner side of the straps giving great comfort to your back.

The harness is supported with staps attached to the hood of the rucksack for support and stability.It is also fully adjustable to match your height and frame for added comfort and fit. Numbering is also printed on the inner side to help you get the right measurement.

On the front of the Sherpa is a front pocket for quick access to important items, along with elasticated strings for attaching further gear.At the bottom you also have a large zip which gives you quick access into the bottom of your rucksack, which is ideal for getting to your sleeping bag with ease.

Sherpa 70+10

To The Test

So as i packed my Sherpa Rucksack ready for my holiday to Slovenia, i could already see it was strong and durable. I managed to get a number of pairs of shorts, t-shirts and other items of clothing in easily still with plenty of space to spare. These were even packed within a dry sack and again still left space. Attaching a tent and sleeping matt to the sides and bottom was easy enough with some bungees and material loops to attach it too. Not to mention straps on both sides. With a rucksack pretty much full of clothes and a tent and gear attached to the side , i was just hitting around 15-20 KG which did not feel to bad in terms of weight, especially because i have a tall frame. The rucksack with all this weight sat nicely on my shoulders and was comfortable and supportive enough.There was again still plenty of space available in the spare pockets it had spread all over , so overall all i am pleased with the result.


The Sherpa 70 + 10 has some really great pros which give it great performance when your our and about! Below are some of the key pro features of this excellent rucksack.

  • Adjustable Harness which is great for people of any stature, giving you maximum comfort and fit.
  • High-Visibility cover to protect against your rucksack getting wet and keeping you visible when you need to be.
  • Great built in pockets on the harness and other areas of the rucksack to keep your valuables close at all times.
  • Up to 80 litres of storage! Plenty of space for all your gear and clothing!
  • Top and side handles for easy transportation
  • Added emergency whistle on the front strap when you need it most!


The Sherpa 70+10 is pretty awesome and i found it hard to fault. As much of a great backpack as it is there were only a few downsides in my opinion.

  • High visibility cover is bright orange
  • A lot of the straps are quite thin , so over time these may be tested.


The Sherpa 70 is a fantastic rucksack , with great comfort, flexibility in matching your frame and of course how much it can hold. I discovered the pros by far out weigh the cons so i had nothing to complain about other than the bright orange high vis cover! This would definitely earn a 4 out of 5 rating!

I do not own this image. All rights go to the respectful owner.
I do not own this image. All rights go to the respectful owner. | Source


4 stars for Vango Sherpa 70+ 10


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