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Disc golf review Vibram putters to help lower your scores

Updated on May 8, 2015

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Vibram disc golf putter

The Vibram company has been making rubber soles for boots with the yellow octagon for 72 years. The Vibram soles have been to the top of Everest and K2, and to the top of most of the rest of the highest mountains in the world. They are also the soles of most all the top work boots sold. Vibram decided to get into the disc golf business, with the putter being their first entry into the tough market.

Vibram, located in North Brookfield Mass. They decided it was time to get into the disc golf business with a new putter. Unlike most disc golf discs, the Vibram disc main ingredient is rubber instead of the traditional plastic. The putter consists of a new material called X link rubber. The rubber will last longer, be more consistent and has been better gripping in all weather conditions. The launch for the new putter was came through the Vibram open on Aug 14-16 at Maple Hill in Leicester, Mass.

vibram logo
vibram logo

The price for the X link rubber putter is a bit more than standard plastic discs because the manufacturing costs are higher. The Vibram putters, built to resist scuffing, denting and warping, resulting in what one field tester said, "is the best driving putter ever."

I have talked to several players who have used the disc. The players I have talked to say the disc feels good and flies great. It is a little bouncy when it hits the basket and has a hard time staying in on some shots.

The Vibram VP X link putter is a flat top putter. It has a tall profile and a beaded bottom. It comes with the yellow Vibram logo set into the top of the disc. The VP is an overstable disc that works best for experienced players. It is a good disc in the wind and has a consistent fade at the end. You can get it at Gotta go Gotta gotta throw for $15.95.

The Ridge is the next step down; it is less over stable, will handle a stiff wind, and will finish with a slight fade. It flies true and has a good grip. I have one of these myself, that I use when there is wind, and I go for the pin.

The Sole is a consistent flying traditional-style putter that is stable and has a nice grip.

The Summit is an under stable strait line putter that can work for any level of a player.

Vibram currently offers five putter and approach discs, and two drivers. I have one of the Trax drivers that I like; it's a good stable disc that is a medium long range driver.

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Review on the disc so far

I have read a few reviews from players who have tried it. They say it is pretty over stable. Not floppy at all. Has a good grip. Is the most over stable putter on the market. The glide is similar to the K.C Aviar. Very good in the wind.  I hear that it putts great, but is bouncy,and comes out of the basket easily.

Word is Vibram has an under stable putter in testing.

Preview of the Vibram open disc golf tourney

Other discs

Vibram has come out with a couple of mid-range discs and a driver. I have a Trax and a Lace. The trax is really nice, almost as good as my favorite mid-range disc, Discraft Buzzz. The Lace may just be the best driver I have ever use. Check out my reviews on these discs, and give them a try.


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