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Vibram Five Fingers Boots Released

Updated on September 20, 2011
Vibram Men's Bormio Boots Released in the US
Vibram Men's Bormio Boots Released in the US

If you are in the camp that thinks that Vibram Five Fingers are just plain weird, prepare to be shocked. The Italian rubber manufacturer has just got a whole lot weirder with the release of the latest Vibram Five Fingers Bormio range. Vibram Five Fingers boots are here at last, and for the barefoot enthusiast who likes a little more class in colder weather, these will certainly be a major attraction.

When the cold of the autumn and winter starts to set in and it gets a little bit too chilly for a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, no longer will a choice be have to make between cold feet or standard footwear. Vibram Five Finger boots offer the best of both worlds. Vibram Five Fingers boots give that healthy barefoot experience, but with a bit more protection for colder weather.

Trekking & Travelling in Style

The Vibram Bormio is an attractive boot it has to be said. Thanks to the cool Kangaroo leather uppers and attractive side zipper, and are something altogether different from previous offerings. It took me a few minutes to decide whether I actually liked them, as whilst the uppers are undeniably attractive, the toes are a little challenging to the eye. I couldn’t decide whether these Vibram boots are inspired or ugly, but after I got over the initial shock I must say that these boots are rapidly growing on me.

Vibram have long been a leading name in barefoot shoes; however the brand has previously concentrated on the active off-road footwear market. From off-road adventuring Vibram moved to barefoot running shoes, tailored to the needs of track runners who were looking for that barefoot running experience with a little extra grip and protection for the feet.

The range has since expanded considerably in response to demand, and now with these Vibram boots it looks like Vibram is making a move to bring its 5-toed shoes to the casual footwear market. According to Vibram these boots are designed for trekking and traveling, but they will look perfect with a pair of blue jeans for casual wear, if you are feeling a little less adventurous.

Slightly cleated TC1+ Rubber Soles for Excellent Traction wherever you care to tread
Slightly cleated TC1+ Rubber Soles for Excellent Traction wherever you care to tread

Casual Style with Off-Road Performance

They may have casual style, but there is nothing casual about these Vibram boots when it comes to pure barefoot performance. Rather than break the mold and develop a brand new design, the Italian performance footwear giants appear to have taken the view that if it ain’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. The Vibram Five Fingers Bormio takes the winning design of the Five Fingers Trek platform and adds some extra bounce with stylish Kangaroo leather. You get the performance for which the brand is world renowned, with a style to freak out your friends on a night on the town.

Fortunately, thanks to the Vibram 4mm EVA Midsole you get a little extra protection from cold ground, and the TC1 sticky rubber outsole gives superb grip on autumn leaves, and will stand you in good stead if you want to venture off road. The Men’s Bormio features a lightly cleated outsole, to make sure that no matter how slippery it gets, you should be able to stay on your feet.

Easy Cleaning

Whilst no one in their right mind would even dream of putting their leather shoes though the washing machine, according to Vibram these leather Vibram Five Finger boots can be machine washed, as long as they are air dried afterwards. If your autumn adventures get you a little dirty with all that the mud and rain to deal with, forget about scrubbing these boots clean after a long trek and just chuck them in the machine. Cleaning boots doesn’t get easier than that.

The uppers are fully lined for comfort, the leather is soft and fits snugly on the feet. You will never find a boot that gives you such a glove-like close fit, I am 100% sure of that!

The Kangaroo leather has all the natural marks that you would come to expect from an animal that bounces through the scrub of the Aussie outback, with markings from healed scars and the odd wrinkle here and there making these Vibram boots look as authentically Australian as a didgeridoo, although they actually come from Italy – the boots that is, not the Kangaroos. The cool natural flaws in the leather do not affect the robustness, yet they do make sure that every pair of Vibram Bormio boots are 100% unique as the Kangaroos from which they came.

Best Place to Buy Vibram Boots?

They are a loathe them or love them affair, and if Vibram boots are your thing you can pick up a cool pair of these babies from Footwear etc. for $160 a pop, with free US delivery and no tax on purchase. Buying on Amazon will save you $4 on the black model, with 5 cents difference on the tan model, but with limited stock at present (see below).

UK five-fingers fanatics however will have to wait, with these Vibram boots only currently available in the good old US of A

Vibram put a zip in it!
Vibram put a zip in it!


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      pooilum 5 years ago from Malaysia

      These boots are awesome!!!