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Victorinox Super Tinker - The Best Swiss Army Pocket Multi-Tool

Updated on May 12, 2010

Victorinox is famous for making the classic swiss army knife. They are well respected for making high quality multi tools for different users. They are only rivaled by Leatherman in terms of quality.

As a user, I was in the market for a perfect pocket sized multi tool and I was looking at the Leatherman S2 Juice and the Victorinox Super Tinker. As you might have guessed, I went with the Super Tinker. Ultimately, I chose the Super Tinker over the S2 Juice because I felt the design of the Victorinox's scissor was superior. I will get to that in a minute.

If you are in the market for a small pocket multi tool, I believe the Super Tinker is the best swiss army knife out on the market today.

I purchased the multi tool for $30 which was about $10 cheaper than the S2 Juice. The Super Tinker has 2 leaf-style plain edge blades. One small and one larger. A standard Phillips screwdriver, parcel hook, and reamer all occupy the back spine.

It's large flat head screwdriver triples as a bottle opener and there is a notch at the bottom that acts as a wire stripper. On the other end is a can opener which doubles as a small flat head screwdriver.

In the middle of all these tools is a very nice pair of scissors. I love the Victorinox style scissors. With the Victorinox scissors, I can hold the the whole bulk of the tool with my fingers and actuate the scissors with my thumb. Complete control.

Awesome scissors!
Awesome scissors!

Okay, so I like scissors. What's the big deal? Having used multi tools for a long time now, a good pair of scissors gets used more often than you think. Another 2 tools on this Victorinox that I missed are the toothpick and the tweezers. The tweezers are so useful. I've used it many times and they work very well.

Why do I say this is the best swiss army knife? Well, unlike most Victorinox mult tools, the Super Tinker does not have a corkscrew! I hate those things. I think I speak for most people when I say we don't need one. I mean, how often do you get caught up and need a corkscrew? I can picture it now. Walking down the street and someone is in need of a corkscrew to open their wine bottle. Right... Those things don't get enough use to justify all the space it takes.

Out of all the tools, I the least used tool will be the parcel carrier but even still, I believe it will be more valuable than the corkscrew.

The Victorinox Super Tinker is surprisingly compact for all the tools you get. One tool that you don't get that some might complain about is a pair of pliers. I think a Leatherman would be a better choice of you really need one but for a tool of this size, I wouldn't want to put it through the stress. A Leatherman Blast would be the smallest plier-type multi tool I would want. Actually I take that back. My Leatherman Crunch is smaller and it's locking pliers is far superior than the Blast's and I have more leverage for hard wire cutting.

Final Thought


  1. Lots of useful tools.
  2. Great pair of scissors.
  3. Excellent build quality.
  4. Compact.


  1. No pliers.
  2. Little use for parcel hook.
  3. No file.

Overall, I think the Super Tinker is an excellent pocket multi tool. For it's size, you get so much use out of it. The most useful tools are definitely the scissors and the tweezers. The reamer has a hole which you can thread a string into it which may be useful for stitching clothing. The layout of the tools is efficient. There is very little wasted space.

I would definitely recommend the Victorinox Super Tinker as a pocket multi tool.


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    • profile image

      Josh 2 years ago

      Nice review, I also recommend the super tinker for edc. I'll be carrying the evolution s16 myself. From experience, pliers are nice to have but I don't use them often. It's not worth the weight for 10% of my task. So I keep a leatherman in a bag and one in tool box. The super tinker and evolution s16 or 16 is more practical for edc.

    • profile image

      Josh 2 years ago

      I currently edc a victorinox evolution S16. I love it. I enjoy it more than my leatherman!

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