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Viewing Congress as a Football Team

Updated on August 30, 2011

The Game

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

The Team of Congress

If we were to visualize our congress as a football team and how it can best function in order to carry on the business of making laws, policies, and making the executive decisions needed in order to win, we might have a better grasp on what it takes to have a successful and winning team made up of team players .It takes every man on a football squad in doing his part in a game, to make it possible for that team to defeat its opponents. It is the same in our congress, in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. Each senator must do his best in representing the people who help elect him in doing his job and in fulfilling his role in voting, making nominations, and in drawing up policies, and helping make better laws and this is done as a team player and with the consent and assistance of the others players in the senate of the congress. The Representatives in the House, are charged in much of the same tasks and also represent people in their districts and states and have the job duties of voting on critical issues, bringing up topics that need to be addressed and making decisions that will have an effect on their being acted upon and presented, and passed on for further voting necessary in order for a majority to pass legislation, in this vital decision making role. The president, or quarterback, of the congress, makes vital decisions and stands guard on issues and topics under consideration for passing or final enactment into law. He may, of course, be over-ruled by voting in both houses of congress and his final decisions stand subject to being overturned.On the football field, the quarterback is in total control and his decisions are made binding. The only exception in making the final calls is the man out there on that field, on the sidelines, in the form of the coach... kind of like congress and the people that they represent, and the quarterback or president, is actually strongly influenced in making his decisions, one way or the other. When the quarterback makes the best calls, the team is successful and may make a first down or pick up a lot of yardage moving the ball(or rulings), on down toward the goal line, or passing into law and also meeting with the approval of the constituents, as well.(fans).

To become popular as a quarterback, the player must be consistent in making the right calls and helping his team win games. The president has to make the right calls also, and if he makes just the right ones, (most times) and all his fans and teammates in congress find favor, this leader is a success. If the individual players on the congressional ball team do their part and vote , using compromise at times, and standing strong on some issues as they should, then the whole football team of congress has a wining season and all the fans and voters out in the stands are well pleased and will most assuredly come back to view another game and cheer their team onward and upward. The quartercack keeps his position as leader of the team, and as long as he makes the good calls expected of a quarterback(president) then he may be selected for another season(Term) to best represent his team(country) in making the right decisions so that the team will have many winning seasons to come(Years). Yes, all of the men on the squad have to do their parts and pull their weight in order for the team(country) to move forward and make progress in the future of world affairs and those required by the needs of the nation. in order to prosper.

Our congress has to take the example of other "teams" that are successful and learn to pull together in concert so that all of the appropriate needs of our people are adequately addressed. They are elected officials that represent us as individuals and not big business, that may be able to sway voting and unfairly use tactics, that allow their affairs to be profited. We must act as one and not separate in our decision making in our congress, in order for progress to be made that is of the quality the American people deserve. Private interests of football team players may have, in maybe missing a block on occasion, or dropping the ball, is something that should not be tolerated on that team by the coach and it should not be acceptable to us as voters and a people whose lives are at stake every day! We are American People and each of us is a team player, and all have the responsibility to vote and make use of our role, as helping to shape the country in which we all live. GO TEAM!!!


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