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Vitali 'Doctor Iron Fist' Klitschko

Updated on December 1, 2010

Vitali 'Doctor Iron Fist' Klitschko

Ive been a big fan of the Klitschko brothers for years. Both standing over six and a half foot and weighing over 17stone, these two Eastern European giants were straight out of a Rocky Movie. Wladimir the youngest of the two, was 1996 Super Heavyweight Olympic Gold Medalist and considered the better of the two. I myself was one of the many who was itching to see Wlad vs Lennox (the closest we got to that was a scene in Oceans 11) and was kinda gutted when all the talk was of that Lennox was going to be fighting Vitali. This was made even worse when Wlad got destroyed by Corrie Sanders in two rounds! I was thinking If Wlad was the better of the two, Its not looking good for Vital.

Fast forward three months to June 2003 and Vitali showed how Underrated he was. I don't think there was a boxing fan In the world who wasn't a fan or at the least respected 'Doctor Iron Fist's' fighting ability. Me especially as I rate Lennox Lewis as one of the best Heavyweight Boxers of the modern era (Blog coming soon). Don't get me wrong, I liked him before, I knew he was strong, and whatever he hit usually went down. (31ko's-32wins - 21 in first two rds, at the time) But to give Lennox such a good fight made me an instant fan. When Lennox Retired I knew Vitali would dominate the heavyweight division. And Ive not bet against him since. (Although you will never get a good price, a Vitali KO Is the closest you get to a betting cert.)

Since that night in Summer 2003 Vitali has racked up six more wins from six fights, stopping them all. Coming back from a four year hiatus/Injury to batter a fat and slow Samuel Peter. The longer the opponents stay in the ring with him, the more they get battered. He has a ram rod of a jab that pummels, and puts most of his opponents off balance, and make some quit! Although Ive never took a 'dough boy' off the big man, you can tell by watching that his punches are deceptively hard. He's not a fighter who looks like he's putting everything into his punches. He's not a Mike Tyson, who who look to decapitate his opponents. Because he stands upright, he throws mostly arm punches. But these arm punches do a lot of damage! Some people call him robotic, maybe that's just down to his European style of fighting. But for a big robotic fighter he's quick, and his defence is good; better than most gave him credit for.

Vitali is In my opinion the best heavyweight by far at the moment. Since Lennox Lewis has retired there's has been no one in the division who can touch him. (Wladimir included) And bar any more Injurys, can rule the roost at heavyweight until he chooses to lay up the gloves for good.

Can anyone give Vitali a competitive fight at the moment? I don't know, I cant see It. The heavyweight division at the moment is not strong. Every time they build up an opponent for Vitali, He just exposes them. Of the one to consider are, Denis Boytsov (too small) David Haye (too chinny) Nikolay Valuev (too slow) Alexander Povetkin (Just not good enough) Odlanier Solis, (Nahhh)

Leave your comments at the bottom.. Whats your thoughts?


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