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Volleyball Agility Drills

Updated on February 20, 2013

Volleyball Agility Drills


Volleyball Agility Drills

What are Volleyball Agility Drills?

Volleyball agility drills are held for the purpose of holding lessons on certain levels of agility. Everyone has some ability in being agile, but this is a definite course to gather teams together and practice within your own team, or with a co-team.

Practice Makes your Team more Agile

There are certain things that teach a person to become more agile, such as balance, coordination, quick concentration with eye or hands, body balance, and strength. The players must become strong enough and agile enough to stop and run forward without falling. That might sound very easy, but remember while doing this the focus is on the ball.

How to Practice in an Agility Drill

The coach will give out practice agility instances for the team to practice agility. One instance he will put round large dots on the floor in a one yard square and has the player begin from one side to the next, and then sidestep to another dot only to return to the middle. These are called Dot Drills.

Another drill is called Thunder feet, and this drill can be done with two peopleā€¦ one player needs to stand at the net and the other on the baseline. The player by the net points to a direction and the player on the line run, shuffle without falling, and move forward and back to each call.

If you have seen cones on the court, you would realize they are used for what is called the Fan Drill. The players are asked to use three cones and they are spread out on both the defensive and offensive sides of the court. When the coach or a team player calls out the desired cone, the player has to dash forward to touch the cone on the side he calls.

Practice to Communicate on Court

Good practices in a volleyball agility drill is to have the players split up one team, and make three groups. One person lies down on the court and stretch their arms and legs out. When they hear the ball being served they jump to their feet. A good thing to do to keep other players interested during this practice is call out each move as they do it. If successful they revolve to a volley, and the players rotate to try the same thing that player did

Adding an Agility Ladder for Practice

Picture an agility ladder made of rope and wood placed down on a field and the players have to place one foot in each area where the rung is, without standing on the ladder and use arm coordination at the same time. An example would be placing their feet in each area and going onto the next. Some of these moves are like hopscotch, squats, and shuffle. When done correctly the player would either miss a rung as required or place certain feet in each rung. This adds to the coordination of the team building their agility.

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