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Volleyball Scrimmage Games

Updated on February 20, 2013

Volleyball Scrimmage Games


Volleyball Scrimmage

Volleyball Scrimmage Drills

What is Volleyball Scrimmage?

It takes a good coach to realize teams need practice in between games. Scrimmage drills are just that, and provide good sportsmanship and camaraderiebetween team players. The possibility to stop mid-game gives the players the advantage to discuss errors. The score isn’t the focus in a scrimmage game, but exchanging ideas of strategy and practice is the goal.

Practice is the Goal

Remember the focus of any scrimmage game is to enhance the team’s skills, and your score isn’t as important as honing your skills. Your coach can take the imitative to stop the game and point out the weak points of play to focus on. Repetition in what is practiced makes the team stronger. If volleyball serving are the low points of the team it should be practiced until both the team and coach are satisfied. Volleyball scrimmage doesn’t always have to be a full team… you may divide your own team to play against each other.

What to do before the Scrimmage Game

Since a scrimmage game is to enhance a player skills in practice this should be considered before the scrimmage game begins. Players need to warm up and practice before the game by limbering up and doing warm up exercises. Divide the players by their weaker skills and mix them with players with higher skills, and if this is done on both sides, each side will have the help of a teammate with a particular skill and become more balanced.

Lessons for a Scrimmage Game

In any game there is always a focus or strategy. Some things in particular to put on your list of things to do lessons are, spiking the ball over the net, hand position when serving and passing back the ball and how to hold your hands when doing each thing. Remember to use your shoulders to bump the ball back over the net and how to use your fingers. Make a triangle to pass the ball to one of your team mates. It is critical to learn the proper way of spiking a ball over the net with the heel of your hand.

Keep Scrimmage Games Exciting

The coach and players on the team can agree on stimulating ideas such as rewards for winners, which doesn’t have to be monetary or something out of the norm, but an enticement to keep the players in practice. This makes play time more pleasant for the whole team and the coach can set a goal, and if it’s met they can agree on a place to go for a small gift bonus. The coach and the team can decide to meet after the game for dinner or at a health spa for drinks. Make sure to mix teams to keep both the players and team mates on their toes. A good volleyball scrimmage game is the ultimate goal of the coach and the entire team… and that is to win their next official game.

(c) Written by B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved


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