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Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)

Updated on May 9, 2017

TNA's Tara or WWE's Victoria - Lisa Marie Varon

I'll admit it, I've liked Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) since the first time I saw her.
I loved her psycho character.
I remember her turning on Trish Stratus, stalking and scaring Stacy Keibler, the first ever Women's Hardcore Match with Trish and Victoria.....the list goes on.
Victoria was on February 10th, 1971, in San Bernardino, California.
She started out as a cheerleader in High School(something that would show up a few times in her WWE Diva career in photo shoots), and she was a really good one.
Lisa was so good that she was recognized by the National Cheerleading Association.
She earned an All-American award for cheer leading and was chosen to cheer at half-time at the NFL Pro Bowl.

Lisa Marie back in her fitness days
Lisa Marie back in her fitness days

After graduating, she started into medicine, studying biology at the University of California, Los Angeles and medicine at Loma Linda University.
But while she was working as a Human Tissue Coordinator at the Inland Eye and Tissue Bank in Redlands, California, Lisa began something that would open a whole new path in her life.
She started working as a personal trainer and started teaching aerobics at a gym. From there she decided to enter a bodybuilding competition and in her first attempt, she won the middleweight division.
Moving from Bodybuilding, she started entering Fitness Competitions like the 1997 and 1998 ESPN2's Fitness America Series. She won in 1997 and entered the Miss Galaxy Competition in 1998.
From there, another event happened that would change her life.
She met Torrie Wilson (who had actually been down a similar path). Torrie actually won the 1998 Miss Galaxy Competition and she and Lisa became friends.
Torrie moved to Los Angeles and got a job with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and she invited Varon to one of the shows. Lisa tried but failed to also get a contract with the WCW. That lead her back into Fitness Competitions where eventually, at the National Physique Committee Team Universe show in New York, she placed second and got her IFBB Pro Card. During this time fate was still guiding her path as she met Trish Stratus.

An old WWF photoshoot
An old WWF photoshoot

Victoria moved to LA in 2000 and started working at a gym there where she ran into (you guessed it) ANOTHER wrestler, the WWF's Chyna. Chyna encouraged Lisa to become a wrestler, so Lisa put together a resume and sent it to the WWF. Only two days later, the WWF contacted her setting up an interview for one month later.
Despite having an athletic background in cheer leading, track and field and bodybuilding, Lisa didn't know how to wrestle!
She immediately hopped on the internet and found a wrestling school, Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Southern California, and began. She did so well there (with the cheer leading gimmick) that when the WWE talent scout saw her, they signed her.
This lead to a brief stint in a storyline with the Godfather after which she was re-named Victoria and sent to Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW) for training. When MCW closed, she moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and started using the name Queen Victoria.
On July 7, 2002 Victoria returned to the WWE as the demented, sadistic heel we all know and love.
And the rest is HERstory.

Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)

On the January 16th, 2009 edition of WWE SmackDown!, Victoria announced her retirement from wrestling.
Victoria is now looking at a possible MMA career.
And NOW Victoria is a TNA Knockout called "Tara".
Tara is short for "Tarantula" and she carries one to the ring with her. Kinda like Jake the Snake and Damian.
And now (as of May 17th), Lisa Marie is no longer in TNA.
So will she go back to the WWE, or go into mixed martial arts?
Now Tara is back in TNA.
I really wish she'd make up her mind!

Tara over Gail Kim in TNA
Tara over Gail Kim in TNA

Tara Update

On October 14th, 2012 at TNA's Bound for Glory, Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher, winning the TNA Women's Knockout Championship for a record-tying fifth time.

Tara with a headscissors on Mickie James
Tara with a headscissors on Mickie James

Another Tara Update: 7-18-2013

Well TNA has released Tara in a "cost cutting measure".
That's also a measure that gets the TNA Knockout roster down to about five wrestlers.
They said on their Twitter account...
"Impact Wrestling has released Tara. We thank Tara for all her contributions and wish her the best of success in the future."
In the past month, Madison Rayne, Christian York, Joey Ryan, Taeler Hendrix, Saw Shaw and Matt Morgan have all parted ways with the company.
There were rumors that Tara was thinking about retiring soon (she is 42 after all) but I guess this kinda cements it.

Tara about to belt Brooke
Tara about to belt Brooke

Professional Wrestling Championships Held

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)
TNA Women's Knockout Championship (Five times)
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (Once with Brooke Tessmacher)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
WWE Women's Championship (twice)

Victoria Debuts in TNA

The Beautiful People almost get their revenge on Tara. Almost.

Lisa Marie Update: June, 2015

Lisa Marie returned to wrestling (kind of) on June 19th, 2015 when she was a guest referee for the Maryland Championship Wrestling event Ladies Night.
She was the ref for the MCW Women's Championship match between Mickie James and Amber Rodriguez.
She even got into the action a bit when she had to take another former WWE Diva Melina out with a Widow's Peak.

More Lisa Marie Pics

Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
Lisa Marie Varon - (Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout)
It looks like Lisa Marie has another project up her sleeve....
It looks like Lisa Marie has another project up her sleeve....

Lisa Marie Returning To The WWE?

Lisa Marie has been teasing a possible return to WWE.
What's really wild is the theory that it may not be as Victoria, but as Bray Wyatt's "Sister Abigail".
We all know how well Lisa does psycho....

Will we get to see this again soon?
Will we get to see this again soon?

Lisa Marie Varon Comments

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  • sabrebIade profile image

    sabrebIade 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Mike you might do better contacting Tara through her Facebook account or maybe Twitter.

    She is a REALLY nice person and if she gets the message I think she will respond.

  • profile image

    mike schuelke 5 years ago

    hi tara this is of syracuse ny help us in syracuse ny from maddog and dara we are handicapped; e-mail us today help us find jimmy snuka--marc mero-- atti; tara of tna wrestling help

  • profile image

    ibrahim  8 years ago

    You're hot baby cute sexy body I wish I was your husband you're my number female wrestler I miss Victoria teach me how to wrestle Tara.

  • sabrebIade profile image

    sabrebIade 9 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Well I checked and I found this....

    As a fitness competitor, Wilson won the Miss Galaxy competition in 1998.

    In 1998, she finally won the Ms. Galaxy competition in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    But it seems pretty hard to track down a list of Miss Galaxy winners. I found one that lists Torrie as the winner of the 1998 Galaxy Florida Competition and winner of the swimsuit division at the 1998 Galaxy International. And that list doesn't even have Lisa Marie listed at all.

    If you have any links I could check that would be great.

  • profile image

    Jim 9 years ago

    Actually your facts are wrong. She won the Miss Galaxy Contest in 1998-not Torrie Wilson. Torrie Wilson finished first in the swimsuit competition, but Lisa Varon (Victoria), won the overall title.

  • profile image

    dipen pun nepali 9 years ago

    i am unable to recognize she/he