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WWE Extreme Rules Recap

Updated on May 20, 2013


3 stars for Extreme Rules 2013
Extreme Rules 2013 Poster
Extreme Rules 2013 Poster | Source


WWE follows up WrestleMania with Extreme Rules. This is the Pay-Per-View that is supposed to throw caution to the wind and be the one night where anything can happen. Rules will be broken, actually, rules won't even exist for most matches.

Well, the show kicked up with the usual Pre-Show featuring a showdown of The Miz vs Cody Rhodes. This was an entertaining enough match. I found these two have decent chemistry and can deliver a solid match to get the crowd hyped up. This marks two PPV's in a row for The Miz being on the Pre-Show

The Miz picked up the win with the Figure Four. It's nice that he actually does get wins with the move because no one else ever did. Even Ric Flair more often than not didn't get a win from the submission hold. I'm not sure where they are going with The Miz. Him winning is nice for the fans because he is getting over. But Cody deserves better than this.

Fandango & Summer Rae Make an Entrance
Fandango & Summer Rae Make an Entrance | Source

Opening and a Title Change

The PPV officially opened with Chris Jericho vs Fandango. This was a rematch from WrestleMania and after a lengthy build up featuring a DANCE OFF!! Yes, this feud has been lackluster at best. Jericho doesn't need to ever win to remain over as a Superstar. The man behind the Fandango gimmick can work, but this gimmick is terrible. He isn't able to give off any charisma with it. The match was back and forth, but it left nothing memorable. I highly doubt Fandango continues using the top rope leg drop as a finisher after seeing him miss it. That move will take years off of his career. Ask Hulk Hogan and he just did a normal leg drop.

Jericho picked up the win after a great Codebreaker spot. So, hopefully this feud ends, but each man has a win. Sadly, this means it may continue. But hey, at least Summer Rae looked smoking hot. So there is that.

Following this, we got our first title match of the night. United States Champion Kofi Kingston defended against Dean Ambrose. The Shield member came to the ring alone to face off with Kofi. These guys really brought it for this one. Back and forth action from both men and kept the tempo up. Ambrose has a great in-ring presence and is able to make anything look good. Kofi's fast paced style complimented Ambrose very well and allowed Dean to really make Kofi look better than he has in a long time. Ambrose got the win after his, rather lackluster, finisher connected. Afterwards, Ambrose celebrated with the US Title alongside the rest of the Shield. Hopefully this means the US Title will finally gain some respect and honor again.

The Shield Holds All the Gold
The Shield Holds All the Gold | Source

Straps, Quitters, and More Titles

We transitioned to the power match of the evening. Sheamus vs Mark Henry in a Strap Match. These two are not going to put on a technical classic. I hate it when WWE uses those green and red lights for touching the corners, but I guess it makes things easier for fans to follow. Lots of high impact from both men. Sheamus has several good spots where he had Henry wrapped around the ring post. They battled to a decent finish with Sheamus connecting the Brogue Kick before touching the final corner. I could have swore his progress was halted, but who cares, I was glad it was over.

We had a brief backstage segment between AJ and Kaitlyn. They talked about Kaitlyn's admirer and AJ being crazy, so the usual. Then they brawled while other divas just watched. By this point I was really wishing Dolph Ziggler was live-tweeting the PPV like he did the previous RAW.

Anyway, back in the ring, it was time for the I Quit Match for the #1 Contender shot for the World Heavyweight Title featuring Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio. This match a little of everything. Both guys are good workers in the ring and both guys feature great managers. Honestly, their managers may be more over than they are. Zeb cut a great promo to draw amazing heat towards Swagger. I wish they would just stop when Zeb is done; Swagger speaking kills everything.

The match itself was intense. Both men were very physical with several weapons being brought into play. The kendo Stick was a favorite during this match. Swagger did have a moment where he endlessly beat Del Rio with the kendo stick in the chest. It was incredibly annoying that the referee asked after every single move if they wanted to quit. I wanted to quit watching...

A wacky finish led WWE to actually use video replay to resolve a bad decision which gave Swagger the win. The match was restarted and Del Rio got the win with the arm bar. No surprise as they need faces to challenge Ziggler whenever he is cleared to compete.

The match I was most excited for was up next. WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No defended against The Shield in a Tornado Tag Match. The Shield was represented by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Great choices as they match up to Kane and Daniel Bryan perfectly. The match was shorter than I had hoped but they had great spots. Reigns' spear is the best in the business. Ryback should take notice. Bryan and Rollins both had their spots, as did Kane getting in his usual move-set. Reign got the win for the Shield with a flying knee to Daniel Bryan and the Shield claimed even more gold.

The Shield is the hottest thing the WWE currently. Now they hold two titles. Team Hell No held the Tag Titles for a long time. Longer than many realize. It added credibility to them once again. Now the Shield carries them. I imagine Team Hell No stays in they feud until a new team comes forward to challenge the Shield. However, I suspect Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins will hold their gold for a very long time.

Swagger Lays Into Del Rio
Swagger Lays Into Del Rio | Source
Brock Lesnar Punishes Triple H
Brock Lesnar Punishes Triple H | Source

Filler and Two Main Events

Yes, this match was filler because no one outside of St. Louis possibly could have cared who won. Randy Orton vs the Big Show in an Extreme Rules Match. These guys are established stars. They have multiple World Title reigns between them, yet this match and feud means nothing. No one cares and these guys don't even seem invested. A few decent spots involving the ringside area were had, but nothing notable. The biggest spot of the match came when Orton used the Punt once again to defeat the Big Show. The move had long been banned, but I guess it was an Extreme rules match. The crowd liked that, but then, it was Orton's hometown. With no divas match, this was the bathroom break match.

Time for the two attractions. Next was the WWE Title Last Man Standing Match featuring Champion John Cena vs challenger Ryback. I thought we were back in the Summer of Punk with the WWE title not in the main event, but I digress. Cena has been in this matches before including a great showdown with Batista. Both men are high impact and work a Superman style power match. It had to be a brawl for these guys to not look slow and boring. Ryback is all but finished as a major threat. The man still has not won a major PPV match. I not even sure he has ever won on PPV. The finish came with both men crashing through the entrance and sparks flying. Neither man was able to answer the 10-count.

A draw. It's the only finish they could have. This feud will go on to yet another PPV likely. Ryback doesn't win, but he doesn't exactly lose either. And Cena won't drop the gold right after beating The Rock at Mania.

Now, we get the main event. Two part-timers. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in a Steel Cage. These guys work limited dates. Exactly, since August, they've only work with each other. The rubber match between these two was a fun fight. Nothing here was special. Triple H used some classic submissions after Brock injured his knee. Brock has to be hurt in his matches because we've seen him actually beat up people in the UFC. I was happy to see Brock get the victory after knocking out Triple H and a huge F-5. Brock NEEDED to win. He is a cash cow for WWE and him winning means when he loses next, it'll have more impact. He shouldn't lose again until WrestleMania 30. Maybe not even then his he's signed until past then.

Cena thought he had Ryback Finished
Cena thought he had Ryback Finished | Source

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Extreme Rules was a rather lackluster PPV. It was decent for what it was. It pushed forward a few story-lines, but the main events didn't steal the show. This night belonged to the Shield. Seeing them control the mid-card now is great. These guy are headlining talent ruling the WWE right now.

Brock Lesnar is made to be the beast he should be. Hopefully this is the end of Triple H for a while. But with Punk still out, he may stick around. Cena and Ryback likely with continue, but with Team Hell No losing, it's time for them to split. Ryback and Kane could be a decent feud as Kane can really get Ryback over again. Bryan can go after Cena if they turn Bryan heel. Maybe even throw the Bellas in the middle if you know what I mean. Since they're dating each real life...ah, forget it.

Until next PPV....


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