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WWE Monday Night Raw Review 11/30/2015

Updated on December 12, 2015

The New Day open the show celebration for the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

The show starts as there's confetti falling all over inside the arena and the ring is carpeted with a nice looking red carpet. The New Day's music hits and they dance their way to the ring and twerk in the ring with microphones in hand. They start their promo by bashing Pittsburgh, the city they're in tonight, a couple times and they also had a great introduction for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Sheamus' music hits and he makes his way to the ring dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a red tie that matches the carpet in the ring; looking pretty corporate. Sheamus cuts a promo on how Reigns could be holding WWE championship right now if he just shook Triple H's hand at Survivor Series and continued to acknowledge the fact that his first title reign was only 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Sheamus ends the promo in a good attempt to gain even more heat from the crowd saying that they can forget about Austin 3:16 because Sheamus 5:15 just kicked your arse. The music hits, the fireworks go off, the confetti is pouring and Sheamus continues to celebrate. When Sheamus turns around, Roman Reigns crashes the celebration and nails the champ with the Superman Punch out of nowhere. He knocks Sheamus out and even leaves with the belt.

  • Sheamus pretty much said the same thing he said Thursday on Smackdown. He continued to mock Roman's first title reign because obviously this feud isn't over, he embraced the celebration and held his championship up high until he got knocked out. Honestly, The New Day truly saved the opening segment, they were probably the most entertaining part of the first 15 minutes of the show. The New Day continues to dance, crack fresh jokes, and bash every single crowd, and since they all have natural chemistry together they compliment each other it turns out to be gold. That is why they have held the championships for this long and why even The Dudley Boyz couldn't take it from them. Sheamus and Roman Reigns are both good, but not great just yet however they can get there over time. That being said, there may be better things WWE could be doing with the strap but they are investing in Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for TLC. I think the roster should catch on to this and realize that there is so much depth on the injury list and part-time list right now that this is everyone's time to step up and shine because now there is some time for stars to be born next year. If everyone steps their game up right now, I can see a Bray Wyatt or Kevin Owens winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship within a year.

Backstage Segment: Reigns is chilling with his boys Dean, Jimmy and Jey while Triple H and Stephanie crash their chill session and take back the championship belt. They give Reigns a title match with Sheamus tonight but for Roman to actually win the belt he must defeat Sheamus within 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Roman is screwed.

  • I guess it wasn't a bad way to continue the Roman Reigns/Sheamus feud just to add this stipulation for one night. I think WWE realizes the Roman Reigns and Sheamus feud may not be their strongest feud so why not add a little extra drama tonight and only give Reigns 5:15 to win the match? If I were WWE I would give Reigns matches with some top heels week after week and have Sheamus' wrestling time on TV limited. I would have Sheamus screw Reigns over week after week and literally have Reigns lose dirty to put over Kevin Owens, Rusev, Del Rio and maybe even Bray again. This way Roman can work with a lot of the top roster for the next month, get even better, and even get more sympathy from the WWE universe because even though he's losing every week he's not losing clean because he keeps getting screwed. Also, I think this would be a better way to heat up the Roman/Sheamus feud because Sheamus would literally be making Roman's life a living hell by screwing him over every week and it would be a great way to build up more anger between them and continue the storyline while continuing to get Roman more over with the crowd. I think if WWE booked him this way a lot more people may want to see him win the belt.

Match #1: Dolph Ziggler defeats Tyler Breeze by pinfall

Dolph Ziggler is scheduled to start the action tonight as he has a rematch with his Survivor Series opponent Tyler Breeze. After a series of a few great roll ups, Breeze gets some offense with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick. In just about a minute into the match Breeze seems to have a minor cut above his right eye (superolateral to his right eye). Breeze sets the pace of the match and continues to control Ziggler. Ziggler starts to gain some momentum as he runs at Breeze in the corner , but he misses Breeze and goes shoulder first into to the steel post, this was a great spot it looked real stiff. Dolph gets some offense of his own with a swinging neckbreaker followed by an elbow. Dolph Ziggler goes to the corner and starts stomping his boot to the ring when Breeze is down, which identically resembles shades of Shawn Michaels. He doesnt hit the superkick, but it leads to a good sequence of counters and Breeze catches Dolph with a nice enziguri. Breeze gets a roll up and uses the ropes for leverage with great ring awareness, a perfect heel move but Dolph kicks out. The end of the match is climactic with a series of roll ups by both men which leads to Dolph connecting with the superkick and getting the 3 count that truly resembles a Shawn Michaels-like finish.

  • This match was close to 7 minutes in length, both Ziggler and Breeze wrestled a great match considering their time. I agree with the call for Ziggler to get the win to continue their feud because now both Ziggler and Breeze have one clean pinfall over each other and I would love to see Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze in a ladder match at TLC to break their tie. Breeze has been booked strong since his main roster debut with a clean win over Dolph, a former 2 time World Champ, at Survivor Series. I've followed Tyler's career down in NXT and I was happy for him to get such a strong debut but he needs to stay relevant after his feud with Dolph in order to not get lost in the shuffle, and I think a ladder match between these two at TLC would be the perfect way to end this feud. Tyler and Dolph were actually both trained by Lance Storm so that's why their wrestling styles may be somewhat similar. I know that both of these men know how to steal the show with a good wrestling match, the question is will they get the right time and place to perform it? I honestly think this feud is much hotter than the US title feud and I think WWE should just give Ziggler the US title and have him defend it against Breeze, that would keep the US title a lot more relevant during John Cena's absence than having Del Rio defend it against Swagger because no one actually believes that Jack Swagger is going to win the belt again. There would be so much potential in the rubber match with Breeze and Ziggler at TLC in a ladder match, especially for a title, if they were given the time to perform. This feud doesn't look like its over and I am expecting a rematch to break the tie at TLC, it will be interesting to see what stipulation they go with.

Match #2: Ryback defeats Rusev by countout

Rusev is in action next after Ryback interrupts him and Lana on an episode of MizTV. Ryback gets some offense early with a Lou Thesz Press and even connects with an impressive missile dropkick. The crowd is hot for Ryback and they start a strong "feed me more" chant. The fight gets taken outside the ring where Ryback spears Rusev into the steel steps which drives into Lana's thigh and knocks her over as she was standing on t he other side of the steps. Ryback makes his way into the ring, Rusev makes it to his feet at the count of 7 and he contemplates entering the ring, he definitely could have made it but he chose not to because he saw Lana was hurt so he chose to aid his wife instead of continuing the match. Rusev is furious and it looks like he blames Ryback for hurting Lana as they walk to the back.

  • This match was only about 2 minutes in length and it did not have a definite finish so it looks like this feud may continue. I don't like the way Rusev is being booked right now because based off the way WWE built him last year with his undefeated streak, he could have been a very legit threat to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship right now. They are booking Rusev to consciously forfeit his match to check on Lana, when I think they should be booking Rusev to be very dominant as one of the top heels on the roster. Rusev should be booked like he was last year, as a legit athlete who could realistically go toe to toe with Brock Lesnar. Rusev is great in staying in character, he truly knows his role and he plays is great. I enjoy Ryback's work as well, the crowd is always red hot for him with all the "feed me more" chants. Ryback gets the majority of the crowd on his side, the older males are sold on him because he looks like a badass powerhouse and the kids/women love him too. I know Ryback doesn't like to limit himself, he showed something new tonight with that missile dropkick and I even heard him talking on Stone Cold's Podcast about learning how to backflip and possibly adding a Moonsault to his arsenal which would be very interesting. I just hope he doesn't do it all the time, because something like that should be done on special occasion and its not required for a 285 year old man to be taking that kind of bump with respect to the longevity of his career. Although I like both these wrestlers, I did not like the ending of this match and the action was limited, but it was a successful way to start up a feud with Rusev and Ryback. I could see these two getting the Chairs Match at the TLC PPV.

Backstage Segment: Triple H congratulates Dean Ambrose on winning the triple threat match with Ziggler and Breeze on Smackdown to become the number one contender for Kevin Owens' Intercontinental Championship. HHH also lets Dean know that if Roman is unable to defeat Sheamus in less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds, then Dean loses his title match as well.

Dudley Boyz Promo

Dudley Boyz music hits, Bubba and D-Von make their way to the ring and each of them are carrying a table. They start their promo with 4 tables standing up in the ring which are all covered, as well as tables outside the ring. They actually cut a promo on how last week was a pretty bad week for them. The Wyatt Family beat them up on both Raw and Smackdown, and even double chokeslammed Bubba on Smackdown through a table. The Dudleyz say that the Wyatt's actions last week have labeled their own names on the tables in the ring. They uncover the tables and they are labelled Wyatt, Roman, Harper and Stroman, Braun's table is significantly larger than the other three. The Dudleyz call out Bray and his family and The Wyatt's music hits, they come out and start making their way to the ring. The Dudley Boyz all of a sudden tell the Wyatt's that they brought some family with them too and next thing you know Tommy Dreamer makes his return! The music hits and Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring through the crowd carrying a kendo stick one hand and a garbage can which contains a baseball bat and a crutch in his other hand. Tommy enters the ring and defends the ring with The Dudleyz, using kendo sticks on The Wyatt's as the crowd chants "This is Awesome".

Match #3: The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer vs. Wyatts ends in a no contest

A 6-man tag match is made during commercial and The Wyatts are set to battle The Dudley's and Dreamer. Dudley's hit a solid double flapjack on Harper. Tommy gets the tag and hits a running neckbreaker followed by an elbow drop. Harper gets some offense with a nice spinning side slam, formerly known as Truck Stop earlier in his career. Bubba ultimately gets a hot tag, controls Harper with some clotheslines and then hits Harper with The Rock Bottom. After The Rock Bottom from Bubba, all six members of the match enter the ring and start to brawl and the referee rings the bell and calls a no contest because he's lost control of the match

After the match, The Wyatts beat down Bubba, D-Von and Dreamer with Bray watching by the apron yelling at Tommy and welcoming him back the Wyatt way. Bray calls for the tables and the family sets up a table in the ring. Before The Wyatt's were able to pick their prey, Bubba got to his feet, took a leap of faith and ran at Bray, attacking him and pushing him off the apron through a table. This buys enough time for the Dudley's and Dreamer to escape the beat down for tonight as The Wyatt's leave the ring to check on Bray.

  • When The Dudley's said they brought some family with them I was honestly expecting Spike Dudley, also known as Brother Runt. Bubba recently said that Tommy Dreamer was simply a phone call away, I actually recall Bubba saying the exact same words about Spike Dudley in a recent interview so I wouldn't be surprised if Spike returns as well possibly for a short run. It was nice to see the return of Tommy Dreamer, it was nice to see them get that respect and for everyone to show that they still remember him. Tommy Dreamer runs his House of Hardcore wrestling event every year or so and it always has some great wrestling on the card which include The Hardyz, The Dudleyz, Rhyno, The Young Bucks, Carlito and many others so it was great to see him make his return to WWE. I would like to see more of these two teams in a longer match, maybe even The Dudleyz vs. The Wyatts in a tables match at a ppv. Tonight's match was less than 4 minutes, last week Bray and Harper defeat The Dudleyz in close to 5 minutes where Harper picked up the pin with a discus clothesline. I generally don't like the discus clothesline as a finishing move, but Harper can execute it perfectly making it look good and stiff. I think Harper should use it as a signature move rather than a finisher. Luke Harper actually has a great sit out powerbomb in his arsenal, which I think would be a lot more believable as a finisher for the former IC champ. Especially, if he wants to be higher on the card soon. Strowman did dominate Dreamer a bit in this match with very limited physical in ring work, he is being protected for now which works because his physique makes him perfect for his role in the Wyatt Family. Although, I would like to see more in ring time for Braun as this feud progresses.
  • I would like to see this feud develop, since neither team is going for the tag titles at the moment. They can even finish with a 4 on 4 with all members if The Dudleyz wind up returning another familiar face from the past like possibly Spike. The tag team division is pretty stacked right now and it may actually be smart to have Dudleys work with the Wyatts, this way they can give us some fresh new matches and perhaps a table match to end the feud while the Wyatt Family builds on their knowledge and foundation by working with legends of the tag division

Match 4: Alberto Del Rio defeats Goldust by pinfall

Goldust is in action next as he takes on the US Champ Alberto Del Rio. Before the match, Zeb cuts a heel promo calling the crowd haters and saying that all of them have hate in their hearts. Alberto hits a good DDT early in the match. Goldust gets some offense with a well timed snap scoop powerslam and a spinebuster. The match ends in two minutes when Del Rio hits his finisher and picks up the win

After the match, Del Rio applies his armbar on Goldust and Swagger's music hits and he runs to the ring to make the save. Del Rio is quick to leave the ring.

  • So this was pretty much just a 2 minute squash match. Goldust literally just made his return to the ring last week so why would you book him for a 2 minute squash match? I think there are much better ways to use the veteran wrestler. I would want to see Goldust in the tag team division rather than being used as a jobber at this point, I wouldn't even mind Goldust and Stardust reuniting to be a legitimate threat in the tag division. Ever since John Cena left and dropped the US title its been getting more and more irrelevant, Jack Swagger is a great athlete but there's no way he is taking the US title from Del Rio. Swagger is just number one contender simply because they don't know what to do with the belt for now, possibly until Cena returns. So this Jack Swagger feud is literally just going to be a placeholder in time to put Alberto over as he awaits John Cena's return. The US Title should never be booked with a placeholder match, and that goes for every title because there are hotter feuds at the moment that could further benefit the US title division rather than Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger. One of my three examples of how WWE should be booking the US title is what I wrote earlier about giving it to Dolph and have him feud Breeze with it. This way it is a lot more unpredictable and climactic, rather than knowing Swagger has no chance. I also wouldn't mind Ryback taking the US belt and feuding Rusev for it, both men would make a legit US champ and the storyline itself would be a lot more easier to invest in than the current feud for the title. My last example of how the US title could be used better would be giving it to Neville and letting him carry it through a few PPV defenses against opponents like Rusev, Breeze, Bray, Ziggler, Ryback, ect. This would give the whole roster a reason to step up and force some serious competition. I have seen Neville compete in some really long main event matches on the NXT Takeovers with great talents like Sami Zayn and Fin Balor, I know that Neville can perform at the highest level and he knows how to have amazing matches. I feel like he hasn't gotten the chance to shine on the big stage yet but he will get his time. If you put Neville in a 30 minute PPV singles match he will shine. I feel like Neville is one of the stars who can step up for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when the roster is a little weak and he can also make a great IC title competitor at any given time as well, kind of like a Chris Jericho.

Backstage Segment: Becky Lynch and Charlotte meet up backstage and Becky thinks its a good idea to ask The Authority if the two of them could have a match tonight. Charlotte is reluctant to accept but Becky thinks it would be amazing to do what they came here to do, show the WWE Universe what they are capable of, have fun out there and just wrestle the match of their lives. Charlotte is convinced and it seems like her father 16 Time World Champ Ric Flair is here tonight and he will accompany his daughter to the ring during the match.

Match #5: Lucha Dragons vs. Usos end in a double disqualification

The Usos and Lucha Dragons are in battle to determine the #1 Contenders for the New Days tag team titles, all 3 members of New Day are out on commentary which makes this segment hilarious. I think New Day should replace Michael Cole and always be on commentary. Jey and Kalisto start the match and New Day even calls out Michael Cole for not calling the action and doing his job. There is some good tag team wrestling on display by both teams as the Usos hit a double back elbow followed by a double elbow drop. Lucha Dragons do answer back with an assisted slingshot 450. There is also some great high-flying action on display with a series of great dives out of the ring from both teams. Kofi and Big E interfere and attack Jimmy and Sin Cara in the ring when both teams are weak with the intentions of a double disqualification leading to no number one contender for the tag titles. The match ends in a double disqualification but it looks like they are building towards a triple threat match at TLC.

Backstage Segment: Stephanie is backstage with the Usos and Lucha Dragons, she considers a triple threat match for the tag titles and says Lucha Dragons are in, she said Usos are also in as long as Roman Reigns can defeat Sheamus in less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds tonight.

  • I really think WWE needs to pull the trigger on a triple threat ladder match or triple threat TLC match at the TLC PPV. The New Day are the hottest act on television right now, but to really spice up the tag division WWE needs to book the tag titles carefully. If I were WWE, I would put the tag titles on the line in either a triple threat TLC match or a triple threat ladder match every year at the TLC PPV because that is how the TLC match itself was originated in the first place. I feel like the TLC concept fits the tag team division better anyway rather than the singles division because in a tag team TLC match its easier to evenly split up the bumps throughout the match. Personally, I would rather see the Dudleyz in this feud rather than the Lucha Dragons because of their history with TLC, but I understand the creative decision because the Lucha Dragons are a younger team that needs to get over and with their high-flying style they may be a better fit in this match anyways. I don't see Lucha Dragon's winning the tag titles just yet, I see New Day retaining the titles at TLC and The Usos continuing to chase the title afterwards. New Day and Usos are both hot as fire right now and this could actually be great for the tag division, both teams can also carry themselves naturally with ease on the mic. I would keep New Day, The Usos, The Dudleyz and The Wyatts (Harper and Rowan) all at the top of the tag division going into Wrestlemania season, possibly building up to a 4 way elimination tag team match for the titles at Wrestlemania.

Match #5: Sasha Banks defeats Brie Bella by pinfall

Divas action is up next with Sasha Banks and Brie Bella. Team BAD takes out Alicia Fox in about one minute into the match when Naomi pushes her into a superkick by Tamina. Sasha Banks gets some offense with a nice looking running knees into Brie's face and shoulders. Brie gets some offense with a missile dropkick followed by the Daniel Bryan Yes kicks which Sasha sells like a boss. The numbers game catches up to Brie when Team BAD causes a distraction on the apron allowing Sasha to hit the Banks Statement, leaving Brie no choice but to tap.

  • This match was about 4 minutes and it was a decent match considering the time they got. I'm huge on Sasha Banks and I have been following her career throughout her NXT days. I honestly think the Divas division has ever been as good as it is today because the Divas are killing it right now and even though Sasha isn't in the title division at the moment, shes still at the forefront of the movement. When AJ Lee won her slammy for Diva of the Year last year, she said in her speech that this year she would like to see someone like Baylay, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky or Paige to win. There has been a huge paradigm shift in the Divas division this year and it calls for greater competition. With Charlotte, Becky, Paige and Sasha in the forefront of the Divas division it is definitely in good hands. All 4 of these divas deserve their time with the belt and I would be building towards a 4-way battle royale for the title with these 4 divas sometime down the road.

Match #6: Roman Reigns defeats WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus by disqualification

Roman Reigns has his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Sheamus up next and he must win the match within 5:15 to win the championship and for Dean and Usos to keep their respective title matches. Reigns starts off the matchup quick with a sense of urgency but his momentum is killed when Sheamus sweeps his legs from the apron and throws Reigns into the barricade outside the ring. Roman's offense in this match mainly consisted of a clotheslines, a big boot, and a samoan drop. Roman gets Sheamus into the ring and looks like he's trying to set up the Superman Punch but Rusev comes in and grabs Roman from one side of the ring while King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio come get Sheamus out of the other side of the ring. Roman wins by disqualification with 37 seconds left on the clock, therefore Ambrose and The Usos both get their title matches, although Reigns obviously did not win the title tonight. After the match, Sheamus introduces is to The League of Nations which is in fact his new faction that consists of himself, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio and King Barrett. Put your hands together for The League of Nations. Ambrose and The Usos run down to the ring and stand alongside Roman but Reigns wants Sheamus one on one. Sheamus steps up on the apron and gets his lights punched out by Reigns.

  • I like the idea of this new heel faction, League of Nations. Sheamus has already been teaming with Barrett and Rusev in recent weeks and Alberto Del Rio complement them well so I have a feeling this team can work out really good. Sheamus and Barrett have natural chemistry because their history goes way back to their developmental days, and this can keep Barrett relevant because it feels like he has been lost in the shuffle for a while. This also keeps Del Rio and Rusev near the top of the card which is good because both men have great instincts in the ring as well as great ring awareness. The fact that no members of this faction are from America just makes it even better for this heel team, I could also see Kevin Owens joining this team as the Canadian member of the League of Nations. Although I enjoyed to see the formation of League of Nations, I don't like how this match was booked, they are booking Sheamus way too weak to be our WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Also, they are booking Roman Reigns way too strong for him to get over with the fans naturally.

Match #7: Charlotte defeats Becky Lynch by pinfall

Charlotte goes one on one with Becky Lynch in a friendly, non-title match while Paige is out on commentary. Becky locks in a nice bridge submission that works on Charlottes arm while Team BAD watches the match from backstage. Becky gets a takedown but Charlotte rolls through it and tries to lock in the Figure Four which Becky reversed, this lead to a good standoff between the two. Charlotte cartwheels and Becky Lynch nips up to a great applause from the crowd and strut that resembles her father. Charlotte scores some offense with her push up headscissors slam and her kneeling neckbreaker. Both women got a good amount of offense. Charlotte landed on her feet and looked like she sprained her ankle, the ref pushes Becky away from Charlotte and Ric Flair steps up onto the apron. When Becky turns her back on Charlotte she nips up and steals the win with a roll up finish in just under 5 minutes. Ric Flair and Charlotte celebrate and Becky Lynch looks pissed, it looks like it was a family set up by Ric and Charlotte Flair.

Backstage Segment: Becky confronts Charlotte and Charlotte says shes just looking out for Becky because everyone needs to step up, Charlotte claims that it was tough love. Becky looks upset but they are cool, Paige walks in with a huge smile and tells Becky that at least her friendship with Charlotte didn't get affected.

  • I didn't expect Charlotte to play possum and play sort of the heel role the way she did and I think she caught everyone off guard with that move. It was done well and it was fitting for the dirtiest player in the game Ric Flair to be there at ringside. Although Becky took the loss tonight, it was the right creative decision for her career in the long run. This is because now Becky and Charlotte have some minor issues between them and now it looks like Becky can step up and also go for the title at any given time rather than waiting on the sidelines. Becky is arguably the best straight up technical wrestler in the division and I think she could use more wins, although at least her losses are not clean. Going forward, I think Becky should distance herself from Charlotte but they should just stay cool with each other. This is competition and they need the "every woman on her own" mindset in order for Becky to step up as an individual and be closer to the championship. I would book Becky to get a significant win sometime soon., perhaps against the Divas Champion Charlotte, or former champ Nikki Bella after she makes her return to the ring.

Match #8: (Main Event): The League of Nations and New Day / Reigns, Ambrose and The Usos

The main event was scheduled to be League of Nations vs. The Usos, Ambrose and Reigns but before the match started New Day came out and announced that they were going to fight in this match alongside League of Nations making this 7 on 4. Reigns and his boys controlled the beginning of this match with some frequent, short tags and even dominated Xavier in the corner stomping the hell out of him which closely resembled New Day's corner stomps. Jimmy Uso gets into the match and it looks like he tweaks his knee, which Xavier takes full advantage over and hits Jimmy with a hard superkick to his knee. The League of Nations and New Day take control of the match targeting Jimmy's knee. Jimmy Uso took a beat down for a while but he was able to connect with a right hand to Kofi's face, and Michael Cole wrongfully announced that it was Jey, this opened time for Jimmy to get in a hot tag to Jey. League of Nations and New Day eventually take control over Jey while Jimmy is out on the floor outside the ring in pain selling his hurt knee, Jimmy Uso has injured his knee and he gets taken to the back by two officials. This match now looks like its a 7 on 3. When Roman gets into the match he cleans house with a tilt-a-whirl slam followed by 10 clotheslines in the corner to Xavier. Reigns connect with a double running apron kick taking out Kofi and Xavier but Del Rio throws Reigns into the barricade to kill his momentum. The League of Nations and New Day now bring the beatdown to Roman Reigns and continue to control the pace of this match again. Ambrose finally gets into the match and takes the fight to Sheamus, taking him down a couple times before connecting with his signature clothesline. Ambrose dives from the top rope to the outside to take out New Day and also gets Sheamus to the outside so he can dive outside the ring again and attack Sheamus this time, this was a great spot. There was some great action in this match and eventually Sheamus connected with a Brogue Kick to Ambrose and took the pinfall victory for his team.

After the match, Rusev continued to beat down Ambrose and Reigns tries to come in for the save but the numbers game is just not in his favor so New Day gets Reigns down and attacks them like a pack of wolves that actually resembled shades of The Shield. Sheamus hits Reigns with a Brogue Kick and League of Nations stand tall with New Day to end the show.

  • Raw ended with a great visual of New Day and League of Nations standing alongside one another. I like the way they ended Raw in pure dominance, you have all the champions in WWE together standing tall except for the IC Champ Kevin Owens who missed this weeks tapings as he went down with illness while travelling. Owens is expected back next week and I want to wish him a speedy recovery and a healthy return. New Day is really saving WWE TV at the moment; they literally started the show, ended the show and played commentary better than the announce team. The roster needs to get noticed now as we get closer to the Royale Rumble because WWE does not want to make the same mistake they did last year with Roman Reigns, they want to book him really strong but that will only make fans turn their backs on him. Roman Reigns needs to be able to lose matches for him to get naturally over, that's just the way it is and I hope WWE picks up on that sooner than later and books him accordingly. The end of the show was done great, but I think they should've pinned Reigns instead of Ambrose, Ambrose is already naturally over with the majority of fans and if Reigns took the pinfall tonight it would help him get more sympathy from the fans on a global scale.


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