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WWE Monday Night Raw Review - 12/28/2015

Updated on December 31, 2015

Match #1: Neville defeats Kevin Owens by pinfall

  • In the first match of the night, Neville beat Kevin Owens in 21 seconds via roll-up. After the match, Kevin Owens completely snaps and delivers a vicious beatdown on Neville. Continuing to assault Neville, Owens threatens to break Neville's back and teases a powerbomb on the apron, but Dean Ambrose's music hits and the Intercontinental Champ runs in for the save. Owens and Ambrose battle back and forth until Owens retreats through the crowd.
  • This is the first time Neville has picked up a pinfall victory against Owens on the main roster. Because of that fact, I wasn't fully against the creative decision to put Neville over on this one. Although, I don't know why they made the decision to end this match in under one minute because this match would have so much potential for the Brooklyn crowd and the crowd really wanted to see these two go at it. Neville probably needs this win more than Owens because it seems like Owens still has his eyes glued to the IC title. Ziggler also seems like a threat to Ambrose's championship at the moment. I think it would be great to turn Neville heel and join The Miz, and a heel Neville can also target the IC Championship with The Miz in his corner. This way, we have a great 4 way feud for the IC title, which has the potential to be the best feud on the roster at the moment. Each of these 4 men (Ambrose, Owens, Ziggler, Neville) can believably be a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion within the next few years.
  • Match Rating - n/a if under 5 minutes

Match #2: Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch by pinfall

  • In a great match which was close to 13 minutes in length, Sasha Banks beat Becky Lynch with a roll-up. The Divas division may be stronger today than it has ever been in the past, and that is saying a lot. With talents like Paige, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky on the main roster as well as talents like Baylay, Asuka, Nia Jax, Emma down in NXT, the future of the Divas division seems more secure than it ever has been. I feel like this was one of the best diva matches that I have seen on Raw in a really long time, Sasha Banks goes over but Becky Lynch was protected because there was outside interference from both Naomi and Tamina. Sasha Banks remains undefeated on the main roster, I think she should probably start bragging about that fact in some of her promos and that makes me think her title shot, as well as her Divas title reign should be coming really soon.
  • Match Rating - 7.5/10

Match 4: Big E defeats Sin Cara by pinfall

  • Big E pins Sin Cara with the Big Ending in close to 7 minutes to pick up the win. This was another good match that was fun to watch because a lot was going on outside the ring. Sin Cara took a pretty bad bump when he fell to the outside off the apron and landed on his left shoulder. He sold the shoulder injury for the whole match and he did a great job because that did look like a pretty stiff bump. I liked the ring chemistry these two had in the squared circle, with Sin Cara playing the classic underdog babyface. Big E also took a pretty big bump that most guys his size don't really take, getting hit with the Flipping Fireman's Carry Slam off the second rope from Sin Cara. Big E is used to taking bumps he doesnt have to take, with his diving spear through the ropes outside the ring, and he picked up a good win tonight. Both Lucha Dragons and New day go 1-1 in singles matches tonight
  • Match Rating - 6/10

Match 3: Kalisto defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall

  • Kalisto beats Kofi Kingston and picks up the win with a Hurricanrana into a roll-up pin in close to 3 minutes. This was a good match with a lot of action considering it was only 3 minutes, and there were a lot of distractions outside the ring as well close to the finish.
  • I don't think Kofi should've lost, and he shouldn't have been pinned that early in a singles match. They should protect Kofi Kingston, he's the veteran wrestler of New Day and he should get more singles match wins. Kofi is doing great as a heel right now, he signed with WWE 9 years ago and now his personality is finally coming out and he's really finding his groove in New Day. Big E and Xavier have both done the same in their own right and New Day truly did justice to all 3 men. That being said, Kalisto has been on fire and his career has been on the rise lately, this is only his first year on the main roster. This was a great win for him tonight and his Salida Del Sol off the ladder at TLC has to be the spot of the year for 2015.
  • After this match, Xavier grabs a mic and informs Sin Cara that he's going one on one with Big E.
  • Match Rating - n/a if under 5 minutes

Match 5: Ryback defeats Big Show by count-out

  • On Miz TV, Big Show announced that he's going to be the first superstar to enter the Royal Rumble next month. Big Show and Ryback had an altercation on Miz TV which lead to this match. Ryback hit a missile dropkick on Big Show which was the highlight of the match and Big Show walked out, losing this match in under 3 minutes. This felt like it was just a filler match. I expect both Ryback and Big Show to both be in the Royale Rumble, but they might continue this feud for the upcoming weeks just because there may be some unfinished business here. Its very possible that these two get into another altercation in the Rumble, which would lead to continuing the feud into Wrestlemania season.
  • Match Rating - n/a if under 5 minutes

Match 6: League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev, Barrett) defeat Dean Ambrose and The Usos in a 6-man tag team match

  • League of Nations get a win over the IC Champ and The Usos in a good match which was close to 10 minutes in length. Sheamus picked up the win for his team as he pinned Jey Uso after a Brogue Kick. I liked the ending of this match, it was well executed when Sheamus reversed Jey's Big Splash with his knees. This match had its slow moments and all the members in this match have had better matches, but this match still delivered with action on all sides of the ring as this is the only tag team match of the night.
  • After the match, Kevin Owens comes out and completely destroys whatever is left of the IC Champ Dean Ambrose. This was Owens' second assault of the night and I'm glad he came back out because I wanted to see him in action earlier and his match was less than 30 seconds. Kevin Owens continues the assault and powerbombs Dean Ambrose through the announce table. This is some great action because Owens is targeting the IC belt and he is actually starting to look like he has some screws up in his head going loose. This is great for the Intercontinental Championship as well, keeping it as a main focal point.
  • Match Rating - 6.5/10

Match #7 (Main Event): John Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio in a US Title Match by disqualification

  • In the main event of the night, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio end their match by DQ. John Cena has the pin after an Attitude Adjustment, but both Rusev and Sheamus come in to break the 3 count so Del Rio can hold on to the US title. This was a good match with some back and forth action, some referee drama and outside interference. This match was about 11 minutes and the crowd was fully invested in it.
  • I never thought I would say this, but I am actually extremely glad John Cena is back and he is back in the US Title division. The US Title division has been crap since Cena left because it was only defended one time in Del Rio's title reign. I have never been a John Cena fan personally, but he's right when he says we had a title match every single week and it would always be a great effort when he was US Champ (defending it against talents like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev etc.). Cena makes a very valid point that he works his ass off in the ring and knows how to deliver a championship effort every single week, especially for a franchise star who's been wrestling pretty much full-time on the roster for almost 14 years now. Del Rio's title reign was too predictable and I think John Cena will have the US Championship back around his waist going into Wrestlemania Season. This feud is definitely not over and I expect John Cena to get a rematch in the near future, and probably regain the US Title at Royale Rumble.
  • Match Rating - 7/10


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