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WWE Payback Invades The Windy City

Updated on June 16, 2013

Who Will Get Even & Who Will Go Home a Loser

Will Ryback rule the evening or will John Cena hustle his way to victory? Will Chris Jericho get even for three straight losses to CM Punk? Will Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan lay aside their differences to become the new Tag Team Champions? These questions will be answered when WWE Paybacks invades Chicago on June 16th,2013.

Check out my Pre-match Ratings and Predictions Below

WWE Payback Kickoff Match

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Pre-Event Rating: 3 This is a huge waste of talent and should have been one of the midway matches leading to the main events. What Should Happen: Sandow has great potential to become one of the best heels ever but Sheamus should win this match because it sets him up for a renewed feud with Mark Henry who is rumored to be returning soon. What Will Happen: Winner: Sheamus. I don’t see Sheamus losing this match but I want be surprised if Code Rhodes or Mark Henry interferes and the Deacon of Distain picks up a shocking win.

What Happen: Sheamus won the match via the Brogue Kick. Victory Rating: 6

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler For The WWE Championship

Pre-Match Rating: 2 Alberto Del Rio is a charismatic wrestler and Dolph Ziggler’s future is bright but both competitors need new storylines and opponents; in fact, if I never see another match between them, I will be very happy. What Should Happen: Dolph Ziggler should win this match without interference from AJ Lee or Big E. Langston because Ziggler needs to solidify himself as a legit champion who can win matches without help. What Will Happen: Winner: Dolph Ziggler via interference from Big E. Langston which (unfortunately) will lead to another Del Rio/Ziggler Championship match.

What Happen: This was the shock of the night as Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler for the Heavy Weight Championship; I disagree with the WWE's decision to give Del Rio the title because Dolph Ziggler is going to get a re-match which continues the feud.

Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns For The Tag Team Titles

Pre-Match Rating: 8 I see this match as another stepping stone to either a Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton heel turn. What Should Happen: I know people get tired of hearing this but The Shield are the best group in the WWE and perhaps the best 3 man unit since the Fabulous 3 Birds; this match should be another feather in the cap for the Hounds of Justice. What Will Happen: Winner: The Shield. This match is more about the potential feud between Orton and Bryan than it is about the Shield; I suspect Daniel Bryan will mess up somewhere by accidentally drop kicking/close lining Orton who will retaliate with a RKO and Seth Rollins will pick up the win.

What Happen: As expected, Rollins and Reigns get the victory. Victory Rating : 8

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback (Three Stages of Hell Match) Lumberjack Match, Tables Match and a Ambulance Match

Pre-Match Rating: 5 For some reason the WWE insisted on making Ryback a heel and it was a huge mistake because Mr. Intensity was a fan favorite who is better suited to play the baby face role chasing a heel champion like Dolph Ziggler or tangling with The Shield. What Should Happen: I think Ryback should win the WWE title, turn baby face by offering Cena his hand in respect and have Cena turn heel by refusing it; the next night on RAW Cena could begin a sarcastic “I am better than you” storyline. What Will Happen: Winner: John Cena. I don’t see John Cena losing his title at a mid-card event and I don’t see him turning heel this year but he needs a 2014 makeover; in fact, he needs one more than Rob Van Dam does.

What Happen: Lumberjack Match: Winner: Ryback Tables Match: Winner: John Cena . Ambulance Match : Winner a Still WWE Champion John Cena. Victory Rating: 6

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

Pre-Match Rating: 8 If you are a fan of Chris Jericho and CM Punk you know the history and chemistry between them. From 2008-2012 these two hall of famers to be have given the WWE Universe one classic match after another. What Should Happen: I am a fan of both competitors and I am fine with either winning but Jericho should win and then challenge Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavy Weight Title or at least be in the title picture. What Will Happen: Winner: Chris Jericho. WWE Payback is in Chicago; CM Punk’s hometown is Chicago and CM Punk will lose to Chris Jericho in Chicago because Punk has defeated Jericho three straight times and a victory by Jericho would be a huge Payback.

What Happen: Another surprise from the WWE as CM Punk Defeated Chris Jericho via the GTS submission hold. Victory Rating: 10

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Curtis Axel vs. The Miz (Triple Threat Match)

Pre-Match Rating
: 4 This match was originally scheduled to be a Triple Threat Match with Fandango but he has a concussion; instead Paul Heyman’s new guy (Curtis Axel) is in the match. What Should Happen: Curtis Axel should win this match via another count out or via his dad’s famous finishing maneuver…The Fisherman’s Suplex. What Will Happen: Winner: Curtis Axel will win for the following three reasons. 1. Curtis Axel’s dad (Kurt Henning) was one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time and this would be a great time to honor his legendary career by giving the championship to his son. 2. The WWE tends to hand the Intercontinental Title to young wresters. 3. Axel has already defeated Triple H, John Cena and Chris Jericho. Having him lose to mid-card competitors like Barrett and Miz doesn’t make sense.

What Happen: As predicted, Paul Heyman's new guy won the Intercontinental Championship. Victory rating: 10

AJ Lee vs. Kaitlin For the WWE Diva’s Championship

Pre-Match Rating: 7 Who is Kaitlin’s secret admirer? We found out on Monday Night RAW that it was AJ Lee playing mind games with Kaitlin. What Should Happen: AJ Lee is one of the best Divas wrestling today; from her skips to crazy smiles, she has electrified the WWE Universe and the WWE would be wise to give her the Diva’s Championship. What Will Happen: Winner: AJ Lee via the Black Widow Submission Hold. I have nothing against Kaitlin; she is beautiful and a wonderful young competitor but she doesn’t carry the title well and the fans seem uninspired by her reign as champion.

What Happen: AJ Lee Defeated Kaitlyn via the Black Widow Submission Hold and is the New WWE Diva's Champion. Victory Rating: 10 Becase it was the correct thing to do for AJ Lee and for the WWE.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose For The United States Championship

Pre-Match Rating: 3. I am not sure why the WWE gurus booked this match; I guess they wanted all three members of the Shield competing at Payback or perhaps they wanted to elevate Ambrose’s status by having him face the Big Red Monster. What Should Happen: Kane should clobber Ambrose with a chair repeatedly until he gets disqualified. What Will Happen: Winner: Dean Ambrose. Kane is one of my all time favorite WWE Superstars but he is not winning this match for this reason…The Shield are being elevated for a huge fall later this year or at Wrestle Mania 30.

What Happen: Dean Ambrose defeated Kane and retained his United States Title. Victory Rating: 8

The Above Matches are Subject Change. Check Back Over The Weekend For Updates and Results

Overall Rating: The event was better than I expected and there were a few surprises. I give the event a overall rating of 8.

Shock of the Night: Alberto Del Rio's victory over Dolph Ziggler.


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