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WWE Presents Night of Champions

Updated on September 13, 2013

Pre-Match Ratings and Predictions

Daniel Bryan VS WWE Champion Randy Orton

Pre-Match Rating: 8 I would give it a 9 or 10 but I don’t like the new corporate angle

It’s the New WWE face Randy Orton verses fan favorite Daniel Bryan. I am sort of divided about the new corporate angle being run by the WWE; on one hand, I love the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin similarities but on the other hand I hate the Big Show angle. I also think having the Shield part of the new group weakens the Shield’s rogue storyline; of course the WWE could fix this with a few RAW episodes showing Triple H paying the shield off for their services; this would keep the Shield’s narrative strong and show the WWE universe that the group is not really about Justice but about Cashing Checks and Breaking Necks. Daniel Bryan verses Randy Orton should be a great match but I don’t see Bryan winning the title at one of the WWE’s weaker events; instead I have Orton retaining his title via interference from Triple H or the Shield or perhaps the Big Show will be ordered to knock Bryan out during the match.

Rob Van Dam w/ Ricardo VS Alberto Del Rio

Pre-Match Rating: 4 To be honest, I have always considered RVD and overrated performer who desperately needs a makeover and Alberto needs time away from the ring

I do not like the new Van Dam with Ricardo gimmick; it doesn’t look right on television and I hate the way Ricardo introduces RVD. Alberto Del Rio is a very solid performer but having him turn baby face a few months ago was a bad idea and his storyline has suffered ever since. This match should be another solid performance from both competitors but in my opinion it should be the last time we ever see the World Heavy Weight Title. What Should Happen: RVD should become the New World Heavy Weight Champion and on Monday night’s RAW, the World Title should be changed to the New WWE World Television Championship; the storyline could be that RVD represents the WWE Universe the Universe deserves its own championship. What Will Happen: RVD becomes champion of Ricardo turns on RVD and helps Alberto retain the title.

CM Punk vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman in a Handicap Elimination Match

Pre-Match Rating: 6. I give it a 6 because CM Punk is truly the best in the world but I am sort of becoming bored with this storyline and Curtis Axel is not a main event performer

What Should Happen: The RVD VS Del Rio should happen before this match. During the match, RVD comes out and helps Paul Heyman defeat CM Punk and so begins RVD’s heel turn. What Will Happen: I have no idea but my guess is, Punk will win and Heyman somehow weasels out of being destroyed by Punk; perhaps Brock Lesnar shows up or as I said, RVD or another Heyman guy interferes in the match.

Tag Team Turmoil Match For To Become the Number One Contender for the Tag Team Titles: the Prime Time Players, The Usos, Tons of Funk, 3MB and the Real Americans

Pre-Match Rating: 4 I can not give this match a higher wating because I already know the winners will lose to the Shield and because the Wyatt Brothers should have been inlcuded

This is my yawn match because it is simply a fill the void match. What Should Happen: I love Tons of Funk; they can wrestle; they entertain and they are very amusing; If I was booking this match I would have them win because they deserve it. What Will Happen: The Prime Time Player’s or the Usos will win; I prefer the Usos because I have never liked the Prime Time Players and the Usos have a history with the Shield.

Tag Team Championship Match: The Shield Verses Winners Of The Pre Show Turmoil Match

Pre-Match Rating: 4 I can not give this match a higher rating because I know, the Shield are going to win

What Should Happen: The winner of Turmoil Tag Team Match should actually win the titles but Triple H. comes out and reverses the decision based on some made up rule; the match is restarted and the Shield wins. This would further Triple H’s new heel turn and even help the new corporate angle. What Will Happen: The Shield will win via interference from the Big Show who has been ordered to help the Shield or lose his job.

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose For The WWE United States Championship

Pre-Match Rating: 6 I give this match a 6 because I don't expect any surprises to materialize from the match

What Should Happen: Dean Ambrose should retain his championship because it keeps the power unit of Triple H., Randy Orton and the Shield strong. What Will Happen: Dean Ambrose will retain his championship but I will not be shocked if Dolph Ziggler dethrones Ambrose.

WWE Diva’s Championship Match (Fatal 4-Way Match) AJ Lee defends her title against Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi.

Pre-Match Rating: 5 Because I love the Divas

AJ Lee is quickly becoming a living legend; she is cute; can wrestle and her mic skills have been solid in recent weeks. What Should Happen: AJ Lee should retain the championship…How will she overcome the odds? The Total Divas will begin to fight one another or the Other Divas will interfere and allow AJ to roll up Brie Bella for the victory; after the match, all the Divas begin to fight one another which leads to a huge WWE Diva Over the Top Battle Royal match on Monday Night Raw; the winner becomes the number one contender.

All Matched and Predictions are Subject To Change Before The Event Starts


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