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WWE Raw 03/14/16 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Updated on March 15, 2016

The Good

While the match was a match we have seen before the beat down of The New Day was executed perfectly. We finally get a true face turn for the best tag team in wrestling. I truly wish The New Day had better opponents then The League of nations. WWE waited three weeks before Wrestlemania to make The League of Nations seem like a legit threat. What I like about this is the fact The New Day are outnumbered. It helps them seem like baby face underdogs and will help them get cheered louder. The fact that Raw opened with a match instead of a promo was extremely refreshing. Now we need for The New Day to cut a serious promo instead of the goofiness. After a severe beating they took they need to come out swinging. I want to see another side of The New Day instead of the dancing and now is the time to do it. Nobody shakes their butt and talks about cereal after having their butts handed to them.

Dean Ambrose came out and almost screwed his self by whining about losing to Triple H. He stopped and corrected himself, but creative needs to be careful not to go down that road. Brock Lesnar wasted no time in coming out and Paul Heyman continues to be the best thing in wrestling as a manager. Instead of Triple H talking about hope I want to hear Heyman talk about the main event Brock Lesanr and the beating Dean Ambrose is going to get. The crowbar bit was fine and Lesnar charging the ring worked. No need to get physical here. Save something for Wrestlemania. The segment with Mick Foley may have actually been better if he did it inside the ring while Lesnar was out there. Backstage segments are cool, but the crowd could have woke up a little with Foley if he would have come out.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz only gets a note here for WWE doing a good job of furthering a story. Kevin Owens is great when placed on commentary and is always a highlight. WWE needs to give The Miz and Kevin Owens a microphone and spend ten minutes talking trash to each other. It would really help this feud. Also in the same category as a mention is Neville vs Chris Jericho. Match was cut short by an injury to Neville, but the after match heel taunting from Jericho was excellent.

Dolph Ziggler coming out to confront the Authority was fresh and exiting. Ziggler can talk when given a chance and he shined here. The match between Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler was great. Both men put on an old school clinic on how to perform a wrestling match. I was not a fan of the ending, but we will get to that later.

Roman Reigns mauling of Triple H was great. Triple H fumbling around and bleeding was a nice touch. When he wants to he can sell as good as anybody to get another wrestler over. That was the good, but now the bad.

The Bad

WWE creative must have been sick in the head while writing the Roman Reigns segment. They chose to put heat on Triple H for beating Dolph Ziggler instead of Roman Reigns making the save so Dolph Ziggler got to pick his match at Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns was booed when he came out after Triple H won the match. How stupid was it that he did not at least cause a distraction to give Dolph Ziggler the quick Zig Zag and win.

The Social Outcasts vs The Usos. I don't care about the Social Outcast. I liked The Dudley Boys heel turn at first but they should have went with The New Day vs The Dudleys. The Social Outcasts are one of the worst jobber groups I can remember in recent history. They are not clicking with the audience at all. The Usos are still great, but are being wasted. The Usos vs The Dudleys needs a stipulation badly or this will be an afterthought of a match thrown together to fill time.

Triple H is excellent on the microphone most of the time when he is cutting a heel promo. This was not one of those times. This was a boring and slow promo that no one cared about. I am almost wondering if this was on purpose. They can't get heat on Triple H and sustain it for any length of time. We all know Triple H will do anything to anybody to remain WWE Champion and we all accept and like him for it. Other then Triple H delivering a pedigree to his wife and kid Roman Reigns is just not going over in this feud. Please give the belt and turn him heel on the following Raw.

Not sure where WWE is going with the Brie Bella vs Lana scenario. As bad as this sounds I think they may have too many Divas on the main roster. This is another thrown together feud that WWE is doing poorly.

Hate to do this but the crowd is part of the show. What a worthless bunch of fans with no emotion. It makes the show boring when the crowd sits on their hands the whole time. The booing of Roman Reigns is getting ridiculous as well. He has put on great match after great match with no respect. He can't write for himself and as long as he puts on great matches I don't see the issue. They were dead all night and never woke up. Just a quiet crowd that makes for a quiet show when watching at home.

The Ugly

The Social Outcasts doing a Burger King promotion was awful. Bo Dallas and Adam Rose are so cheesy I want to turn the channel. They need a direction and a gimmick change. Make them anti dancing or anti something. This has been a disaster for WWE creative.

The Undertaker segment fell flat. Undertaker has no real motivation for fighting Shane other then being told to by Vince. What a waste of a story going into the most anticipated match on the Wrestlemania card. I believe the match will be great, but the build has been awful. Shane needs to stay out of the ring until Wrestlemania. Him dancing around like a jackass works for his entrance, but not int he ring with the Deadman. Have Michael Cole interview him for next week on RAW in a taped segment. Have the Undertaker stay off the show next week. Shane is screwing up more on the microphone and his nerves are showing. The Undertaker needs to be whipping his butt until Wrestlemania where Shane withstands it to come back using the cage as his weapon. This whole making Shane look like he has a chance or turned into Bruce Lee is stupid and killing his popularity.


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