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WWE Smackdown Recap/Review - 12/03/2015

Updated on December 12, 2015

Match #1: Tyler Breeze defeats Neville by pinfall

Tyler Breeze is set to start the action tonight as he goes one on one with Neville. Dolph Ziggler is out at the commentary table to call the match with the announce team. Neville hits tilt-a-whirl backbreaker early in the match, and Breeze hits the enziguri on Neville standing on the apron during commercial. Neville gets more offense when he jumps over the top rope to attacking Breeze outside the ring, followed by a nice standing shooting star press inside the ring. Breeze hits a nice supermodel kick at the right moment and gets a 2 count on Neville. Shortly after, Neville gets some offense with a superkick of his own. Neville sets up the Red Arrow but Breeze had great ring awareness and is able to roll outside of the ring to save himself. Neville gets Breeze into the ring and as Neville enters himself, Summer Rae grabs Neville's leg for the distraction. As Neville turns around, Breeze kicks him in in the face from the floor and takes advantage of the situation by connecting with The Unprettier picking up the pinfall victory

  • This was a pretty good match to start off the show, I am actually pretty big on both Neville and Tyler Breeze. Its interesting because Neville is a former NXT Champion and back in their NXT days it would be more likely for Neville to go over Breeze, but Breeze is still red hot from his debut and he's riding some great momentum. This match was about 5 minutes in length, I am a big fan of their NXT matches and would've liked to see them have a little more time like 10 minutes would've been great for this match. These two truly move like pro's in the ring, I understand the creative decision for Breeze to go over because he needs to stay on fire after defeating former 2-time WWE Champ Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series, but WWE really needs to find something good for Neville because his potential is limitless. In my opinion, most of Neville's NXT Takeover matches over these past two years have been better than an average WWE PPV main event. This guy can perform main event level matches, he just needs to find his own "it factor" in his character development to take him there. I've always been high on Breeze and I think him and Summer both got a fortunate pairing for his debut because they both just straight up look like models and this run could be really good for both of them. I am looking forward to see another rematch with Ziggler, perhaps at TLC. I'm predicting that Ziggler wins the rubber match between the two because of the experience factor, and the feud still gives Breeze a great rub with an explosive PPV debut win that hopefully leads him to a IC or US title match in the near future.

Match Rating: 7/10

Match #2: Brie Bella defeats Becky Lynch by disqualification

Divas action is up next with Brie Bella and Becky Lynch. Brie mocks Charlotte's fake ankle injury early in the match. Brie takes control and hits a bulldog, followed by Daniel Bryan Yes kicks. Brie connects with a knee to the jaw of Becky whiplashing her face across the bottom rope. Becky Lynch gains some momentum and hits a nice kick and exploder suplex. Becky is trying to lock in the Disarmer on Brie but Brie grabs the bottom rope and resists hard enough to rebound towards the rope and elbow Charlotte in the face from the impact of the release. Brie misses a clothesline and Becky locks in the Disarmer in the middle of the ring, no doubt she has it won. Charlotte enters the ring, pulls Brie out of the Disarmer in the middle of the ring and starts punching Brie in the face. Becky Lynch gets disqualified and Brie picks up the win to some major heat from the crowd, they really wanted to see Becky take the win. Becky and Charlotte argue with each other about the end of the match.

  • This was a decent 3 minute match between Becky Lynch and Brie Bella with offense on both ends. Becky had the match won with the Disarmer but her "so called" friend, the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game, who stole a victory from Becky on Monday by playing possum interrupted her submission and got her disqualified costing her the match. Becky seems to be getting screwed a lot and I would have definitely booked her to win this match. Hopefully, WWE has a plan for her through all of this and I think this can turn out in her favor and be a way for her to step up and take it to Charlotte showing everyone that she's not going to play 2nd or 3rd wheel to anyone. Becky Lynch brings a lot of legitimacy to the Divas division and I think WWE knows that so if they can pull this off correctly, Becky stays near the top of the Divas division alongside Sasha, Paige and Charlotte fighting them for the number one spot which is what will lead to great competition. With Nikki Bella on the injured list recovering to return and even NXT Women's Champ Baylay on the horizon, the Divas division can soon be greater than ever

Match Rating - n/a if under 5 minutes

Backstage Segment: Neville is walking backstage and runs into an encounter with The Miz. The Miz says Neville has unlimited potential in the ring but his personality may need some help. Miz tells Neville he needs someone to learn from, someone like the A-lister himself, but Neville is not sold and he questions The Miz' new interest in Neville's career. Miz reminds everyone that he took Daniel Bryan under his wing and Daniel Bryan ended up winning the main event of Wrestlemania 30. The Miz says he can do the same for Neville and hands Neville his business card, as well as an autographed copy of the Santa's Little Helper DVD. The Miz walks away and Neville looks unimpressed.

  • I would actually love to see Neville to pair with The Miz and for Miz to be his manager. I said earlier that Neville needs to find his own "it factor". He needs to feel more comfortable on the mic and cutting a promo, and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Miz may just be the perfect person to help Neville find his "it factor" and really break out on his own. The Miz has charisma, he knows his role and plays it perfectly and that is why he was booked to beat John Cena at Wrestlemania, granted The Rock had an assist with that. My point is that Miz cuts a great promo and knows how to control the crowd perfectly, Neville can pick up some key pointers from Miz for his own character development for his own betterment. If I were WWE, I would continue with this by ultimately turning Neville heel and taking the US Championship. I would book Neville to hold the US title as a heel until Sami Zayn returns, and then have Zayn feud Neville for a few months, having some back to back PPV matches for the title just like they had in NXT but now they can actually show the world what they can do on a bigger stage.

Match #3: The New Day defeats The Usos and Dean Ambrose by pinfall.

  • The New Day is in action next as they battle Dean Ambrose and The Usos. Ambrose and The Usos take control early with some short tags and some "New Day stomps" on Xavier Woods. New Day starts gaining some momentum and Big E nails Jey with a stiff elbow and his tricep meat. Xavier hits a running downwhirl spiral. Dean Ambrose gets a hot tag and cleans house, taking out Big E with a neckbreaker. He throws Kofi and Xavier into the barricade and performs his signature clothesline to Big E outside of the ring. Dean is placed on the top rope in between two corner posts, Kofi jumps off the top rope and nails Dean with a flying forearm- good spot but could have been better. As the match returns from commercial The New Day are performing their signature stomps themselves on Dean Ambrose this time, followed by Xavier playing the trombone and New Day twerking to perfection. New Day continue to work on Dean and control the pace of the match, Ambrose kicks out of a belly-to-belly suplex by Big E. Kofi hits Dean with the cross body but Dean rolls through with the roll up and ultimately nails Kofi with his signature clothesline. Jimmy gets a hot tag and takes out Xavier, the action gets intense and Jey dives over the top rope outside the ring and takes out Big E who is carrying Ambrose. Jimmy and Xavier are the legal men and it looks like Jimmy has it won in the ring with a big splash, but Kofi runs in for the distraction and Jimmy lands on the apron, re-injures his tweaked knee from Monday and sells it like a boss. Jimmy makes it to his feet and while hes on the apron, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Jimmy's knee. Jimmy is in pain and he enters the ring while his knee gets tied up again and Xavier hits Shining Wizard and takes the pinfall victory for New Day.
  • This was a great match with some really nice action from all 6 men. This is the match of the night in my opinion. New Day gets the victory which is the right call because they are the best thing to shine on WWE since The Shield. New Day continues to develop their characters, I am sure their stock is continuing to rise in the company because they are always put in the main event. They got over because they know what their doing and they know how to do it, WWE must trust them enough to put some of their own twists on the mic in their promos and continue to do their own thing. Xavier sounds better and better at the trombone every week, Big E gets better and better at twerking every week, and you can always count on Kofi to deliver a very solid performance that keeps them their well deserved titles. The New Day and Usos have great potential in their feud and I would like to see them feud for a few months; because both teams are over as hell, both teams want it bad and that's what calls for some great competition. I would never book New Day to lose a 6-man tag team match unless they possibly go up against a reunited Shield in the future, because of their natural chemistry together as a 3 man team which both teams have. This match was close to 11 minutes in total, in my opinion New Day steals the show and they are the hottest thing in WWE right now so I would continue to book them to dominate the rest of the roster.
  • Match Rating - 7.5/10

Match #4: Bray Wyatt defeats D-Von Dudley by pinfall

D-Von is in one on one action up next with Bray Wyatt, even though on Raw the match was advertised as Bubba vs. Bray. The arena goes black for a moment as Bray is about to perform his entrance but when the lights come on R-Truth is on stage and he waves at the crowd. The arena goes black again and The Wyatt Family make their entrance. D-Von has Bubba and Tommy Dreamer in his corner, as Bray has Harper, Rowan and Braun in his corner. D-Von hits a Luthaz Press and a flapjack early in the match followed by a headbutt from the top rope, there were some "D-Von" chants from the crowd in this match. Bray Wyatt kicks out and gets to the corner. D-Von runs into a big boot from Bray and Bray quickly takes advantage with a Sister Abigail for the pinfall victory.

After the match, the Wyatt family set up a table in the corner of the ring and Bray teases to hit another Sister Abigail on D-Von. Tommy Dreamer and Bubba get into the ring with kendo sticks and start hitting the Wyatts with their weapons. They do gain some momentum, but ultimately the numbers game catches up once again and The Wyatts lay out the Dudleyz and Dreamer. Eric Rowan picks up Tommy Dreamer and just rams him through the table set up in the corner. After the beatdown, The Wyatt's drag all three men into the middle of the ring and taunt the crowd to some serious heat which makes for a great visual.

  • This was pretty much a squash match, D-Von had some offense in the beginning but Bray took the win with Sister Abigail in close to 2 minutes. The Dudley Boyz are once again booked to get their asses handed to them by The Wyatt Family who have been extremely dominant as of late. This is good for the Wyatts, as Bray continues to looks stronger and they continue to kick ass and dominate a legendary tag team. The Dudleyz and Dreamer still need to find a 4th member to even up the numbers game, and I have a feeling we might see a return from Spike Dudley but I don't know if they could possibly consider Spike trying to size up to Braun Strowman. This feud is getting more intriguing and I would like to see Bubba vs. Bray down the road. The Wyatts are getting some valuable time to work with the Dudleyz right now, they should use this time wisely to clean up all their tag team work together and maybe pick up some pointers from the veteran team. I would book The Dudleyz to go over in a tables match at TLC just because the way they have been getting dominated as of late, but I would give The Wyatts a rematch win at the following PPV
  • Match Rating n/a if under 5 minutes

Match 5 (Main Event): Roman Reigns defeats League of Nations by countout

The main event is next and Roman Reigns is scheduled to face League of Nations in a 4 on 1 handicap match. League of Nations take control of Roman Reigns early in this match. Wade Barrett gets caught grabbing Roman's leg from the outside when he was not the legal man, therefore WWE senior official Charles Robinson kicked Barrett out of this match! It looks like its now 3 on 1. Rusev hits an extended back drop and continues to work on Reigns. Rusev dumps Roman outside to the floor and distracts the ref to buy time for Del Rio and Sheamus to stomp on Roman. League of Nations continue to control the pace with some short tags. Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev each deliver some significant offense with Roman's offense in this match being very limited until the end. Sheamus runs into the steel post and tags in Rusev, which buys Reigns enough time to regroup and hit Rusev with a big boot and a Samoan Drop. Del Rio gets the tag and misses his running enziguri, Roman hits Del Rio with two clotheslines, ten clotheslines into the corner and a running bit boot. Roman hits Rusev with a Superman Punch and gets caught with a Backstabber from Del Rio. Del Rio goes for his armbar and Roman reverses and hits Alberto with the spear, but Sheamus breaks the pin. The fight is taken to the outside, where Reigns connects with a flying clothesline off the steps to Sheamus, throws Rusev into the barricade and throws Del Rio over the announce table. The ref is counting up and Reigns is able to make it to the ring before the 10 count, therefore he takes the win by countout.

After the match, Barrett makes his way to the ring and catches Reigns attention. Sheamus comes in and hits Roman in the face with a Brogue Kick from an angle and League of Nations continue to beat down Reigns. The Usos and Dean Ambrose are quick to run down to the ring and successfully make the save.

  • Roman Reigns is booked to defeat League of Nations, which consist of 4 top heels right now including the WWE World Heavyweight Champion so I think this was a horrible call. It makes no sense for Reigns to get over in an impossible situation, this will never get him over naturally in the hardcore wrestling cities. The match itself wasn't too bad, League of Nations pretty much dominated Reigns with Reigns getting little to no offense until near the end of the match. I understand WWE wants to book Roman strong, but it makes no sense for him to go over the WWE Champion and his faction clean in a 4 on 1 handicap match and its because of performances like this Reigns got booed out of the Royale Rumble earlier this year. League of Nations look great together, they all use each other perfectly and I think they got a great mix of guys right now. I am happy that Barrett finally found something good, Del Rio fits in perfectly, and Rusev and Sheamus just fit as the top heels. I am very high on League of Nations right now and I think they need to be booked much stronger to be taken seriously because if they execute this right it can really work. The best way to book Roman Reigns right now would be to try to make the fans gain sympathy for Roman Reigns and feel sorry for him, so they actually want to cheer him and want him to do good. WWE needs to make Roman Reigns on screen time look like a living hell getting screwed over and over and I guarantee that once he is booked like this he can finally get over naturally with all the fans. They don't want to see him win all of his matches because that is beyond predictable, but they will want to see him win all of his matches when he cant seem to manufacture a win. I would book Reigns vs. Rusev, and Reigns vs. Owens building up to his title shot and I would have Sheamus and the authority making sure that Reigns lose dirty and put top heels like Rusev and Owens over because that puts the whole roster over and calls for more competition. Also it builds a better story for Reigns vs. Sheamus and gives Reigns more of a reason to bring his A-game at TLC. WWE needs to realize that they can still book Roman Reigns strong and have him lose a match at the same time. For example, Stone Cold won the 2001 Royale Rumble and was arguably the hottest face in the company. Before he won his Wrestlemania title match with The Rock, he put Triple H over at No Way Out in a 2 out of 3 falls match with a valiant effort. This made a lot of fans want to see Stone Cold win a lot more matches. The bottom line is Roman Reigns needs to be able to lose to get over naturally.


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