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WWE Stars I Want On Stone Cold Podcast

Updated on July 29, 2016

The Undertaker

Okay, it is no real surprise to see this guy on the list. But why would you not want to hear a podcast interview with Stone Cold talking to The Undertaker. Both were wrestling during the Attitude Era and after that. Both have respect for one another. I am sure there are some great stories that we would hear. Undertaker also is not known for being someone that does these out of character interviews. He has done couple but not many where he just lets it all out. There are so many topics to talk about. Their feuds together. The Streak. The Streak ending. Any fallouts Undertaker has had. Undertaker being the most respected star in the business. WCW vs WWF. Even if he stays true to company by not talking bad about them or anything too controversial, he will no doubt have some great and interesting things to talk about.


Here is one of my surprise candidates as podcast guest for Stone Cold and here is why. Kane has been in the business for a long time and still wrestles quite a bit. Especially being a guy his size, it is surprising that he manages to stay physically healthy. Yes he is not what he used to be but he still is on tv and can still go. I think one reason why I would like to hear Kane on Stone Cold's podcast is because Kane has had an interesting career. He has has some questionable storylines with the infamous Katie Vick murder story with Triple H. The unmasking of Kane. Kane feuding with the impostor Kane. Going so far to be Corporate Kane which totally changed his gimmick and made some fans turn on him. I would like to hear Kane's side of the story when it is related to his character and writing for his character. I think it would be telling to some fans. Like The Undertaker, Kane could talk about many stories and the possible changes between Attitude Era locker room and environment than the current one. Also, given the current election going on, I wouldn't mind hearing the Big Red Machine go off about some of the things going on right now with his Libertarian ideology. I know that would not happen but it would be interesting to have a little bit of Glenn Jacobs talk as a person. He is known as being a pretty intelligent guy that I think it might surprise people on who the real person behind Kane is.


Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a guy that can sometimes say some things that WWE may not want him to say. Orton is a guy that comes off and is known to be in real life as cocky and has had some anger issues. Stone Cold is a guy that sometimes pushes his guests to start talking about certain things if he feels that they dodging the question or not giving a full answer. I think having Austin doing the questioning and having a live microphone with Orton has potential to be interesting. Orton already made the comment towards Brock Lesnar about how he will RKO him with "no enhancement needed" which I think was unscripted. Orton is also a guy that management thinks highly of. He is a young guy that has accomplished a lot in his career so he can maybe get away with some the things he says. And if says something about a certain wrestler that comes off as offensive or controversial, then WWE can use that in a future story. Fans of today love it when they go off script and base things on more real-life scenarios.



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