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WWE Summer Slam 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

WWE Summer Slam Hosted By The Miz

On August 18th 2013, the WWE Summer Slam Pay To View sizzles into Los Angeles, California. The event showcases WWE Champion John Cena defending his Championship against Daniel Bryan. The extravaganza also highlights CM Punk in a Best verses Beast match against Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Who will be Victorious? Who will go home with a bitter Summer defeat on their record? No One Knows but here are my pre-match ratings and predictions.

Rob Van Dam VS Dean Ambrose (Kick Off Match)

Pre-Match Rating: 5 When word broke that Rob Van Dam was returning to the WWE I knew immediately it was for a larger pay check plus a future championship but the latter will not happen here because Van Dam is in need of a huge makeover and having him lose to Ambrose and then several more times will lead to a Van Dam Paul Hayman reunion. What Should Happen: Has I said, Van Dam should lose this match to start a heel turn which will lead to a reunion with Paul Heyman. What Will Happen: Knowing the WWE as I do (they are very quick on pulling the plug on current champions) it would not surprise me to see Van Dam win but I don't think it will happen. Winner: Dean Ambrose or Rob Van Dam via a disqualifiction.

Match Results: As Rib Van Dam went for the pin on Dean Ambrose, he was hit was a Roman Reigns Spear...Winner by Disqualification: Rob Van Dam. Post Patch Rating: 8 Because the match ended the way it should have with Ambrose keeping the title.

Daniel Bryan VS John Cena For The WWE Championship w/ Triple H. as Guest Referee

Pre-Match Rating: 10. For months, I have been saying, John Cena should remain champion to further his "Year of Cena" storyline but in recent weeks my opinion has changed and here is why. The WWE and E! have launched a new program entitled Total Divas where fans get to see the "real" side of the Divas and Superstars; the last two episodes have highlighted John Cena's glamorous lifestyle and Daniel Bryan's humble northwestern upbringing; this sets up a perfect humble Wrestler (Bryan) verses a glamorous entertainer (Cena) matchup plus it gives the WWE universe a change to boo Cena out of the building and push him over the edge to a huge blockbuster heel turn. What Should Happen: This is the highlight match of the evening and should be one of the best matches....Add Triple H to the match and you have a very volatile situation; in my opinion, Triple H should attempt to help John Cena win because it would please his father in law Vince and bring peace back to the McMahon family but during this attempt, Triple H becomes disoriented and is unable to complete his attempt...suddenly Brad Maddox runs to ring to take over the officiating; to get back at Triple H for pedgreeing him on Monday Night Raw, Maddox "inadvertly" helps Daniel Bryan defeat John Cena. What Will Happen: Triple H. attempts to help Daniel Bryan win but John Cena throws Triple H. out of the ring; Brad Maddox comes to ring and helps Cena win...Thus begins the John Cena heel turn. Possible Full Ending To the Match: There is a huge possibility that whoever wins this match may not hold the title long because as we saw this past Monday night...The Viper Randy Orton is lurking in the background and he could strike any time.

Match Results: In a great match between two Superstars, it was Daniel Bryan getting the victory but Triple H Turns Heel and helps Randy Orton cash in his brief case to become the New WWE Champion. Post Match Rating: 10

CM Punk VS Brock Lesnar: The Best Verses The Beast

Pre Match Rating: 4. CM Punk is arguably the “Best in the World” and Brock Lesnar has a history of losing big matches and if the WWE does the correct thing he will live up to his fame as The Best Defeats The Beast. What Should Happen: Brock Lesnar should dominate most of the match but in the end CM Punk will tame the Beast with his anaconda submission hold…yes, the Beast taps out! What Will Happen: It doesn't make sense to have CM Punk lose to Brock Lesnar because Brock is at best a part time competitor whose WWE future is uncertain; that being said, CM Punk will win via his Go To Sleep finisher. Post Match Prediction: There are three things that could happen after Punk defeats Lesnar. 1. Punk Could put Heyman in anaconda submission hold or knock Heyman out. 2. As CM Punk attacks Heyman, Lesnar recovers and hits Punk from behind an immediately F5's him. 3. While Punk has Heyman in his anaconda device, Rob Van Dam could attack Punk and begin his long over due heel turn.

Match Results: The next time you look up the word brutality in the dictionary, you might find a picture of CM Punk and Brock Lesnar because this match was very brutal and Awesome! In the end, it was Brock Lesnar getting the victory; I am slightly shocked by this booking but by no means am I disappointed because both men did a great job wrestling, fighting and selling the story. Post Match Rating: 10

Kane Vs Bray Wyatt: Ring of Fire Match

Pre-Match Rating: 10. The weird Wyatt family has arrived in the WWE and apparently their mission is to destroy The Big Red Machine but I believe there is a darker reason for their obsession with Kane. For months now, The Shield have dominated the WWE; from John Cena to the Undertaker, they all have fallen pray to Justice but as any WWE fan knows, the Undertaker is the dead man and he always resurrects to reclaim his yard…If the WWE’s plan is to make the Wyatt Family the new Ministry of Darkness led by the Undertaker (and they should ) it will begin this Sunday. What Should Happen: Bray Wyatt should win the Ring of Fire Match; after the match, the lights go out, flames rise from the ring and The Wyatt Family with Kane disappears leaving an ominous feel in the air. What Will Happen: Bray Wyatt will win to further their mysterious storyline.

Match Results: Bray Wyatt defeated Kane...I should say, the Wyatt Family defeated Kane as Bray's brothers interfered. After the match Rowan and Harper smashed Kane's head with the steel steps and pulled Kane into the back. Post Match Rating: 8 The WWE booked the ending correctly; now the WWE Universe must wait to see if Kane resurrects to defeat the Wyatt Family or perhaps this match was a forerunner to an Undertaker return..

Christian VS Alberto Del Rio For The World Heavyweight Championship

Pre-Match Rating: 5. Alberto Del Rio is a charismatic competitor but for some reason, his appeal has faltered in recent months and he is due for a makeover. What Should Happen: Both competitors are classic mat wrestlers but the edge goes to Christian who should win this match cleanly; no cheating; no outside interference from Ricardo Rodriguez; this gives Christian a well deserved reign as Champion. What Will Happen: Anything could happen in this match; Ricardo could help Christian win or he could attempt to patch things up with el Rio by helping him but my bet is on the former. Winner: Christian with a little help from Ricardo.

Match Results: Shockingly Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian via a cross arm breaker. Post Match Rating: 4. I was hoping for Christian victory because Del Rio continues to flop as a champion and Christian deserved to win...The WWE dropped the ball on this booking.

Cody Rhodes VS Damien Sandow

Pre-Match Rating: 8. This is a classic friends turned enemies match and should be a solid performance from both underused superstars. What Should Happen: Sandow won the money in the bank match thus Cody Rhodes should win; this victory allows the WWE to book a future match between former best friends for the Money In The Bank Contract. What Will Happen: Cody Rhodes will win by hitting Sandow with the Brief Case.

Match Results: Code Rhodes defeated Damien Sandow with his Cross Rhodes Finisher. Post Match Rating: 6 Again, the correct wrestler won the match. Personally, I would like to see a few more matches between Cody and Damien before Damien becomes the next World Heavy Weight Champion.

Natalya VS Brie Bella

Pre-Match Rating: 4. I give this match a pre-match rating of 4 because Natalya is underused; in fact she should be constantly in the WWE Diva's Championship picture. What Should Happen: Natalya should dominate this match and win via the Sharp Shooter. What Will Happen: Natalya will win.

Match Results: As Predicted, Natalya defeated Brie. Post Match Rating: Yawnnnnnnn....based on the crowd reaction, I give the match a 4.

Dolph Ziggler With Kaitlyn Verses AJ Lee With Big E. Langston

Pre-Match Rating: 5 If this was a Diva Match for the Championship, or a one on one match between Ziggler and Langston, I would have given it a pre-match rating of 8. What Should Happen: As the WWE now knows, Dolph Ziggler is not ready to carry the company as champion but his future is bright. That being said, this is an old fashion grudge match between former on screen sweethearts who now hate one another. In my opinion, the WWE should book this match as a Ziggler/Kaitlyn victory followed by a on screen romance between the two; this would allow AJ Lee to do what she does best....ficiously and jealously attack Kaitlyn for stealing her former boyfriend. What Will Happen: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win.

Match Results: A very predictable match; Winners: Ziggler and Kaitlyn. Post Match Rating: 5 Because the baby faces won.

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