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WWE Money in the Bank Marches Into The Town of Brotherly Love

Updated on July 14, 2013

Money in the Bank Predictions

On Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia PA, the Superstars of the WWE fight for Championships, Revenge and future Championship Opportunities! Who will win the WWE and World Championships? Will Kaitlyn get retribution by defeating AJ Lee and most of all, Who Will climb the ladder and grab the Money in the Bank Briefcase? Here are my predictions and ratings. The below matches have been rearranged from previous post based on order of each match.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Usos

Pre-Match Rating: 4. I give this matchup a 4 because it’s a Kickoff Match; I don’t understand the WWE insistence on having these pre-event matches; just add fifteen minutes to the event and make these matches part of the show. What Should Happen: If I wasn’t a huge Undertaker/Kane fan, I would love to see the Uso Brothers win but The Shield should win to maintain the possibility of the Brothers of Destruction returning to take the titles. What Will Happen: The Shield will retain their Tag Team Titles.

What Did Happen: One of the best pre-show matches ever; the match had everything a true wrestling fan loves; high flying maneuvers, tower of doom suplexes, powerbombs and Usos paid tribute to their dad Rikishi with their own running corner butt splash but in the end, The Shield retained their Tag Team Championships. Victory Rating: 10 I give this victory a ten because the match was spectacular and the right team won.

All Heels and No Baby Faces Brief Case Match For A World Heavy Weight Championship Opportunity

Participants for the World Heavyweight Championship Title Shot: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger, & Antonio Cesaro Pre-Match Rating: 6 This is the most difficult match of the evening to predict but here is what I think. What Should Happen: Since I predicted a win for Dolph Ziggler, the WWE needs to end the Del Rio verses Ziggler storyline and renew Ziggler’s rivalry with Jack Swagger; therefore Jack Swagger should win the Money in the Bank Match. What Will Happen: Jack Swagger will win.

What Did Happen: The first shock of the night…Damien Sandow betrays his best friend Code Rhodes by pushing him off the ladder to grab the Money In the Bank Briefcase and a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Victory Ratings: Another 10 because this was brilliant and shocking move by the WWE creative team. Going Forward, this could be the start od Rhodes VS Sandow feud until Sandow cashes in his championship opportunity....World Heavy Weight Champion Damien Sandow, I like the sound of that.

Intercontinental Championship: Champion Curtis Axel vs. The Miz

Pre-Match Rating: 4. What Should Happen: I am not yet a fan of Curtis Axel because there is something missing in his character/storyline but I am eager to see him mature into a main event competitor…Axel should win this match. What Will Happen: It will not shock me to see The Miz win the Championship but I predict Axel retains the title.

What Did Happen: Curtis Axel defeated The Miz in 9 minutes with a modified neck breaker. Victory Rating: 4 Because it was not a spectacular match.

Divas Championship: Champion AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

Pre-Match Rating: 5. What Should Happen: I Love AJ Lee, I Love Kaitlyn, ok I love all the WWE Divas. It is to early for AJ to lose her Championship, thus she defeats Kaitlyn with a little help from a spurned Natalya who left the ring this past Friday night after learning that Kaitlyn had texted some mean things about her. This outcome produces a new WWE Diva feud between to most powerful Divas. What Will Happen: AJ Lee retains the Diva Championship and skips around the ring.

What Did Happen: Kaitlyn tapped out via the Black Widow Submission Hold. Victory Rating: 5 Because the right Diva won. I am interest to see if the WWE continues this feud which I am fine with or will another current,past or new Diva standup to take on AJ Lee.

Ryback vs. Chris Jericho

Pre-Match Rating: Ho-hum, ok I give this match a 5. This is the classic brawn verses speed match. What Should Happen: I don’t think this short feud is going to last beyond Money in the Bank; that being said, Chris Jericho should win this match because of the two participants, he deserves to be in the title picture; I have nothing against Ryback; he is a great performer but its not his time plus he needs to turn baby face. What Will Happen: It all depends on Jericho's schedule, if Fozzy does not have any conflicting dates with Jericho's WWE schedule, Jericho will win.

What Did Happen: Another Money In the Bank surprise as Ryback defeats Jericho with a cleanr roll up for the 123. I am not sure where Jericho goes from here because for a few weeks he appeared to be getting a much deserved push. Victory Rating: I am going to give this victory a 4 because I believe Jericho should have won.

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Pre-match Rating: Good Grief. If you have read my earlier articles, you know I hate this feud. What Should Happen: Dolph Ziggler should win this match and start a new feud with someone else. This continuing feud is holding Ziggler back; don’t get me wrong, Alberto Del Rio is a great wrestler but Ziggler needs to be wrestling the top people, (aka, John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and/or Daniel Bryan). What Will Happen: I hope Dolph Ziggler wins.

What Did Happen:AJ Lee hit Alberto Del Rio in face which lead a Del Rio DQ victory; Arrggghhhh!!!! Which probably means another Rio verses Ziggler match. Victory Rating: 3 Because I am tired of this feud!!!!!!

WWE Championship: Champion John Cena vs. Mark Henry

Pre-match Rating: 6. Mark Henry delivered a masterful performance a few weeks ago by pretending to retire; in fact it was one of the best performances I have seen this year and the "World's Strongest Man" will reign again as champion but not this week. What Should Happen: John Cena should win this match via the Attitude Adjustment which would demonstrate Cena’s raw power; the crowd then could start chanting, “Who is the World’s Strongest Wrestler?’ John Cena Is!” What Will Happen: John Cena Will Win.

What Did Happen: As predicted, John Cena retained his WWE Championship via a STF submission hold. Victory Rating: 7

Superstars Money in The Bank Match

Participants for the WWE Championship Title Shot: Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christian, & Sheamus

Pre-Match Rating: 8. This is a star studded event with each participant being a former World Champion and/or World Tag Team Champion. What Should Happen: The Wrestling Grape Vine has Daniel Bryan winning and facing John Cena at Summerslam but I do not; instead, I think the Viper Randy Orton should win this match because this would be a great opportunity for Randy to turn heel and renew an old rivalry. What Will Happen: I am going to leap off the preverbal limb here and say it will be Rob Van Dam winning the title shot; this huge upset will lead to Van Dam renewing his allegiance with Paul Heyman

What Did Happen: Randy Orton won the Money in the Brief Case Match! He is now the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Victory Rating: 10 Because once again the right person won the match.

Overall Rating: 8 This was one the best WWE Events of the year; great matches and brillant booking by the WWE creative team.

Shock of The Night: Alberto Del Rio retaining his championship. Damien Sandow winning the World Heavy Weight Championship Title Brief Case.

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